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  1. Question for all of you. Say someone is an EMT in NY and they want to be an EMT in CT do they have to take the national registry exam or a CT EMT course or does the NY EMT card transfer over to CT
  2. sending thoughts and prayers and a speedy recovery for Sam Lubin and his family as well as his friends and coworkers over at OVAC!
  3. anyone know who is hosting the Westchester County Fire Convention Parade this year
  4. May 30th Pleasantville Parade
  5. you can always refresh with IVAC they have a good program and you only have to go to the classes and labs you need to refresh on...also some of the classes are also on online as well. There is a good group of instructors and a very friendly atmosphere also there is no need to part of an agency or if not with any of the agencies here in westchester you can still join the class. I believe the class in New Ro also has a refresher program and they are pretty good to at least that is what I have heard.
  6. IVAC has open registration http://www.irvingtonems.com/p/fall-2012-emt-programs.html And north salem VAC is hosting an EMT-B class as well http://nsvac.org/emt-bclass/
  7. Hey everyone! Just thought I would start a list of EMT-B here and around the Hudson Vally for anyone who is looking to refresh or looking for an EMT-B class. http://www.irvingtonems.com/p/fall-2012-emt-programs.html%C2'>
  8. RIP...Sending thoughts and prayers to Trooper Riley family, friends and the NYS Police.
  9. What kind of experience paid or volunteer experience
  10. Good Job Guys!!!
  11. Thank you to all FD, PDs and VACs that were there on that night. I know it was not an easy call and to all the neighborhood fire departments that went on standby in Elmsford thank you as well! And thoughts and prayers to the family.
  12. I have a little over a year of experience
  13. does anyone know if any of the VACs around here in Westchester are hiring or would I have to email the VACs or which VACs have paid staff. I already know Dobbs Ferry has paid staff but which other have paid EMT-B?
  14. Hey Everyone! I am currently looking for an EMT-B job around the westchester area and I was wondering if any of you knew if any of the agencies around here are looking to hire anyone? you can either PM or reply back to this thread. Thanks again guys!