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  1. Both. He's able to carry bottles in this also while out on road,without having to get the big truck.
  2. Exactly. What a shame they let our 88-year old FH fall apart. It was built to last, but......you have to maintain it!
  3. I heard since Ferrara was trying to crank out FDNYs rearmounts, they pushed us back in line.
  4. It has something to do with fitting the largest motor in the truck. The TL cab is wider to accommodate the biggest motor in it.
  5. Yup, fatal accident under the thruway overpass of CPA.
  6. We did not have the Foam Unit then (pic is from around 1995). All the foam cans used off the rigs, then FDNY was called in for foam. Our Master Stream Foam equipment was purchased after this incident, and used about a week later on the gasoline tanker crash/fire on CPA by Thruway.
  7. Yes. Looked like that when we pulled up, this is the first minutes. The building has been vacant since a job in 2008 in it.
  8. The ALF not for snow? Why?
  9. It's a second piece assigned to MSU. (Ex-Safety Battalion rig). The bigger truck still responds to the jobs.
  10. Elliot & Post
  11. It's the yellow one on the right. L-73.
  12. This job happened as another multiple alarm was going on in the city. Companies not usually due on that box became first due. I recall DC Ed Dunn made a grab of a little girl from an apt. Lt. EK (Good boss! My first Lt.) and FF CO with the woman, in window is JP, now Capt. Of R-1.