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    The former quarters of NY Fire Patrol # 2, located on W 3st in Manhattan is now owned by Anderson Cooper. Here are a couple of photos since he renovated the place. The photo with the rig is from when it was still in service.
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    Date: 04/13/2018 Time: 10:49 Location: 390 Ludlow St / 860 Canal St District: SPD-2 / SFD-2 Battalion: South End Channel: Tac 2 Weather: 78 Sunny Units: SPD: 2A20, 2B35, 8S2 (Patrol Sgt), 8D (Patrol Lt), K9-1, 2P231 (Parks), 3D47, 1C27, K9-6 SFD: E2, T2, FM103, FM109, FM110 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Caller reported helicopter landing on roof of building which they believed to be suspicious. PD arrived and found this building formerly had a licensed heliport on the roof. PD determined that pilot had previously landed here but the building was now under new ownership / management and the heliport was no longer maintained and in poor condition, however heliport is still recognized by FAA. SPD requested fire marshal to evaluate condition of roof. and safety for take off & landing. SPD also consulted by phone with CT State Police Aviation unit. Roof was determined to not be suitable for take off. Fire Marshal requested Engine & truck to stand by due to aircraft on unstable surface. Helicopter was removed by crane at 17:35 and placed on flatbed, then was escorted by police and fire to parking lot of West Beach on Shippan Ave. Helicopter was then removed from flatbed and was able to take off safely at 18:21.
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    FDNY Former Quarters Of Ladder 49 at 1079 Nelson Ave in the South Bronx. Up the block from Yankee Stadium. The Former Quarters and Current EMS 17th Battalion is Connected in the Rear. (Closed off once this House was privately sold).
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    There's one in Port Chester at 110 Willet Ave Former HQ , not used as a fire station after 1904 . Some body will have to go and get a photo of it as I don't go to that dump anymore .
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    She just got refurbed again last year. Here she is in her latest incarnation..sad to say after another 10 12- years, probably her last too
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    Wow, The Mack is still running Strong? Its been over 10 years since I was in town. Thanks for the Information. Tom Tisano JR.
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    Date: 04/23/2018 Time: 10:26 Location: 151 Brookdale Rd (in Bartlett Arboretum) District: TRFD Battalion: TRFD1 Channel: Tac 3 Weather: 59 & Sunny Units: TRFD: U61 (Utility with Haz Mat Equipment) SFD: E8, E9 (With ATV), U121 (Mechanic) SPD: 4D50, 4A18, 4B28 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Staff at Arboretum received a report of an overturned ATV on their property. This is on a wooden boardwalk (The Bog Walk) that winds through a swamp. Both ends of this walk are deep into the woods and only accessible by ATV or foot. ATV's are not permitted on this property. Staff located the ATV and found it to be leaking fuel, and no rider in area. FD sent to assess fuel leak in swamp. PD sent to address trespassing issues. Access to this scene required units to enter from a different road, come up a dirt access road and then walk in to scene. FD personnel were able to determine leak to be less than 5 gallons from a 6 gallon tank. DEEP (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) notified of leak. While on scene, SPD units located owner walking in area and arrested him. Tow Truck called to remove ATV. FD attempting to start ATV and move it to location that is accessible by Tow Truck.
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    Former home of Coytesville Protection Company #2 located at 187 Washington Ave Fort Lee NJ Now a Locksmiths shop This was a single bay Firehouse
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    Caught Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Unit 73 At the ER this am It’s. GMC (probably an mid 80’s GMC chassis Unsure of Box possibly a PL) Quite an Impressive Unit Has had many lighting upgrades as well as a stripping refurb They also added. chevrons to the rear
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    The New York Fire Patrol used this building after Ladder 49 left. It was the quarters for Fire Patrol # 6 from 1949 until 1955. In 1955 the NYFP closed Patrol 6.
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    Here’s the former home of Independent Hook & Ladder #2 in Cliffside Park NJ located on the southern end of the Boro on Palisade & Jersey Ave on the Jersey Ave side is the former Headquarters Of The Cliffside Park Police Dept This firehouse was active still In the early 80’s as it housed a large ALF Rear Mount Ladder Truck The Police Dept Along with Truck 2 were moved into the massive Boro Hall / Public Safety complex along with Fire Headquarters (i’ll try to get pictures of that soon) Note The Modern style siren on the pole It’s Home to an upholstery shop now
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    White House Utility District (WHUD), the state’s largest geographic utility provider, is using advanced mapping software to help Goodlettsville Fire Department keep its hydrants functioning at max capacity. The map, built in WHUD’s geographic information system (GIS), has increased efficiency, increased repair time and improved fire protection for the community. "We have seen a tremendous improvement our response time to fire hydrant issues,” said Rocky Reecer, operations manager for WHUD, “which is an important part of a community’s fire protection plan. Before this system, we would get a long list of needed repairs, a couple of times a year. Now, using our real-time mapping software, we are notified the minute a problem is found and can usually get it repaired within a matter of days. Before, it could take up to three months to get a full list of repairs completed." Using any tablet or mobile device, Goodlettsville Fire Department crews can access the map in the field during routine hydrant inspections. If a problem is detected, they can access the exact hydrant on the map and report the problem, along with detailed information about the issue. Doing so sends an automatic notification to WHUD operations’ team, who can then schedule a crew for repair. “Goodlettsville Fire found our hydrant repair requests to be easier to track and send on our end, and the resulting repairs happened in a very timely fashion,” said Fire Chief Kenneth Reeves. “Tracking hydrant maintenance and flushing records on the app was also very convenient and more reliable than paper records in the fire engine. We plan to continue using the app.” Key benefits of the program are: • Safety – Fire hydrants are supply water during fires. If they aren’t working, fire protection is jeopardized and community safety is impacted. For More You Can Check: Blockchain Application Marketing
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    Jersey City ‪We are building a new Fire House in Ward “F” this year as part of our 2018 budget. The new house will be located on Halladay Street and will be a state of the art facility to serve the community. This will be Jersey City’s 1st new Fire House since 2002 and it is important to note that we provided dates below of construction of the other fire houses with many of the facilities being over 100 years old. We are putting the city’s current fire houses on a steady rotation to be rebuild because while our administration has grown the FD with people, we want to make sure we have the best equipment and continue to the JCFD’s reputation as the best in New Jersey When were other Jersey City fire houses built? 160 Grand st 1850 355 Newark Ave 1965 465 Marin Blvd 1982 283 Halladay st 1880 16 Orient Ave 1998 152 Linden Ave 1889 2 Bergen Ave 1910 486 Ocean Ave 1894 152 Lincoln st 1905 715 summit 1997 599 Palisades Ave 2002 697 Bergen Ave 1873 200 sip Ave 1905 582 Communipaw Ave 1900
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    It's up to each individual municipality. But typically most don't have any official residency requirements.
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    Pearl River in Rockland County Did final inspection on Their Rosenbauer Quint Looks Great 12-78 Unit ID This is a new unit replacing an engine
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    Original Millwood VFC Station 1 is at 94 Millwood Road. It was sold some time in the past few years with the completion of the new HQ. Also in NYC the old Fire Patrol station near NYU in the village still stands. Reportedly owned by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.
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    In Hudson N.Y. there are some.Valatie N.Y.,Niverville Fire District,Athens N.Y.,