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FDIC 2017 - What's Going To Happen?

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Anyone going to FDIC? I was really hoping to but it's too late now. The date just came up so fast. Oh, well,  maybe next year I hope


Are you looking forward to a seminar? What about manufacturers new product introductions? Any predictions?



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OK, some of my predictions based on what I've read across other sites:


-REV Group acquires another manufacturer (Possibly Marion?)

-Pierce Introduces several new configurations for the Ascendant Aerial

-We find  out more about Spartan ERV and Smeal, and what product lines will be affected

-Rosenbauer Avenger positive feedback

-Scott Safety introduces innovative or a bunch of innovative items

-Sutphen 100' Rear Mount with no tank or pump

-E-One new cab option?

-Ferrara brings it's first tiller from Ashburn VA to display




If anyone from here goes please report back!  Wish I was going to report myself, but maybe next year.

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Apparently, there will be a Mexico-based fire truck manufacturer displaying this year. I've never heard of them until seeing the ad in Fire Engineering this evening.



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Here's a sneak peak of appartus being moved in....




I'm jealous of those attending! I want the Miami-Dade wrecker!

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I was out at Pierce this past week and several new version of the Ascendant were getting ready for the trip to Indy. The only one that I saw up close was a tandem version of the 107' that has become so popular. The truck is very similar to the single, but with a more traditional body found on the present 105' ladders. Essentially, you are increasing body and ground ladder storage and also improving weight distribution and braking.


I was told that there is also supposed to be tractor-drawn version somewhere in production or perhaps will make an appearance at the show (I did not see it anywhere on the line).


Outside of the Ascendant configurations, they should have their usual run of equipment on display inside the Lucas dome and also a separate Contender section. 


I'll try and attach a picture of the tandem Ascendant.









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A few others that were getting ready on the blue floor or in production (not sure if they will be at the show).


Jersey City Enforcer:

IMG_0250 2.jpg

Miami City FD (Assigned to Dive Team, has additional storage in cab for dive equipment):


West Metro Fire District in Minnesota (interesting paint and line-x coverings):


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