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  2. RT @BigAlDell: My dear American friends, as Trump continues to rant about Canada (now about us smuggling American shoes), please know we be…

  3. Number crunching for the past day - 1 new follower and NO unfollowers. Stats via https://t.co/SfDCNNVHZd

  4. Yesterday
  5. Anyone wonder, maybe, just maybe its things like this that give the fire service a bad reputation? A guy in a dinosaur suit, people wearing street clothes riding on the hose-bed and millions of dollars worth of equipment miles from their districts sitting in the roadway spraying water from their tanks (effectively taking that rig out of service if they needed to respond back to their district). Not to mention the engine lobbing water through power lines with their deck gun toward the end of this video.
  6. Looked like a good time was had by all
  7. I just published my website with Vistaprint Digital! Let me know what you think: https://t.co/tGioxRB6Uq @vistaprintweb

  8. Last week
  9. RT @tedlieu: This lie is the last straw. I join @KamalaHarris in calling on Secretary Nielsen to resign. It's not just that @SecNielsen has…

  10. RT @SenKamalaHarris: It's time for Secretary Nielsen to resign. The government should be in the business of keeping families together, not…

  11. I just published my website with Vistaprint Digital! Let me know what you think: https://t.co/tGioxRB6Uq @vistaprintweb

  12. Breakfast with my son on Father’s Day @ IHOP https://t.co/sdEvuSkmBn

  13. RT @Amy_Siskind: FACTS: *Obama and other fmr presidents DID NOT separate migrant children from parents. Trump is the first. *most are comin…

  14. RT @activist360: Why is Paul Manafort so reluctant to flip on criminal con-man Trump? Vladimir Putin is a dictator. Vladimir Putin kills p…

  15. RT @SPOTNEWSonIG: “Shoot All The Goddamn Niggers!” #ChicagoScanner https://t.co/JddBgOKDKE

  16. https://t.co/g0sS5Vynbv

  17. @MKBHD @JamesAJenkins1 Great LG 2 Review following now. https://t.co/yCxdmFxmi4

  18. RT @RanttMedia: Abroad, Trump embraced autocratic human rights violator Kim Jong-un At home, Trump takes immigrant kids from their parents…

  19. 2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/6lG2Wt8vlp

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  21. RT @funder: If Cohen flipped, Trump’s reign is over. And he knows it. Be prepared for madness.

  22. @MeghanMcCain My respect and love for your father cross party lines. He is a good man that demands respect due to h… https://t.co/wSRbitFWrT

  23. @wordpressdotcom email whangcommunicationproduction@gmail.com Wordpress Whang Communication Production. Unable to… https://t.co/CzCDVkvFTG

  24. Kearny NJ took delivery of a Pierce XT Mid Mount Tower (Ladder Tower 2 ) & An XT Top Mount Pumper (Engine 3 ) This past Friday Cliffside Park Engine 5 should be delivered in 2 weeks
  25. RT @Libertea2012: GOP strategist Steve Schmidt pummels ‘delusional Trump media’ for ‘sycophantic panting’ over Kim Jong-un lovefest https:/…

  26. RT @IrondequoitPD: These are the most recent LODDs involving law enforcement. Please take a moment to say a prayer for each of these Office…

  27. Unsure of the year but here’s Paramedic Unit 94 A Ford F 350 4wd extended cab With Space Cap Pod This color scheme is a throw back to the late 80’s
  28. RT @ConcordMAFire: A huge shout out to Herman and Bodie who were paddle boarding on Walden Pond today- they recognized an adult swimmer in…

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