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Highland Falls Cop fired after arresting the village mayor

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CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING COP FIRING: A decision to "let go" of Highland Falls Probationary Officer Hal DesJardines Tuesday is sparking controversy in the small village.

DeJardines, who was hired last year, told News12 Wednesday village officials claim he didn't pass the probationary period.

The officer issued 3 tickets to Mayor Patrick Flynn in February for allegedly driving with a suspended license. The tickets were thrown out in court last week.


Mayor Flynn says the decision to terminate DesJardines has nothing to do with their interaction, but rather "multiple complaints" about his conduct.

DeJardines is also a part-time officer with the Villages of Washingtonville and Cornwall-on-Hudson, and is a volunteer fireman in Salisbury Mills.

Highland Falls PBA thanked DesJardines Wednesday for his exemplary service, saying by statement he served without disciplinary action and received multiple awards during his time with the department.

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Uhm, the headline says the Mayor was arrested, but there's nothing about it in your post. 


Why were the tickets thrown out?

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Unless that Probationary Police Officer made an illegal arrest and there has been other previously, earlier documented violations for this probationary police officer, I think he has every right to get his job back and all back pay and benefits he is entitled to.


As for the mayor and it's citizens, if that is the case they should be very proud of a police officer who was hired to protect and serve within their town, regardless who who it is.


Sorry Mr Mayor, but the same rules apply to you as we'll as everybody else. You should commend this officer for doing such a good job. Mr Mayor, "you should lead by example as well".

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Apparently the officer knew the Mayor had a suspended licence.  He was working in the adjoining Village and thought he saw him driving the ambulance.  He subsequently wrote out the tickets and served them.  The mayor said he wasn't driving it that day and the ambulance crew backed him up.  Maybe they listened to the dispatch tapes?  

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The mayor says he wasn't driving it "THAT DAY". How long has it been since the mayor DID drive it ? How long has his license been suspended ? 


Doesn't really carry weight for this time but maybe he has been known to drive it in the PAST without a license. 


Where was the mayor sitting according to the other witnesses ?


Maybe the officer is telling the truth and those other two witnesses are not. 


If I get pulled over for speeding and the occupants in my car say I was NOT speeding, does a court listen to their story or that police officers story ? Am I innocent because my four or five buddies in the car say I am ?

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