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    Unsure of the year but here’s Paramedic Unit 94 A Ford F 350 4wd extended cab With Space Cap Pod This color scheme is a throw back to the late 80’s
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    Thiells FD (Rockland County) will be holding a wetdown on Saturday Aug. 25, 2018 @ 6:00 PM for the new Rescue This event will be taking place at the main firehouse which is located at 99 Route 202, Thiells
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    When Fort Lee was having their Spartan /Rescue 1 built their custom grill RES2CUE Top part was to large No problem They cut them a new one What to do with the old one No problem they turned it into a fireplace cover I was told by the member that had this idea the firebox has cracks in it & is not used After its replaced a ember chainling will be added bottom piece features LED party lights