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    This is brought up EVERY parade season. The answers never change, and neither does the inadequate level of response.
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    Deputy Thanks DC Firefighters for Saving His Life After Suffering Heart Attack During Hockey Game By: Fox DC Staff May 23, 2017 Nice job by the DCFD Hockey Team.
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    Urban Studio Unbound (www.urbanstudiounbound.org) along with members of the Yonkers Fire Department have opened a two week exhibit honoring the history of the department with photos and displays. The exhibit opened this past Saturday and runs through June 24, 2017. The studio is located at 66 Main Street in Yonkers. There is no entry fee but donations are greatly appreciated! Hours are: Wednesdays 2-7 pm, Thursdays 11am-4pm, Fridays 12-5 pm, Saturdays 1-6 pm, and Sunday June 18, 1-6pm. The exhibit closes on Sunday June 25th. Members past and present, along with their family members have commented on the heartwarming and sincere effort that went into displaying the hard working firefighters over the years and the professional rememberance of those members who lost their lives in the Line of Duty
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    Date: 05-23-2017 Time: Around 0030 hrs Location: Dock Hill Rd x Strom King Ave District: Strom King Engine Co. 2 (Cornwall-on-Hudson FD) Battalion: OC 4th Batt. Channel: Weather: Clear Units: Cornwall-on-Hudson Police, Newburgh City Police, New Windsor Police, Cornwall Town Police, COVAC , New Windsor Medic, Strom King Engine Co. 2 (COHFD) Writer: ace84 Description: Police Pursuit that proceeded through the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. Vehicle Rolled over in the area on Dock Hill Road. Pursuit reported to be started in the City of Newburgh.
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    They've recently have installed them on what was broadway. That's what he ran into on 45th street and stopped him. I'm not sure if they plan on putting them in on the 7th part of Times Square where he was able to drive onto the sidewalk. Terrible tradegy prayers to all the families
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    It's funny, some VFDs are better "staffed" and more adequately covered when they are OUT of town...
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    A friend and I were discussing the new Tesla solar roof tiles recently (The website is https://www.tesla.com/solarroof for anyone that wants to take a closer look). But our discussion of cost versus benefit turned to firefighting tactics as we realized some hard facts about the newer solar technology that is out there. There are four things that stuck out to me that are going to hinder us at structure fires in the near future, especially as solar power companies start to mimic the Tesla Roof: 1. The panels are damn near indestructible. They have a Class 4 FM 4473 hail rating, which is the highest rating on the market. This means that the panels can withstand a 2 inch diameter ice ball with an impact speed of 100mph. This is coupled with the Class F ASTM D3161 wind rating, also the highest at 110mph. 2. The panels are Class A UL 790 rated....the highest fire rating. This means that they can withstand 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. These things are going to absorb a lot of heat energy during a fire, which may result in runoff electrical production (increased amperage). 3. The panels are INVISIBLE!!! That's right. Just go to the website above and take a look for yourself. You're not going to know that it's a solar roof until you're already at the roof. This is even more dangerous as they are covered in coated glass, which is slippery even before it gets wet. 4. The last issue that is going to hinder us is the addition of home batteries. Tesla markets that you should add the Tesla Power Wall with your solar roof, which means the house is going to remain energized as we work (that's right, not just the solar panels, but the whole house!). So, what are we left with? The need to train. We need to learn our districts and know which homes and structures have solar panels. We need to learn about the solar systems, especially as to how to shut them down. And we need to start re-thinking vertical ventilation, as it may not be possible.
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    Prince George's County, MD is at Pierce for the final inspection of HAZMAT 816. Due to the size of the county, PGFD's HAZMAT Team includes three stations. Station 816 (Northview) is located somewhat centrally within the county and has the larger HAZMAT rig. A Breathing Air Unit, Decon Unit, and the Safety Officer also run out of that house. Station 812 (College Park) and Station 845 (Marlboro/Croom) have smaller HAZMAT Support Units (similar to a soda truck) to get things started until 816 arrives. The Technical Rescue Team is set up in a similar fashion for collapse, confined space, and high angle; with a large cache of centralized equipment and two satellite stations. Photos are courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief Benjamin Barksdale on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenBmbarksdale/status/864226221231616000/photo/1
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    Fairview FD has taken delivery of a 2017 Ford Interceptor SUV. It is assigned to Car 2122.
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    Absolutely Stunning *credit to the photographer*
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    I noticed the lake George convention is going on right now. At a time when volunteer fire departments seem to have an issue with staffing on a good day, does anyone find that having a great deal of the active membership several hours away negatively effect public safety ? What are some of the things your departments do during events like this (or other parades...) to alleviate staffing issues ?
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    City of Newburgh put on additional staff and apparatus over the weekend. I would assume partially because they were on automatic response to some border departments, and they have been burned in the past with locals not being able to crew on Spring Break Weekend.
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    It has been my experience that many departments, well at least the proactive ones, leave personnel behind to staff the firehouse when attending parades or other times a good number of members will be out of town. In fact in some cases staffing actually increases at these times as those left behind are committed to responding or better yet staffing the firehouse. Now if only VFDs would get on the bandwagon and staff their firehouses regularly the instances of inadequate responses could be dramatically reduced.
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    Date: 06/14/17 Time: 2255hrs Location: 904 Little Britain Rd - Two Brothers Deli and Pizza District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD Cars 1 (IC), 2, 3, E481, T484, E479, T482, E478, R480, City of Newburgh (FAST), 36-13, NWEMS, NWPD, NWFI's Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a Deli/Pizzeria Link to VGFD's FB page with description and picture. https://m.facebook.com/VailsGateFD/photos/a.257174668003666.1073741832.240851959635937/558091034578693/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=E
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    Date: 06/13/17 Time: 0715hrs (approx) Location: Mount Airy Rd & Moores Hill Rd District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Hot/Humid Units: VGFD Car-3 (IC), R480, E479, NWEMS/ALS Writer: BFD1054 Description: Single car MVA/Car into a tree with entrapment Crews worked to remove both front doors. The drivers legs were pinned under the dash, so the Holmatro spreaders and chains were used for a dash roll. *Side note; VGFD responded to this incident with minimum manpower. R480 had a chauffeur, officer and 2 firefighters, while E479 responded with a chauffeur, officer and 1 firefighter. Car-3 was on scene in command. Members had the victim extricated within 16 minutes. I was not at this incident, but I am proud of my VGFD brothers on a job well done.
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    Our new attack truck. Long Hill Fire District, Trumbull, CT.
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    If you are driving like an idiot with a blue light, you are an a-hole fireman, if you are driving like an idiot without a blue light then you are just like all the other a-holes out there.
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    Check out at about the 1:50 time mark... Then it takes quite a while to get him out.
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    This is nothing new New Rochelle's local did this against a few if it's members about 25 years ago. They dropped the charges.
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    I can see that. I grew up in PC. I have very good friends both volunteer and career. Im sorry it's come down to this. I'd like to meet everyone at the old Terry Lodge for drinks and food like the old times. P.S. Kelly's in Rye is always an option. Lol.
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    If the Port Chester firefighters committed these offenses they are WRONG. Calling in a false alarm, spitting on an individual should not be tolerated. As frustrated as those Port Chester Firefighters might have been, this kind of activity just can't be done. If these charges are correct, "it is an embarrassment to all career firefighters, no matter where they are from". When a firefighter commits a wrong doing, it is a reflection on all other firefighters. Have the individual firefighters who committed such offense been named and singled out ? Are there witnesses willing to come forward with facts ? Are there photos or videos of such action ? On the contrary, I think there is an audio of Chief Quinn suggesting members break windows at the home of a career firefighter union official. Two Wrongs don't make a Right. The Fire Service is probably the only place were there has been more hatred among those who are expected to help each other than perhaps a victim towards a their criminal. Really very sad when you think about it. As a volunteer firefighter in one town serving with career firefighters, we got along great. Then as a career firefighter serving in another town with volunteer firefighters it has been decades of hating each other. Two totally different worlds only about 75 miles apart.
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    First I'd like to take issue with the statement that parades are an integral part of team building or public visibility. Company drills and training and learning to work with others while taking classes at the training center are how you foster a team mentality, not strutting down the street in every town that decides to have a parade. As far as visibility goes, I feel like parades draw the wrong types of people trying to be visible, the guy you haven't seen at a call in six months but who shows up for the spread and to make himself "visible". If you really want positive public image for your department participate in a fundraiser for a good cause, put a team together to do a walk or run for a cause, participate in something greater than the department showing what you do to give back. A question I'd ask about the guys involved in this debacle, are they good responders, do they pull their weight where it's really important, on the fire scene? On the flip side, how many of the members who actually marched aren't around regularly to attend drills and calls? The chief in question sounds like a real prima Donna to me, immature, bombastic, and if he thinks that his offensive racist language was acceptable because the members he was berating weren't minorities, then he's just flat out incompetent.
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    Next up - Person gets suspended for showing up after a fire is out and eating a sandwich made for the crews that battled the fire and is now suing for $50 million
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    I know communities operate differently. Having said that, in my area many cities have money for capital and equipment purchases separate from money for staff. So even if cities are having staffing issues capital projects, including vehicle purchases, still take place. I do agree though that a million seems excessive for a rescue. My Dept just got a 2016 rosenbauer commander rescue pumper with new jaws for $550,000.
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    Guess PC isn't trying to hide their motives anymore....
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    But this one will hopefully be a productive one. I am looking for any departments that have internal rules separate from the relevant statutes about display / use of blue lights (or any color for that matter). Looking up the actual laws is a relatively easy matter to deal with, but I am trying to help with a project where some internal rules are being proposed in a department. Never having dealt with this, I am hoping I can find if other departments have thought this was important enough to make a rule about and make sure proposals are reasonable based on whatever consensus I can come up with. Not looking to have a debate on if lights should be allowed, just looking to see how others may have regulated their use.
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    That's some big bucks for a new Rescue Are they getting all new tools for it?
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    Straight streams will illustrate if all items were installed correctly and what has to be revisited by dealer
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    I generally do not like the idea of any markings on a former rig that would make one think it was still in service. That being said I once was part of a discussion about converting an old engine into a tailgating rig for a football team.
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    Yeah, Europe has its compartment organization on point. Granted their line deployment and pump set ups are entirely different, but I'd like to think that at some point Rosenbauer would find a way to fuse the ideas of Europe and US together into one impressive rig.
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    21 Grand Ave behind the building it's located near Route 46 3pm to 10 pm Yeah I know it's the same day as Franklin Lake's Wetdown Fog Streams only Lets see if New City shows up again
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    I can see this new law being 100% acceptable if it solely targeted the the issue of the re-purposed ambulance still having emergency markings on it. It should be the responsibility of the new owner to remove all emergency decals and striping prior to the reuse of the ambulance for other ventures. This would make more sense as old ambulances have been re-purposed for many things around the country, including contractor vans, ice cream trucks, and DPW vehicles. With that said, could this ban on "slambulances" eventually include other former emergency or governmental vehicles from becoming party venues on wheels? How long until school buses make the list? Or walk-in rescues? Or garbage trucks? Yes, I'm being a bit satirical, but the long arm of the law seems to be reaching a little too far.
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery to the injured WP brothers.... Sounds like they made an aggressive interior attack and conditions got s**tty. Unfortunately, from what I've heard, they are far understaffed. Knowing that, these men still went all in and gave it their all. This is what they're trained to do and they do so for the residents and visitors of WP. Hopefully, the powers that be will see this as a wake up call. Now is the time to properly staff your FD! Again, hope for the best for the injured members.
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    Best place for truck pics is on firepics.net. you have to pay a few bucks for a membership, but it's worth it. There is one guy down in Texas who takes walk around pictures of the trucks he photographs. Sometimes he is able to get open compartment pictures. LA City keeps their packs and gear on the outside, and there were some good pictures on the thread. Up here, South Burlington, Vermont spec'd their rigs to have exterior compartments holding gear and packs. We are mid process for a new Ascendant Ladder, and having just visited the factory for our pre-con, I can tell you to be prepared to spend some coin on custom compartments. If you can think of it, they can build it.
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    Actually that is a good idea if you have several members responding direct with units already on-scene... park out of the way and turn the lights off. The few cases where I go direct I typically am the first emergency responder on-scene.
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    Ray Pfeifer passed away on May 28 2017 after battling 9/11 cancer. Ray was a huge player in extending the zadroga act along with other FDNY and Nypd members Ray never gave up even while battling cancer. RIP Ray. We'll take it from here.
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    Funny thing about that, one of the proposals I am dealing with is that lights be turned off once you arrive at the scene.
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    Not withstanding our wishes for the speedy and complete recovery of the injured firefighters, I don't think this thread is about the hazards and suppression methods for a basement fire. Its about staffing. One of these days Westchester is going to experience the unfortunate outcome that comes from the inability of the volunteer and paid depts to maintain proper staffing. It will be a sad day for all involved, but we will be able to look back at the hundreds of posts on forums such as this one and wonder why something so recognizable went unsolved. It will provide no comfort.
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    Never let a few bad apples, whether career or volunteer, spoil the entire barrel because to the core in our hearts we are all there to help those during their time of need.
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    NEW HEMPSTEAD - Brothers Yosef and David Silber are among the younger crop of volunteers ensuring Spring Hill Ambulance continues its mission for another 50 years. Link to the Journal News article; http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/05/20/spring-hill-ambulance-50-years/322759001/ Congrats Spring Hill EMS and here's to another 50 years! Side note; I was involved in an accident on the Palisades Parkway many years ago. Thankfully I had minor injuries, but was transported as a precaution. Spring Hill EMS was dispatched and couldn't be more professional and courteous. Ironically, I'm 95% sure that the current president, Brandon Smith (from the article), was the EMT who treated me.
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    First, it's nice to see someone return to their roots and help the people of his/her hometown. It's definitely a heartwarming story. More importantly, this is not just someone who lucked out and got the job. This is someone who cares not only for the city that employs him, but the firefighters that he commands. Commissioner Thiel seems like someone that we should pay attention to for guidance and ideas.
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    OK, this is NOT directly AMR related, but goes with SageVigiles post: I JUST came home from DC, having ridden a bicycle 320 miles there from Poughkeepsie with the Muddy Angels EMS memorial bike ride. My brother lives there and is a huge scanner buff. Here is what is driving me crazy: DC arrives and updates the job as minor/BLS/no life threat and has AMR sent. AMR then drives full-on lights and sirens to a call where it has been determined that there is nothing major going on. Why are EMT's of any service driving lights/sirens to rush to the scene of a confirmed NON-EMERGENCY? I can guess that DC doesn't want to hang around and wait, or that AMR wants to have good looking response times. But to endanger themselves and the public for that is BS. Of the 50 EMS folks that the Muddy Angels rode for this year, 12, or about 24% died in MVA's. This is NOT against AMR, but against the shot-callers who set this up. Probably NOT an AMR decision, but a dead EMT is a dead EMT. More lights and sirens driving= more dead EMT's.