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  1. Date: 12.3.11 Time: ~1900hours Location: 557 Frequency: 155.1072 (Dispatch), 155.1225 (Command), 155.8275 (Scene 5), 154.3475 (Ops Repeater), 158.400 (Fireground) Units Operating: New Hartford, Barkhamsted, Pleasant Valley, Nepaug, Riverton, Pine Meadow, New Winsted Weather Conditions: 30 Degrees, Dark Description Of Incident: Caller stated that he started a fire in the chimney and then proceeded to witness flames shooting up the outside of the chimney. Reporters: 51Pride Writer: 51Pride 1908hrs - Unit on scene with heavy smoke from a 2.5 story wood structure. 1909hrs - New Hartford Car 2 O.S. 1910hrs - New Hartford Engine 2 O.S. 1913hrs - New Hartford Command - Requesting CLP and nearest water source. LCD advises CLP notified at time of dispatch and gave location of nearest water source. 1914hrs - New Hartford Rescue 6 E.R. 1915hrs - Pleasant Valley Engine 1 E.R. 1918hrs - Riverton Tanker 4 O.S. 1919hrs - Pine Meadow Engine 1 O.S. 1919hrs - New Hartford Rescue 6 O.S. 1922hrs - New Winsted to the scene for R.I.T. Operations 1923hrs - Pleasant Valley Engine 1 O.S.
  2. Date: 10.12.2011 Time: 2338hrs - 0146hrs. Location: 21 Old Post Road #1, X-Streets: Winchell Mountain Road and Flood Lane. Frequency: Dispatch, Response, Command 3, FG 13 En Route, FG 14 On Scene Units Operating: Millerton: 51-11, 51-31, 51-14, 51-51, 51-72. NDP: 70. Lakeville: 30, 400. Sharon: Tower 1. Weather Conditions: 50's, Rain. Description Of Incident: Structure fire in a trailer with renovations and additions. Electrical fire that spread to the attic of the original structure, and then into the crawl space for the addition. Fire was K/O with minimal damage beyond a 10 foot radius from the origin point in an electrical panel. Reporters: 51Pride Writer: 51Pride
  3. We use the M40 Multi-Gas Detector. Meters 02, LEL, H2S, and CO, this came on recommendation from Mount Vernon. Great meter, easy to calibrate, have not had an issue yet. Comes with a multitude of clips for almost any application. Rugged and easy to use. Price is in the ~$700-$800 range. Well worth it, we budgeted for a second one next year.
  4. Not totally on topic, but in the scope, interesting read... Linky
  5. From what I am told the ladder is quite the beast, the decking around the turntable is quite thick and the outriggers span out quite a bit. But either way congrats to the Jakes in Mount Vernon!
  6. You never know where these people are working on their plans, our area is as we know very accessibly to the greater city area and the city itself so like aforementioned keep this in the back of your head for now guys.
  7. Date:09.06.11 Time: 2338hrs Location: 36 Debra Court. X Street: Haviland Road Frequency: Dispatch, Response, Command 3 Units Operating: Roosevelt Stations 3, 2, 1, Mobile Life with an ALS Unit, Fairview, Hyde Park, Staatsburg, Pleasant Valley Weather Conditions: Rain, Upper 50's Description Of Incident: Reported Trailer Fire in the Haviland Trailer Park, original dispatch stated possible persons still inside the trailer. Reporters: Writer: FiftyOnePride 2338hrs: First Dispatch, Persons Possibly Still Inside 2341hrs: Mobile Life with an ALS unit to assist 2342hrs: Possible transmission that all persons are accounted for (Did not copy identifier on progress report). 2345hrs: Second Alarm of Fire - Fairview One Engine Under M.A., Hyde Park One Engine .M.A., Staatsburg 64-12 to relocated to Station 3, Pleasant Valley 56-11to relocate to Station 2 2352hrs: Fire K.D., equipment coming in can hold. 2356hrs: 2nd Dispatch for Pleasant Valley 56-11 to relocate. Engine is driver awaiting a crew. 0001hrs: Dutchess County Fire Investigation Division to Respond 0005hrs: Command Requesting Fire Inspector to the Scene 0017hrs: Second Dispatch for FID.
  8. Thank you to everyone for your answers, I wanted to get an idea of what everyone else was doing. I see that there is quite a diverse set of solutions to this, and I like that everyone is doing hands on. Thanks again everyone, you have helped me in what I needed to accomplish.
  9. I am interested in hearing a few different things, so let us dive in.. How are you training Forcible Entry? If you are using a prop, how did you come about it? If you made it how easy was it to make? How are you backing up the how you force with why you are forcing as such? If you are not using a prop, how are you effectively communicating the skills without the hands on? Mimicking the force used on doors around the firehouse? Movies? Etc. I am curious to see what methodology TO's are using to teach this skill which I think sometimes goes by the wayside in companies not frequently utilizing it, and naturally in those that do it every day. Thanks for all of your responses and discussion before this gets started, and please post pictures if you have them!
  10. From what I understand on FE the bottles integrate with existing harnesses. I am curious to see what matches up to what but that is what I read on FE. I just priced 4.5 bottles at way less than 1k a piece.
  11. Lower profile, lighter weight, just as safe? Count me in.
  12. We stripped all struts, air bags, and cribbing from the rescues of Millerton, Amenia, Wassaic, and Stanford. We had Millbrook en route but realized we were in a good point before they arrived. Pallets were a small part of the cribbing at first due to the lack of anything else. They did wind up playing a small roll however.
  13. Felt in parts of Millerton, mainly along the business district in a straight line. No damage but we were a rockin'.
  14. Thank you Seth for posting about the anti-negativity campaign. I am going to refrain from commenting on what has transpired on this thread since the last time I was one to read it because Mark went against his better judgment to post these pictures on here so we could talk about a unique scenario (thanks Mark), and someone had to mount the QB chair this fine Monday to pick apart PT issues. The Medics and EMS personnel on scene have enough crust on their EMS gear for me to trust whatever treatment they executed, and that is the bottom line. The pictures give no one enough basis for any claims otherwise. I want to again thank those who were there or involved in any way shape or form, a late thanks to the Medivac crew who was on standby for a portion of the call. And a big thank you to those who have contributed positively and constructively to this thread.
  15. Of course, they are the unsung helpers in a lot of cases.