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    Great color choice for a team of employees who work on highways where vehicles travel at high rates of speed...
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    Elmsford PD Car 37, a 2018 Tahoe sporting their new graphics package. Graphics designed, printed, and installed in house by M Power Window Tint & Wrap of Elmsford.
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    Rumors abound about this major shift from Scott. There are few if any other brands on this job that I have a deep a loyalty to. I'v e switched helmets, boots, bunkers, hose, nozzle, apparatus and always felt fine, but a switch from Scott to anything else would be a hard pill to swallow. I'm not sure of any piece of equipment we invest so much time in being intimate with and rely on for so much. I can honestly say I've never had an issue that took air away from my mask with Scott, something I cannot say about previous uses with two other major brands. I hope this works out for BFD and isn't due to a foolish backlash.
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    Finally caught Demerest’s New Freightliner M2 King cab Braun unit 427 at The ER this am This is Their new color scheme also A member of the crew commented back LED lights bright no need for Chevrons !!!
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    Isn't most of the weight of the SCBA supposed to sit on your hips instead? I doubt there is a weight or ergonomic difference between Scott and MSA>
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    You could volunteer as an EMT, but your corps would need to have the state certify your personal vehicle a a corps fly car. of become a Chief officer of an FD or Ambulance corps
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    It is a "temporary replacement" (company's words) for E-920, the 2008 Pierce Velocity, until the new one comes in. Not sure what all is exactly on order, but they had a legal notice a while back regarding the sale of four engines as "surplus", plus they have the two tankers that are 21 years old now. New tanker is currently under construction - Pierce Contender to be built on a Peterbilt chassis - which, based on the colors listed on the instructions, I am guessing will go to the Sugar Loaf station.
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    Check out this unusual color scheme on this Ford F 350XLT (unknown manufacturer of box) unit ID 55-31 Believe they were doing Inter Hospital transport
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    Date: 11/20/17 Time: 1020hrs Location: 463 Temple Hill Rd District: Vails Gate/Town of New Windsor Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD (Car-2 is IC), New Windsor, Washingtonville, Coldenham, Cornwall-on-Hudson, City of Newburgh, Air Guard, Castle Point, 36-1, 36-13, others Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a 300x200 Commercial structure 1045hrs-3rd Alarm requested. - Staging area will be the New York Life building across from the fire scene. 1057hrs-M/E Engine to set up an LZ at the Temple Hill School for an inbound Medevac. 1130hra-Command requesting tanker task force to the scene. Numerous ambulances requested for multiple injuries **Im monitoring and only getting bits and pieces
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    Any dept needing pagers and radios we just up graded to new radios we have a few minitor 5's and kenwood radios that we are willing to donate to a dept in need of these. please no personal donations. we are trying to help out some depts that may not have a large budget. most would probably need new batteries. the radio's and pager are in good condition. if any one is interested pm me and i will get you my e-mail address and we can go from there.
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    Our dept. has 3 shifts of 6 and a very small "call division" of 8-10. Recalls occur fairly often about an average of 30 times a month but we can go days with none and have 6 another day. These used to be by platoon a few decades ago when our call division was much larger, but now they are "all come" recalls. I track call payroll and FT recall attendance and on average we get 2.2 FT personnel per recall. We are paid a min. of 2 hrs OT for all recalls 0600-2300 and 3 hrs OT from 2300-0600 or anytime on holidays. Sadly only 3 of our career personnel live inside the city limits, so it does affect turnout and the speed at which the station is covered. None of our call division personnel are EMS licensed, so that makes recalls a bit more difficult, as of course this is 75% of our work. Most are fully certified FF2 and driver operated certified annually, but alas, the call force is dwindling to the core group and there is very little outside interest to join. I know that over the years recall attendance by career staff ebbs and flows. Younger guys tend to have other jobs off-duty, then there are guys with families that have childcare responsibilities during time off, those who get somewhat burned-out tend to not respond to routine recalls. On the plus side, we have one Lt. who lives in town who takes as much OT as possible come to most callbacks, and one or two other personnel who are pretty regular. With structure fires being down, we get decent turnouts for most first alarms. My own personal situation is that I used to be 'Johnny on the spot" even though I lived about 15 min. away, but as I've aged, I find getting back to sleep much more difficult and operating with less sleep much harder, thus I pass up more recalls at night than before even though I live closer. The one thing that seems to motivate career personnel in our dept. is that your off-duty attendance of training and recalls can be a factor in promotions, as personnel who are "always" there tend to be favored when other things are on par between candidates. With a large percentage of our officers eligible to retire in the next 3 years this likely will result in some making a greater effort.
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    I am not in Westchester County, however, where I am the following is the norm: 1) Most departments have minimal on-duty staff. Some have vollies to supplement but not all have vollies. 2) Every department has recalls. Members use either their personal cell phones to receive the request OR have a Minitor pager. 3) There is no requirement to come back for duty. Some members use recall as their 2nd job and come in a lot, others don't come in at all and may have their own business such as plumber or carpenter. 4) Many departments have no residency requirements and they work 24 on/ 24 off / 24 on / 5 days off. This leads to members living 45 minutes away in a different county and they are not even in a position for recall. 5) Most departments have a recall hierarchy. Example: If Group 1 is on-duty, then Group 2 may be the primary recall group. The first request goes to them. If no one calls in within 2 minutes, then Group 3 is the secondary recall group. They get paged out and if no one calls in within 2 minutes, then a recall for all groups is sent out. Usually these requests go out for a certain number of members. Example: 3 needed for station coverage and the first 3 to call in get the coverage. 6) Structure fire calls go to full-department recalls immediately and then it's a "you all come." Anybody and everybody can respond. 7) One disadvantage to the whole system is that there may be 2 or 3 calls for station coverage during the day and people are quick to jump on that. They get their hours in and then they turn off their phone/pager at night. Recalls for manpower after midnight and this includes structure fires will usually get very minimal recall. There was a nursing home fire (contained to one room) at 3 AM and a 2nd Alarm was struck. Only 2 off-duty members came in to help out. This department did not have vollies. Mutual Aid was used almost exclusively. 8) My only complaint is that many of the department members don't want more people hired because that would cut into their recalls. The more people on-duty, the less need for recalls. But then they cherry-pick their calls and you may have 10 off-duty members show up for a 2 pm fire and only 2 members show up to a 2 am fire. Unfortunately it's all about them and their bottom line. There seems to be less and less commitment to coming in when "the poop is hitting the fan." As for me, if a 2nd Alarm is struck, I feel a moral obligation to get up and respond no matter what time of day or night. It's the system that's been set up and some effort should be given in responding "for the good of the community." They seem to want it both ways, "If it's convenient for me and I'm short on funds I'll go. If it's not convenient then I won't go." In my area it's only a matter of time before the public becomes dissatisfied with the response to some pretty serious calls and manpower per shift will have to be increased. 9) Departments in my area are staffed with anywhere from 3 on-duty to 12-on duty. The smaller departments will recall 3 for coverage once units are committed (car fire, MVA, etc.). The larger departments won't recall until available manpower falls below a certain number, 6 as an example. 10) Vollies only used for full-department recalls, not for station coverage and not to fill open shifts.
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    TBTA is the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority. They are a part of the MTA that maintains several crossings including the RFK bridge, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and Midtown Tunnel there is a rumor that their law enforcement was to be absorbed into the NYSP but given the truck, they may try to split them off from MTA into their own agency, hence why no agency markings
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    Here is the link to the NYS VTL covering the topic: http://www.safeny.ny.gov/emer-vt.htm#sec375.
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    join a hatzolah ambulance corps they run red lights
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    60 Control has recently begun adding an Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta Response codes to their EMS dispatches. We were informed by 60 that an e-mail was sent to all Captains explaining it all. My Captain has not seen fit to share that info yet. Can anyone explain it for me?
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    The question about Echo responses is really up to the department. The thing about non traditional resources responding is really for paid departments that have a lot of staffed apparatus. This way if there was a CPR call across the street from a rescue company or Hazmat company they would respond along with the assigned box. I never got the BLS hot / ALS cold thing on the Charlie responses either, but that is thr model in the EMD training guides. Again it is probably designed for paid systems that have many more BLS units than ALS. This way the closer BLS unit responds hot and assesses the patient and can make a decision on cancelling the ALS unit or upgrading them to an emergency response. Charlie level calls are most ALS calls that are not imminently life threading. (I.e. Diabetics but conscious, Abdominal pain over age 35, Difficulty breathing but still alert and able to speak in full sentences; Stroke symptoms without airway compromise; Chest pain without altered mental status or severe diff. Breathing )
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    Actually it is a M1078.. the 2.5 ton variant. If it had a 2nd rear axle, it would be a 5 ton, the M1083.
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    On November 10, 2017 Wallington Engine 202 took delivery of this 2017 Seagrave Attacker HD pumper
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    Nick... The first three numbers are the department number as you said. Usually the last number denotes a decreasing level of command authority. My old department (Millwood) is Westchester County Department 225. 2251 - Chief 2252 - 1st Assistant Chief 2253 - 2nd Assistant Chief 2254 - Captain 2255 - 1st Lieutenant 2256 - 2nd Lieutenant 2257 - 3rd Lieutenant 2258 - Safety Office (when I was there this may have changed) 2259 - Ex Chief that took acting chief role if one of the 3 active chiefs was out of town (this may have changed since then as well) This is how it is set up for Millwood. Other departments have more than one captain or they have deputy chiefs or more than 3 chiefs so the last number may designate one of those positions and the lieutenants may never have a county command number. Hope this helps.
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    Any ambulance corps can do it, you just have to find a corps that has officers that are willing to consider your vehicle an official agency fly car and tell the state so. On the flip side though, that means you are responsible for meeting all state requirements to, such as what equipment you carry, markings on your vehicle, having your vehicle inspected at any time by state EMS to make sure you are compliant with requirements, etc. I don't know of anyone besides Hatzolah who allows members, other than chief officers, to run red lights in their personal vehicles
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    Date: 12/10/17 Time: 1321hrs Location: *missed it District: South Blooming Grove Battalion: Channel: Weather: Units: SBGFD (Car-1 is IC), Salisbury Mills (Engine), 36-14 Writer: BFD1054 Description: Structure Fire 1321hrs-OC911 alerting South Blooming Grove for the reported structure fire. 1322hrs-OC911 alerting Salisbury Mills; (1) Engine requested to the scene in South Blooming Grove. 1325hrs-SBGFD Engine responding. 1327hrs-SBGFD Car-2 on scene. 1328hrs-SMFD E549 responding. 1331hrs-SMFD E549 on scene. 1335hrs-Command advising kitchen fire, (1) line stretched and operating, main body of fire knocked down, using all assigned companies. 1340hrs-36-14 on scene. 1341hrs-Command requesting an FI to the scene. 1342hrs-OC911 alerting 36-115, 36-104 and 36-109 for the FI. 1345hrs-Command placing the fire under control, overhaul in progress, awaiting the FI. 1349hrs-OC911 alerting Command that 36-104 and 36-109 are en-route. 1416hrs-Salisbury Mills E549 in service.
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    Here is one more that just lettering in the lot.
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    My best understanding is that two of their pumpers were significantly damaged in accidents in 2017 (1 totaled and 1 totaled to them). The Freightliner was an emergency purchase to place an engine back in service at Station 3 and a used former Mount Hope & Goodwill Pumper was purchased to put a true pumper back in service at Station 1. They have triplet Pierce pumpers on order to replace the engine at each firehouse. The Freightliner will then replace the 4x4 Urban Interface Pumper as the spare. The Tanker in production is a replacement of the Station 2 Tanker.
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    So I'm pretty sure most or all of this comes from Priority Medical Dispatch, who have developed the phonetic response determinants based on the old four square risk model? Attached is the model from the EMD field guide. They note that the codes are given the same in every system, but the system users/admin determine the given response to the codes based on the local system. For example, our system locally does not have ALS or BLS trucks, we have volunteers that may or may not have ALS in town or two career staffed EMS services that have ALS on duty. So if we're short on medics, we send a medic on all calls that are Charlie, Delta or Echo, but hold them back on Alpha and Bravo calls to ensure their availability. Echo calls in our system have the dispatcher notifying the EMS, fire and PD resources in the dispatched area to ensure the fastest unit arrives as quickly as possible and can begin CPR or notify the others of the situation.
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    Every agency will have this system set up different. But the basic version is: A - BLS unit non emergency B- BLS unit emergency C- BLS unit emergency and ALS unit non emergency D - BLS and ALS emergency E- BLS and ALS emergency + closest unit (like Hazmat, fire marshals etc) E is basically for what they call ineffective breathing and only a few calls are E (CPR, Hanging, Drowning/Submerged Vehicle occupied) Now the agencies can change things. For example in Orange County it basically is A - BLS non emergency B - BLS emergency C/D/E - BLS and ALS emergency
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    NYS OEM also has some M900 series ex military 5 tons.
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    There are a half dozen of these Stewart & Stevenson mil surplus trucks in the cache now for use as high axle vehicles. Photos on my website.
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    They do mutual aid/ 2nd due response in Mahwah.
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    Cronomer Valley FD (Orange Co.) seeking bids for "one or two" new pumper(s).
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    At approximately 4:27 PM The Englewood Cliffs Fire Dept was Toned Out for a motor vehicle accident with Entrapment at Slyvan Ave(Route 9w) & Charlotte Place Also Dispatched was Englewood Hospital & Medical Center EMS 236 232 ALS 213 Tour Chief 294 Fire Dept unit’s on scene EC 2 (Rescue/Pumper) & EC8 (Deputy Chief) Unit’s found a 3 vehicle accident 1 car 1 SUV & An empty NJ Transit bus Driver of the SUV was extracted via door pop and he & the driver of the 2nd car were taken to Englewood Hospital ALS 213 triaged Driver at scene & released to the bls crew
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    E-One dishing out orders today...Paramus Company #3 for a Cyclone II top mount engine. Elmwood Park Company #3 Typhoon top mount engine. East Windsor Cyclone 100ft Tower And North Brunswick #3 for 105ft Cyclone II Tower.