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  • Name: John Munson
  • Gender Male
  • Location DPT208
  • Primary Sector You Work In 911 Communications
  • Your Primary Role Lieutenant
  • Agency Croton Fire Department
  • Past Experience Founding/Past Member - Croton EMS
    Past Member & Lieutenant - Cortlandt VAC
    Past Chief - Croton FD 2012-2013

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  • Website URL http://www.crotonfd.org
  1. Valhalla or Volholla?

    I envision someone dispatching Valhalla while trying to simulate Howard Stern's "WNBC" in "Private Parts...."
  2. The two of them should be fired for filing a false complaint. As for arresting them, I think the loss of their jobs would be sufficient learning experience. Morons.
  3. Command Vehicle When Chiefs Are Away

    Our Chiefs generally give their cars to Deputy Chiefs when they know they'll be out of service / out of town for more then 24 hours. Chief's vehicles should be considered a department vehicle and if the person they are usually assigned to isn't going to be around (work, vacation, illness, etc.) and isn't able to do their duties, then it should be given to someone who can use it.
  4. Croton FD Engine 119

    Engine 119 has had recurring issues with the pump (believed to be the Pro-S Governor) as well as the ball valves from Akron Brass since it was built (the plastic ball valves don't like the water we get from our hydrants and static water sources). "Band-aid" repairs have been made to these issues over and over again for several years. Requests from our department to replace these components were put off repeatedly. In August, we went out on a run one night and noticed the water tank was empty. When we refilled it, we noticed it was leaking. This prompted the rig to go out for repairs to the tank, as well as the above mentioned issues. Also being addressed was a "wish list" of items we had been asking for well over a year. Currently, it is at Excelsior where they are just about done making all of the repairs. The Poly-Tank guys - as it's been reported to us - did not want to honor the warranty on the tank, and even suggested we just "carry less water" to reduce how much leaks out of it. This delayed progress several weeks. Replacing the pump controller has required more work then anticipated, also delaying the process. I'll refrain from my personal thoughts on the entire debacle and who I lay the blame on here, as it isn't the place to do it. I thank Excelsior for their efforts and time, I know it's got to be frustrating dealing with the work itself, us, and the other parties involved. I'd also like to thank the other two Engine Companies in Croton that have been picking up our usual first and second due runs. Our entire company appreciates it. Lastly, I give my appreciation to the members of our company that have been dealing with the misery that comes from not having our own apparatus, and "making due" using Tanker 10 and Utility 14 where we normally would be running E119. If anyone has any other questions or comments, feel free to email me at jmunson@crotonfd.org. Thanks.
  5. Croton FD Engine 119

    Watch yourself, pal.
  6. Local FD Christmas Tree Sale

    Valhalla FD is also selling trees.
  7. Retention of quality members

    I thought that this was an illegal practice?
  8. 60 Control is incompetent. They could never handle Fairview or Hartsdale.... #givemeaf***ingbreak
  9. Did the new one arrive and go into service yet? Good luck AFD - and I don't see more than $9,500 for it.
  10. Cool pics, thanks for sharing! The white over blue Caprice is my favorite. And the cow...
  11. 2014 WCDES Annual Report

    No idea. I do phones & tones for a living... LOL.
  12. 2014 WCDES Annual Report

    The current radio room has seven positions. There was talk about a renovation / upgrade over a year ago, but none of us have heard anything recently.
  13. New Rochelle FD New Apparatus

    How does everyone like the Spartans?
  14. 2014 WCDES Annual Report

    I don't know much about the CT stuff, but I do have a decent knowledge of the Westchester resources. I do agree that post-9/11 everyone got grant money to fund all kinds of stuff. With Westchester being on NYC's boarder, and given the amount of high profile targets here, I'm not against being prepared for the worst case scenario. As for the training, staffing, upkeep, etc. of all of this stuff - not my place to comment. I have no involvement with anything other then taking requests for resources and sending them. I, personally, hope that it all rots away and never gets used with the exception of the occasional drill or demonstration.
  15. 2014 WCDES Annual Report

    A lot of the equipment is purchased with grant money. And to be honest, isn't it better that most of it isn't deployed, considering if it is that would mean a disaster has occurred? Better to be prepared then get caught with their pants down, no?