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  2. Number crunching for the past day - 4 new followers and 1 unfollower. Stats via https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

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  5. RT @funder: Do me a favor: Retweet this so America learns the entire Trump family's done business in Russia. #TrumpRussia uncovered by @pa…

  6. @jeffweiner Seeking to go national.

  7. Number crunching for the past day - 4 new followers and NO unfollowers. Stats via https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

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  9. Date: 06/20/17 Time: 1630hrs Location: Temple Hill Rd & George Green Dr District: Vails Gate/Town of New Windsor Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Clear/warm Units: NWEMS/ALS, NWPD, VGFD, Air-2 Writer: BFD1054 Description: MVA/Pedestrian Struck 1630hrs-Units dispatched for the reported pedestrian struck, victim reportedly under the vehicle. Patient removed by EMS and PD VGFD re-directed to set up the LZ. Link to Mid Hudson News article; http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2017/June/21/NW_car_bike_acci-21Jun17.htm
  10. https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/ferrara-fire-apparatus-inc-01a53c4c/photographer-0787904b?mid=8690&source=cpc-adzuna-test20
  11. RT @WorIdStarLaugh: But Josh, Drake invited you to his wedding https://t.co/ElH91MWmSC

  12. RT @TheDemCoalition: The courts are working, but we need Congress to push back on @RealDonaldTrump's bigoted #MuslimBan https://t.co/0LbZvR…

  13. I just published my website with Vistaprint Digital! Let me know what you think: https://t.co/tGioxRB6Uq @vistaprintweb

  14. I'm a mechanic - no way in hell I could do my job without my tools!

  15. Yes I received a letter last week from Mamaroneck... it was my second letter from them. The first letter had a lower salary back in February then the second one I received last week.
  16. Has anyone else received a canvas letter from the town of mamaroneck?
  17. 3 people followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/6lG2Wt8vlp

  18. And if he really was great, he wouldn't have to tell everyone how great he is, because greatness takes care of itse… https://t.co/YUZOeI3uTm

  19. 2 daily unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

  20. It's funny, some VFDs are better "staffed" and more adequately covered when they are OUT of town...
  21. Anyone interested, message me
  22. City of Newburgh put on additional staff and apparatus over the weekend. I would assume partially because they were on automatic response to some border departments, and they have been burned in the past with locals not being able to crew on Spring Break Weekend.
  23. @UNTHSC @JamesAJenkins1 could use your help.

  24. Date: 06/18/17 Time: 0635hrs Location: 16 Bivona Ln District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD Car-1 (IC), C2, C3, E479, E481, E478, City of Newburgh (FAST), NWEMS, NWPD, NWFI Stand-by: Salisbury Mills (Engine) @ VGFD Station-1 Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a mobile home Link to VGFD FB page with pictures https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560475897673540&id=240851959635937
  25. Stats for the day have arrived. 1 new follower and NO unfollowers :) via https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu.

  26. RT @pharris830: For those trolls who never seem to know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. https://t.co/FrUyEIBlFr

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  28. It has been my experience that many departments, well at least the proactive ones, leave personnel behind to staff the firehouse when attending parades or other times a good number of members will be out of town. In fact in some cases staffing actually increases at these times as those left behind are committed to responding or better yet staffing the firehouse. Now if only VFDs would get on the bandwagon and staff their firehouses regularly the instances of inadequate responses could be dramatically reduced.
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