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    I think the writing is on the wall. Towns are learning that the volunteer dept. are not there anymore. Gone are the days of 300 active members and waiting lists. Little to no turn out at calls. False claims of "active" members when the 2% money comes. I'm all for Volunteerism and for helping out but westchester is not built for it anymore. As is said, blue collar folks can't make it here anymore. At some point everyone is gonna have to go career or suck it up, put on their big boy pants and consolidate the county. Lord know most guys want that anyway.
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    Hello everyone it has been years since I used this log in name and that's because I resigned from the city of Rye Fire department 5 years ago. I chose to write a response to the above letter. The letter below was submitted to myrye.com as well this morning. And will be to any other media outlets in which Captain Millman sent his letter. The following is my statement and does not represent any former or current members of RFD. I am also not affiliated with any fire department at this time. From: Richard P Suarino Ex Captain Poningoe Hook & Ladder Company To: Letters to the editor, I am writing in response to a recent letter that was submitted by Fire Police Patrol Captain Lester Millman in regards to the recent changes that have taken place at the Rye Fire Department. I would like to start by stating that I was a combined 14 yearACTIVE member of the City of Rye Fire Department. I spent two years as part of explorer post 700 as a junior firefighter. Then 12 years as a member of the Poningoe Hook & Ladder Company, where I served as first & second Lieutenant and then as Captain before resigning from the department in 2012. I have a combined 17 years in the Emergency Services. The picture that Captain Millman has painted for the Rye citizens and would have one believe is that this change is a big surprise to the members of the department. It's not. Volunteer membership has been on the decline since probably the 1980’s,and since then the bleeding hasn't stopped, it’s only gottenworse. In the late 90’s, early 2000’s, the department voted in several new members and it helped a little to put a patch on the crack in the dam. In the 2000’s as an active volunteer firefighter, a lieutenant and then captain, there were several ideas that myself and other active volunteers proposed to make some much needed changes to the department structure to help with rapidly declining membership. Recommendations were brought to the attention of the Board Of Wardens, who at that time, controlled all decision making within the fire department. The problem was that the Board was consistently controlled by veteran members of the department who were not as active and ignored any and all input by young active members, to the point where some members were turned off and stopped showing up. Others resigned and some went to other departments. Rye’s changing demographics has had the biggest effect on membership. Gone are the blue collar families of Rye. Many of the old long time Rye names that were connected to the fire department making it generational are no longer in Rye, forced to move because Rye is unaffordable to those that would volunteer. For every one member gained three are lost. A member joining as a college kid at 19 has to resign by 23-24 because they are forced to move out of Rye. And it's not just Rye membership that is down, nation wide volunteer firefighters are declining. Being in emergency situations, dealing with and seeing the things a firefighter may see is not for everyone. It's a calling, and the hours of training involved will take most free nights away, not to mention the required alarm response. Turnout at alarms; even 10 years ago at the most recent height of active membership-. We had 25 interior qualified firefighters and still sometimes we only had 4 volunteers at an alarm. All working fires required mutual aid from our friends in Harrison and Mamaroneck. Leadership was and is non-existent under the Volunteer Chiefs of the department and when a chief did try to implement positive change he was quickly pushed out by older voting block. At Fire scenes, basic accountability of members was lax. Meaning,God forbid an explosion or collapse happened at a scene, the chiefs had no idea who had actually showed up at the scene. Some chiefs had nothing more than basic firefighting training. Most were being relied on because of their 30+ years in the department, yet they had taken no classes to sharpen their skills or update their knowledge. Any good leader in emergency service will tell you, you will never know everything and you are always learning something new until the day you retire. This business is always changing and evolving. The Rye Professional firefighters often find that they are the only ones on scene. Sometimes I was the only volunteer on scene with them. During the winter of 2002 I was the only volunteer on scene for an afternoon house fire. Three career firefighters and I, with one of those professionals manning twopump panels and one ladder. Commissioner Corcoran didn't just come in and decide to shake things up. He's a very educated man with years of experience and after speaking with numerous people connected to the fire department he saw there was a need for change. He has a job to lead the men and women of the Police and Fire Departments and the fire department problems are 20+ years in the making,ignored by past Board Of Wardens members and past chiefs of the department who kicked the can down the road. The public might be surprised that over 100 years of volunteer service are coming to an end but many of the current and past members are not. Regards Richard P Suarino Past member and Captain Poningoe Hook & Ladder Company
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    Earlier this week, I had the chance to go to Los Angeles. I'll be sharing some of the photos on this thread over the next couple of days. For those who haven't seen it, my photos of LA City FD's Heavy Rescue 56 can be found here. First up is Los Angeles County FD, they had this 2017 KME Tractor sitting at the shops, awaiting mating with a USAR Trailer.
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    Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to look over and photograph this unique and impressive rig! 2016 Peterbilt 567 with a Century 50 Ton Rotator (can be remote controlled) and body, 10KW generator, and air compressor syste,m, amongst many other customizations. This rig replaces a similar rig, a 2003 Peterbilt/Century, which will become a fully equipped spare. The spare is replacing the former spare, which will be kept in the USAR caches. Thanks again to the crew at Station 56 and the HR56 guys!
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    http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/new-jersey-roosevelt-volunteer-fire-department-bond-vote-badge-417487813.html Link to the story. Why should a town of 900 people, and not even 2 square miles have its own FD ? Great merge it with nearby departments and let the members join other departments in the area.
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    Your worried about the cost for Trump and his familiy, Our President, I know where to get the money. Look what it costs to protect the UN with direct and indirect costs............. Table 5. Estimated Costs to New York City Figures reflect annual impacts in millions of 2014 dollars. Direct Expenditures Forgone Tax Revenue Security $8 million Real Property Tax $72 million Education $45 million Personal Income Tax $26 million Mayor's Office for International Affairs $1 million Sales & Use Tax $1 million Direct Expenditures - $54 million Forgone Tax Revenue - $99 million Source: The Economic Impact of the United Nations Community on New York City Lets trim a little from their budget to protect our President.
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    this is a non story - perhaps we should make an amendment that you only can run for President if you are poor. That way they will be so impressed with White House - have no vacation homes and just stay in the White House for 4 years (maybe 8). Its life, its the law - I know a ton ton more waste everyday in the federal Gov't going on every single day.
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    Too early in the Season to consider leaving any hard surface, it happens. Hope they got it out without any damage to the undercarriage.
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    Route 22 and Route 120 in North Castle this morning about 0715. Caught it on my way to work. Single vehicle hit pole and caught fire. As far as it is known, the driver was able to free himself and was uninjured.
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    If the members currently assigned to this firehouse want to be considered "professional" then they must meet those "professional standards". Beginning with a quick response out the door when the alarm comes in. The question is, "will they be able to replace the laid off professional career firefighters who once operated out of that firehouse" ? That means 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Any one who has ever been inside a burning building knows very well how dangerous it is and how quickly that heat and smoke can build up. As firefighters operating inside those buildings we get to appreciate our protective equipment, and our life saving air pack giving us fresh air. It's tough enough for those guys, BUT for the UNtrained and Unprotected citizens trapped in there, "IT's VERY MUCH WORSE". THEY CAN NOT SEE THEY CAN NOT BREATHE THEY BECOME DISORINATED THEIR SKIN MAY START TO BURN Every passing second counts as they try to breathe. For those people there may be no way out. The super heated air that's left starts to burn their lungs as every breath they try to take. They are the one's that will truly decide at that moment who the Professionals really are. The Professionals will make the utmost attempt at getting them out because that's their job and there is NO TIME TO WASTE. This is NOT a Game or some Make Believe Training session. But in a matter of minutes, people could die. Somebodies mother, father, brother, sister, friend. Maybe somebody you know. At least to me, I consider BOTH Career and Volunteer Firefighters to be Professionals with a very important job to do. But here in Port Chester, it was decided that this job can be completed WITHOUT the use of any career firefighters. Most places these days find it to be quite the OPPOSITE though. Due to todays very busy work schedules and much more training requirements, the volunteer numbers are dwindling and it is necessary to hire MORE Career Firefighters. Not really because they want to, but because they HAVE TO. It is just more and more difficult these days to count on the skills of the required number of volunteer firefighters. We can assume that Port Chester is about to prove otherwise. As Professionals, those Volunteer Firefighters should be able to prove themselves "Each and Every Time", without the use of any Career Firefighters. So with this unique, newly created situation, many of those involved in todays fire service will be closely watching. "I know I will". But most importantly, for the Citizens who live and work in Port Chester, and for those PROFESSIONALS that Protect Them, "IT'S SHOWTIME".
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    Greenburgh Police Special Operations Truck 1 2016 Ford F-550 4x4/Proliner
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    Common sense in Boston....at last a fire engine to fight fire and not to look at......New York,are you watching?
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    Congrats and great job Chief! (and the article was very well written) http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/2017/04/08/tarrytown-firefighter-leads-tzb-rescue-becomes-chief-same-day/100224570/
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    Bought brand new by the Village in 1969 Sicard 2 stage snow blower . Very well maintained by the DPW shops and upgraded a few years back with new paint and decals . Know as Taz You can see the end result on the other side of street.
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    It would actually be nice to see Ralph Stupple get it, considering the fire district decided to eliminate his position and demote him not too long ago. That would be the stand up thing to do, considering the circumstances. He is also extremely qualified, after having served as an assistant chief for many many years and serving as a westchester county fire instructor for many years as well. But hey, what do I know......If you advocate for doing the right thing, you must be the crazy one.
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    Ignition key removal boxes were available long ago, not sure if they still are or modern vehicles prevented using them. You could leave the vehicle running without the key in it and as soon as anyone stepped on the brake it would cut out. You have to step on the brake to overcome the park / shift interlock so it would prevent you from even getting the vehicle in gear.
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    So...it's what's expected for any VIP...it's not the first time the city was not reimbursed for services to a VIP....won't be the last.......
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    ever so closer to the nypd scheme. all joking aside, there are a lot of good cops that started with DEP.
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    This was a real car. The NYSP had these, and before this Camaro, Mustangs for pursuit on the interstates. I saw them in the past on both I-84 and the Thruway (I-87).
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    Thornwood Fire District will be taking delivery of a 2016 Sutphen Custom Pumper soon. This rig will replace the recently retired Engine 89.
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    Remember you have to be nice to the inmates or you will be brought up on charges, sued or fired because you violated their rights.
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    .The response of the FDNY small boat to Rye illustrates what some think is one of the great weaknesses in Westchester fire protection is along the Sound Shore where fire fighting capabilities are shaky to .non existent. From the Bronx line to Connecticut there are billions of dollars of boats, marine facilities and shore front properties yet there is little meaningful fire protection.
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    Date: 4-18-17 Time: 1202hrs Location: 34 Allison Rd C/S Garlen Rd District: Katonah FD Battalion: 16 Channel: Fire 16, Fireground 2 Weather: 60F, clear Units: Katonah FD Engine 115, Engine 116, Tanker 6, Ladder 39, Car 2211 Bedford Hills FD Tower Ladder 57, Utility 6, Tanker 5 Mount Kisco FD Engine 104, Utility 13 (FAST) Goldens Bridge FD Tanker 1, Engine 140 (Dispatched) South Salem FD Tanker 2, Engine 167 Croton Falls FD Tanker 8 Armonk FD Tanker 9 (Relocate Katonah) Somers FD Tanker 16, Engine 183, Rehab Unit Banksville FD Tanker 7 (on standby in their quarters for Armonk) Yorktown FD Engine 272 (Relocate Katonah), Tanker 14 KBHVAC 65-B-1 WEMS 45-M-3, 4514 Bedford PD Car 39 WCDES Battalion 16, Cause and Origin Zone Writer: x635 Description: 60x40 single story wood frame dwelling, heavy fire and smoke from the roof 12:04hrs PD advising working fire, all occupants out 12:05hrs Car 2211 requesting a 10-75 12:09hrs Fill site for tankers being established, South Salem Engine 167 will be the water supply engine 12:23hrs Battalion 16 reporting exterior operations, heavy fire through roof, 3 lines stretched and operating 12:30hrs Battalion 16 reporting partial collapse of structure 12:48hrs Car 2211 reporting main body of fire knocked down, checking numerous hot spots, all hands still working 14:10hrs Car 2211 reporting fire has started to rekindle during overhaul, holding the tankers and the fill site as a precaution
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    I LOVE this engine! It's a 2017 E-One Typhoon for Boston Fire Department, one of 23 that will be delivered to entirely replace the KME Engines that they were having major issues with due to the MaxxForce motor. Some of the no-nonsense features that stand out to me that I really like are the short wheelbase, narrow conventional pump panel, recessed bumper intake and Q, painted rims, the stepwell for the doors which is kind of a barrier door-full door hybrid, and the reasonable height hose bed. There seem to be a lot of departments returning to E-One after a hiatus, such as Boston and Chicago. To me, that says something. Beautiful photo from MassFireTrucks.com http://www.massfiretrucks.com/Boston Engine 16 2017.jpg More photos and information from the E-One dealer: http://www.greenwoodev.com/boston-ma-e-one-custom-pumper/
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    Agreed on the hose bed...I'm always baffled by some of the high hose beds I see. We've had many changes in cab and manufacturer in the FDNY, but the hose bed has remained largely unchanged. Additionally, roll-ups and fittings are still easily accesible. Looks like a nice, purpose-built rig. Painted, steel bumpers with 45* corners (an FDNY inovation, I'm told...)
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    I think Mr. Suarino's letter is excellent, and sheds light on the types of crap that has been going on for years in volunteer departments. Every department I've ever been a part of has had a select group of obstructionist old guys who haven't rode the rigs in 15 years that just love to make life difficult for officers and firefighters that are trying to get things done and move the agency forward.
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    From being an outsider", I have observed over 15 years now how they are very meticulous and take great pride in keeping the apparatus in the best shape. It's part of the culture. Even Engine 9, one of the busiest engine companies in the nation, spotlessly shines. Another truck I photographed almost 10 year ago and then again last month and I couldn't tell the difference of wear. It's true, they don't have to deal with the corrosive salt, deteriorated roadways, and rust, but I rarely see career departments (and some volunteer) in this area washing the motor, hand cleaning an aerial, waxing a truck, or even rinsing down apparatus when they are caked in salt in times other then with an annual inspection dinner coming up. Not only a pride thing, but also an important part of the maintenance of the truck. Additionally, the Engineer for the pumpers, and Apparatus Operator for the ladders, USAR's, and other specialty vehicles, is a promotional rank. So there is a person specifically charged with taking care of the rig on each shift, as opposed to it being an assignment for the day.
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    Agreed. Especially in area's where the volunteer turnout is dismal on a regular basis. Westchester has changed over the past 40 years and many departments have failed to keep up with the times and its come home to roost. The AHJ has an obligation to provide fire protection to its residents and if it means conversion from volunteer to combo or a fully career department, that's what is going to happen regardless of opinion. My suggestion to fire commissioners/city managers would be when a member of your department appears before you to make a suggestion that they would feel improve recruitment/retention/participation that you give it serious consideration; the mindset should be how can we make it work as opposed to why it won't work. A positive outlook usually works better then one of negative as people tend to support what they help to create, something I think many departments have forgotten over time. Younger members bring enthusiasm, dedication and Ideas; the older members offer experience and wisdom; combine both and you have a chance to allow the fire departments mission statement to succeed. Just my opinion.
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    Date: 04-12-2017 Time: 10:41am Location: 72 Van Ness St. District: City of Newburgh FD Battalion: OC 4th Battalion Channel: Weather: Warm Units: City of Newburgh FD, Air Guard FD Engine, Castle Point FD FAST, West Point FD Engine Newburgh City Police, MLSS, S/B CVFD in Newburgh PSB Writer: ace84 Description: Working Fire on the second floor of a three-story structure.
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    I'm not sure I like this idea. For transit buses, and select ambulances, it makes sense. But for a fire engine? I can't see it really making a difference, and it must be expensive to purchase and maintain.
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    Date: 4-8-17 Time: 19:07 Location: 14 Rockledge Rd C/S East Hartsdale Ave District: Hartsdale Battalion: 14 Channel: Fire 14 Weather: 50F, clear Units: Hartsdale FD Engine 169, Engine 171, Car 2172, Car 2171 Car (Utility) 2173 (Recall) Fairview FD Ladder 1, Engine 175, Car 2121 Greenville FD Squad 15 Scarsdale FD Ladder 28 (FAST) White Plains FD Tower Ladder 6 Elmsford FD Engine 237, Car 2111 (Relocate HFD Station 2) Eastchester FD Tower Ladder 17 (Relocate HFD Station 2) Valhalla FD Tower Ladder 49 (Standby in their quarters for Fairview) Greenburgh PD Car 133 (SOD), Car 64 (Police Officer Paramedic), Car 50 (Patrol Supervisor) Car 86, Ambulance 79 (59-A-1) for standby WCDES Battalion 14, C&O Zone 3 Writer: x635 Description: Dispatched as an unknown type fire inside a structure. Car 2172 on scene requesting 10-75, active fire within a occupied multiple dwelling 19:10 Car 2172 reporting main body of fire knocked down, checking for extension. Ladder 1 to set up in the back of the structure. 19:20 Hartsdale FD recalling manpower to staff Engine with 3 firefighters. Car 2171 will be the officer and respond with that Engine if needed 19:35 Car 2172 reporting negative extension, venting, situation under control 19:58 Car 2171 reporting all mutual aid units have ben released from the scene, holding with Engine 169 and Engine 171
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    Los Angeles County FD Reserve Engine 502 1991 Pierce Arrow
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    Looking at this i have to wonder, do they staff the firehouse now? Like are there 4-6 guys per rig in the station 24/7? That to me would be what that sign is saying. I know in some towns (not Westchester), the house is manned at all times. There are bunks and rooms where guys sleep the over night. I have a feeling that while their hearts are in the right place, they are not giving the people of Port Chester what they deserve. I don;t think we have to wait for someone to die or be seriously hurt to start doing what is right. Letting guys go solely to help a line in the budget was not a good move. As a career guy i am also offended that they say they are "Professionally Staffed". This is not their job. This is what they volunteer to do. The guys who's profession this was were let go in the most egregious manner possible.
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    Thank you very much for posting this story. I would like to pass it on as well. Today, Saturday March 25, 2017, in carrying on with the tradition of George, the Steinbrenner Family will open Yankee Stadium for FDNY/EMS EMT Yadiro Arroyo's funeral logistics. Arroyo, 44, was killed last week by a schizophrenic, career criminal., who tried to steal her ambulance and ran her down with her own vehicle. For One Day, Yankee Stadium will be the House that Yadira built. The Bronx Bombers will provide free parking today (Saturday 3/25/2017), for some of the 10,000 people expected to be at slain EMT Yadira Arroy's funeral. EMTs and Medics from around the nation are expected in the city to honor the mother of FIVE. The Yankees will cover the cost of opening and staffing parking lots, including those opposite the stadium, gates 4 and 8, for the roughly 5,000 cars and buses expected. The Yankees arranged for the post funeral meal with refreshments and food served in the ball parks Great Hall between 1 pm and 4:45 pm. Here we Remember FDNY/EMS EMT Yadira Arroya, who spent 14 years saving lives in the City of New York. May she Rest in Peace and THANK YOU for your dedicated years of service to the citizens and visitors of New York City. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HvnUVkyU_M
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    Per the weather Channel 42 inch's at my cabin upstate , near Cooperstown New York. From the firehouse ramp Richmondville New York
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    Welcome to National buying Co-ops....... http://www.hgacbuy.org/home/ HGAC Contract Purchase Saves money and time.
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    I have no idea how the operators of those two HUGE rigs were able to get them through some of those streets with cars parked on both sides. Then once they got there, came the job of being able to get that bucket up. That required the use of those outriggers to be come out and put down. The distance of the overall spread was much more than other aerials or tower ladders. What a GREAT JOB those guys did operating a truck of that size on some of those NYC streets.
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    Not entirely about NYC DEP but I am not in favor of agencies copying other agencies livery. I think each agency needs to develop its own identity, what in commercial circles would be called brand identity. I realize there are traditional colors and there are only so many designs to use, but why must everything be sanitized into a single logo. We see it all the time in patches, where a department is willing to part with their own history to look just like some department they want to emulate. I am not a fan of this way of thinking.
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    Los Angeles City is currently all tillers. They used various snorkel products (squirt, telesquirt, and snorkels in 50ft & 85ft) back in the 60's & 70's in addition to the tillers. Also LAFD occasionally demos other ladders and so far prefers their tillers. Los Angeles County is currently mostly tiller quints but have one or two front line rear mount quints. They have had an assortment of ladders types over the years with some coming from their acquisition of other fire districts.
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    I, at first, assumed it was a new Lifeline, since I thought they were the only manufacturer that still made a slant side box. and it looks very similar. I am not 100% sure, but as far is I know, the box is custom built new by Braun Northwest. It looks similar to the slant side currently produced by Lifeline. Braun discontinued theirs several years ago. Braun Northwest-Northstar Emergency Vehicles is a separate company then Braun, and is popular in the Pacific Northwest and parts of California. I do know that Braun Northwest was awarded a bid for the ambulance above in the amount of $303,000. It will serve 7 years as a frontline ambulance, and 7 years as a reserve.
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    This guys strength is incredible. And it's legit strength. This is Braun Strowman from WWE Monday Night RAW at Nassau Coliseum last night. Watch the video. CRAZY! And this is 100% real.
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