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    After a lot of hard work by the Fairchester Hose Haulers the Valhalla dam is back after 38 years. Save this date for the greatest Antique fire truck show in the world. More details will follow in the near future. Stay tuned
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    The miniaturization continues. What will they shrink next?
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    Industrial rig at Merck in Darmstadt Germany. Merck is a German chemical and pharmaceutical corporation Year: 2006 Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz Country: Germany Merck Darmstadt Mercedes Rosenbauer 2-27 TroTLF Mercedes-Benz 3535/Rosenbauer DA-EM 241 1993 One of two Industrial Engines. The nickname is Iguana Here's some basic info: Chassis: MB 3535 Bodywork: Rosenbauer (the cab itself was modified by Eller GmbH) Manufactured: 1993 Water tank: 4000 l Foam tank: 4000 l ABC dry powder: 3000 kg CO2: 300 kg Pump output: 6000 lpm @ 8 bar The crew cab in the middle of the bodywork has 4 seats (facing backwards, with BA sets fitted into the backrests). One additional BA set is mounted in the driver's cab. The water tank (and presumably the foam tank as well) is situated behind the crew cab, above the rear axels. A hosereel is mounted in the pump locker, above the pump's control panel. The powder and CO2 tanks are installed above the two front axles. There are 4 hosereels behind the driver's cab, 2 for each agent, on both sides (the smaller one for CO2 and the larger one for powder). There are two roof monitors. The vehicle is also fitted with a 'shower' system (decontamination purposes? the German description didn't say what it is for exactly!).
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    Here’s another odd German fire apparatus, not sure what it is. Any ideas?
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    Date: 02/06/2018 Time: 10:01 Location: Greenwich Ave & South State St District: SFD Battalion: Southend Channel: Tac 1 Weather: 28 & Mostly Cloudy Units: SPD: 11630 (X/D), 2A53, 1A20, 1C19, 1D26, 4A31, 8S1 (Patrol Sergeant), TE1 (Traffic Sergeant) SFD: E2, R1 SEMS: M1 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initially reported by SPD as a medical call with no details. This turned out to be a motor vehicle collision between a cement mixer and a bucket truck that had the boom in the air. Worker in bucket was ejected but was caught by his harness. Prolonged road closure due to investigation by OSHA.
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    The ladder has 3 also. The Assistant Chief is the tenth person on the shift. Currently, this is still our minimum. That fourth guy on each rig makes a huge difference.
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    Date:1/26/18 Time:10:39 Location:165 Broadway District: Battalion:3 Channel:Newburgh FG Weather:Cold Units:Newburgh Car 4 (Command) Truck 1, Engine 1 & 3 2nd alarm: Newburgh Car 2&3, Truck 10, Engine 10, Fire Investigation. Mutual Aid : West Point Truck, Stewart Engine 11, OC Car 13, MLSS Stand-by Companies: Good Will Engine, Vails Gate Truck both to NFD HQ Writer: Newburgher Description:3 story ordinary, fire in the basement. 10:41 Car 4 on scene, transmitting the 2nd alarm on arrival for a fire in the basement. Occupants in 2nd and 3rd floor evacuated safely. Fire confined to basement and extinguished by 1st line. No extension to upper floors. Two dogs located in fire area and removed to sidewalk. Oxygen administrated, both survived. Under control at 11:15 Last Unit cleared at 12:30 **We do not have a Car 1, Car 5, or any Companies designated Ladder 2, Engine 2, or Engine 4**
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    The MTA Metro-North Railroad has announced a new job posting for Fire-EMS Officer. This posting is for a FF-EMT position with the Grand Central Fire Brigade. Grand Central Fire Brigade FF/EMT (Fire-EMS Officer) job posting. See details below. MTA Metro-North Railroad has the following employment opportunities: • Fire EMS Officer • Associate Engineer, M of W Track and Structures • Associate Engineer – Maintenance of Equipment (Multiple Openings) • Associate Engineer – Positive Train Control (Multiple Openings) • Security Specialist To apply, please go to the MTA Employment Portal at: https://lnkd.in/dEi3UAM and click on Metro-North Railroad. To search for posting check out the following link: MTA.info/employment (Search Under Metro-North Railroad).
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    Wow, The Mack is still running Strong? Its been over 10 years since I was in town. Thanks for the Information. Tom Tisano JR.
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    SFD has Truck 1 which is a Seagrave Tower Ladder and Truck 2 which is a Sutphen Tower. T45 in Belltown is a Mack Tower Ladder. Springdale used to run a Snorkel as T56 but that has been gone for years. For the real history buffs SFD used to have a Snorkel assigned as Truck 4 but that has not been a front line company for many years and the current reserve Truck 4 is not a Snorkel.
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    Here we are again, facing layoffs in the City of Newburgh FD. TWELVE firemen are on the chopping block this time around. That amounts to (1) less fireman on each piece of apparatus on each tour. Anybody who has operated on a fire ground knows how detrimental that is. It angers me to see this happening yet again. I'm angry because several of the firemen facing layoffs are my friends. What makes me more angry is that the City has done little to nothing to prevent this from happening. This should not have come as a surprise. Steps should have been taken in an attempt to avoid these layoffs at all costs. That did not happen. Ive said it before and I'll say it again. Hats off to these gentlemen, all of the NFD. They are some of the most aggressive firemen I have ever seen work and have had the pleasure of working with them. I truly hope for a miracle to keep these men on the job. They deserve it, their fellow members deserve it and the City deserves the proper protection. Once again, Senator Sean Patrick Maloney has impressed me. This man has continuously had the backs of the NFD and its members. He has faught for them before and continues to do so today. Let's hope he can help once again. Link to Times Herald Record video of news conference at NFD. http://www.recordonline.com/news/20180201/maloney-newburgh-has-to-answer-for-firefighter-layoffs Link to the Mid Hudson News; https://midhudsonnews.com/News/2018/February/01/Nb_FF_layoffs-01Feb18.htm
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    Best of luck to the NFD. Happy to see the politicians are speaking up. If my math is correct, that's 25% of the staff on the floor! I'd assume they'd keep 3 at the sub-station and then drop to 3 on the HQ engine, 2 on the ladder, plus the Assistant Chief. Totally unacceptable. Before looking it up, I figured a city of 28K in 5 square miles would be running 3 or 4 engines and would have about 17 or 18 per shift. How are they going to cover a CITY with 9 guys?
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    SFD has 5 fully staffed firehouses in what had been the Stamford Fire District (basically from LI Sound north to Bulls Head and Greenwich to Darien West to East). These stations house U-4 (on duty Deputy i.e. Shift Commander) Engines 1,2,3,4 & 5, Trucks 1 (TL), 2 & 3(Ladders) and Rescue 1. Each unit is staffed with four. Additionally SFD has Engine 6 in Glenbrook, Engine 7 in Springdale and Engines 8 & 9 in Turn of River (1 in each TRFD station) also staffed by four. As for the VFDs, the resources excluding personnel are as follows Glenbook -2 Engines, 1 Ladder 1 support unit Belltown - 2 Engines, 1 Tower Ladder, 1 medium duty Rescue Springdale - 2 Engines, 1 Suppprt unit TRFD - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Rescue, 1 Tanker Long Ridge - 2 Engines, 1 Pumper/Tanker, 1 light duty Rescue. 1 Tanker (2 career personnel on duty 24/7, FM on duty M-F 8-4) As far as responses go, to the best of my recollection the City is dispatched to ALL calls citywide with an Engine (or other unit if no Engine is available) dispatched to life threatening medical calls and a full box assignment for fire calls (which I believe is 3E's, 1T &1R with a 4th E dispatched with traffic, upgraded to code 3 response as FAST if confirmed WF) For calls in the VFD districts that VFD will also be dispatched. VFD responses vary from nonexistant to 100% which is why SFD is dispatched to all calls. Hope this is what you were looking for Merry Christmas
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    Coming in late to this, but I always thought that the difference (other than a branding difference) was that a ladder tower had a fully useable ladder with a bucket on the end. A Tower Ladder only had the escape ladder that is only used in the rare case where you can't get the bucket lowered and the emergency hydraulics are not working. I am not even sure if this has ever happened. As for the county only recognizing ladder and tower ladder, isn't that a bit like saying we will consider all engines as hose wagons, we don't care if they have pumps or not? A telesquirt is most definitely a type of engine but a snorkel is it's own thing with some unique features that might be nice to know about, instead of having to remember which number truck is a snorkel.
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    Definitely twin steer. I would venture a real good guess that the "shower" system is referring to underbody sprinklers and all around sprinklers to be able to drive over hot materials?
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    Date: 02/14/18 Time: 2043hrs Location: Jackson Ave & Presentation Way District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD, New Windsor EMS/ALS, NWPD, Medevac Writer: BFD1054 Description: MVA w/Fire & ejection 2053hrs-Services dispatched for the MVA with fire. Crews arrived to find the vehicle fully involved and a patient in traumatic arrest. Patient flown by Medevac to Westchester Medical Center.
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    Date: 02/12/18 Time: 0615hrs Location: 5 San Giacomo Dr. c/s Union Ave. District: Vails Gate/Town of New Windsor Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD Car-1, Car-3 (IC), E478, T482, E481, T484, E479, City of Newburgh Car-4, E1 (FAST), 36-14, NWEMS, NWPD. Cornwall T402 and Salisbury Mills E560 on s/b at VGFD station-1. Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a private dwelling 0615hrs-VGFD alerted for the possible structure fire, 5 San Giacomo Dr. 0617hrs-VGFD Car-1 stating that PD is on scene advising active fire, requesting City of Newburgh FAST to the scene. 0620hrs-VGFD Car-3 on scene, establishing command with a 2-story wood frame single family dwelling with fire in the attic. 0622hrs-Command requesting his stand by companies be dispatched. - OC911 alerting Cornwall and Salisbury Mills; Cornwall Truck and Salisbury Mills Engine to stand-by Vails Gate Station-1. 0632hrs-OC911 conducting a status check. Command advising fire is knocked down, crews opening up, releasing City of Newburgh FAST. 0642hrs-OC911 conducting a status check. Command advising fire is under control, crews awaiting the fire investigators. Units available from the scene, stand by companies can be released.
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    LOVE THE THREAD NECROMANCY! I suppose that Tower Ladders, Ladder Towers, Snorkels & Brontos could all be classified as aerial platforms. I think Greenwich used to call Tower 1 Platform 1 when they first got it. Now the real confusion is that Bronto & Snorkel could also be called articulated booms (I seem to remember that from many years ago). Also Snorkel, Telesquirt & I think Squrt are all now brands of Smeal.
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    Ossining FD has taken delivery of a 2017 KME Severe Service pumper. The unit, designated as Engine 101, replaces a 1993 E-One Hurricane 1250/750. The Village of Ossining has also approved to accept bids to furnish and deliver a new 22 passenger command vehicle. The new apparatus features (as per KME): • Cummins ISX 500HP Engine • Allison 4000 EVSR Transmission • 1500gpm Hale Q2 Dual Stage Fire Pump • 660 Gallon Water Tank • 25 Gallon Foam Cell • High Side Compartmentation
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    Saturday July 8th For Company 2 ‘s New Rescue & 3 New Ambulances for the Ambulance Corps Off Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/124477627581629/permalink/2020113684684671/ Will get more details as they come along for us
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    She just got refurbed again last year. Here she is in her latest incarnation..sad to say after another 10 12- years, probably her last too
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    Alan, The only Change that I can see on your list is Truck 2 is no longer a ladder. It is a Tower Ladder. This is the sutphen Tower that was originally at Truck 1 before the seagrave.
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    There is no such thing as down the list There are 300 scores of 100 or better They are interviewing candidates in the 100 block, but can hire anyone with a score of 100 Rank means nothing. 100 is 100 they can hire #15 or they can hire #299, so long as they have a score of 100 95 and below have a 0% chance to get a call off of this list, there are far too many 100’s to get through before 95s will be reachable
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    Englewood Cliffs Fire Dept was dispatched for odor of burning electrical in a home on my block this morning EC 9 & EC2 took in the Call I was on the way out but snapped a quick picture The New Engine (EC 1 ) is almost ready to go in service Issue with a dishwasher was the outcome texting with one of the members is good thing : )
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    Here’s a few more pictures of Ambulance 2006 riding as 232 At the ER this afternoon This is the First ever Transport Unit Featuring Chevrons on the rear of the box Also features reflective striping along top & bottom of the box Quite the departure from the old look !!!
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    These cars are not for routine patrol. They are not assigned as precinct sector cars. Most are assigned to Traffic Enforcement and many are operated by Traffic Agents. They are assigned to precincts, but are primarily used for summons duty and traffic enforcement. They are not used to answer emergency calls, transport prisoners or complainants, or any normal patrol function. They are utilized in limited patrol settings, such as parks and boardwalks where traditional RMP's may encounter difficulties. They are replacing the three-wheeled scooters. These vehicles have the following advantages over a three-wheeled scooter: real heat, A/C, better seating for operator and the ability to seat more than one person, more storage, am/fm radio, seatbelts, airbag, side-impact protection, require no mcy license to drive, ...and I am sure a few other benefits. oh, and they cost about $2,500 less than a three-wheeled scooter.
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    If you own a telesquirt (I do not know if there are any left in Westchester), you can have it identified as an engine of ladder (particularly if you don't have one). There were 4 snorkels (Bedford Hills, Mt Vernon, Scarsdale & Verplanck) I believe all have been replaced with tower ladders (verplanck's is articulating). Now I have mixed thoughts on the "quint" designation. If you actually run it as a true quint (with proper staffing to be a quint [min. of 6]) it would be nice to know it. That being said I don't believe anyone in Westchester is really running a quint. They are running an understaffed engine with an aerial or a ladder with not enough hose/water to work as an engine.