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  2. Not trying to sound like a d**k, but either; Remove the lights and get over it, leave them in and don't use them or become an officer in a VAC/FD that will allow you to use them. It's hard enough to get people to pull over for marked emergency vehicles (i.e. Police cars, fire apparatus, ambulances). I'm aware that other states allow the use of RLS. In some areas, I could see the benefits. However, in the metro NY area, not so much. I'm sure you spent lots of money on your lights and equipment. Perhaps you could sell them to try and recoup some of your money? Either way, best of luck to you and happy holidays.
  3. Englewood Cliffs Engine 1 has been delivered
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  5. Check the laws, they may say “display” a red light. Well, just read the law. It says affixed. So, if you wish to be compliant, you should take them out. The likelihood of getting an ambulance corps to certify your vehicle to what amounts to a fly car is low.
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  8. Date:12/12/17 Time:23:47 Location:400 Broad Ave C/o Woodland & Hillside District: Leonia Fire Dept Battalion: Channel:154.355 153.445 Weather: cloudy Units:Leonia Volunteer Fire Dept Fort Lee Co#3 Ladder 1 (Fast). Englewood Engine 1 Englewood Hospital Als 211 BLS 233 Tour Commander 295 Writer: vodoly Description: At approximately 23:47 hours Bergen County Communications Dispatched The Leonia Fire Dept (Dept 29) for a Reported structural fire at The Cvs 400 Board Ave 29-8 (Deputy Chief) arrived on scene & Comfirmed a Garbage Can fire extending to the overhang of the building 29 Engine 1 called in responding & was ordered to hit hydrant & lay in Command then requested an All Hands (retone & Fast Team Plus Extra Engine )Fort Lee Com Center then dispatched Ladder 1 Out Of Fort Lee & Engine 1 From Englewood Fire Dept 29-Ladder 1 was Then Ordered To The Roof & to open. Up area over fire 29-9 (Dept Chief ) assumed Command at this point unit’s Used 2 Lines To Totally extinguish the Fire & Check For extension unit’s on scene approximately 2 hours
  9. RT @peterdaou: Easy to tweet, but the hard work (and the biggest thank you) goes to the people on the ground in #Alabama, especially the VO…

  10. Just leave the state of NY...best thing i've ever done
  11. RT @funder: I’m so tired of Donald Trump. He’s pure evil.

  12. New day, new tweets, new stats. 2 followers, 0 unfollowers. Via good old https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

  13. My week on Twitter

  14. please let me know what you think!!!!!!!
  15. RT @AynRandPaulRyan: "The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead; the zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feating o…

  16. lenses? been a while since you can do that lol everything is colored led with white lenses @soboss34
  17. Change the lenses to green or blue.
  18. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  19. Number crunching for the past day - 1 new follower and NO unfollowers. Stats via https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

  20. thanks after it was done and i stopped to take a good look at it. i was in tears. i think it turned out great
  21. Date: 12/11/17 Time: 1443hrs Location: 327 Old Forge Hill Rd. District: Vails Gate/Town of New Windsor Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD (C1 is IC), New Windsor (Engine), 36-13 Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire 1443hrs-Vails Gate dispatched for the reported structure fire. 1444hrs-OC911 alerting 36-13 and New Windsor; New Windsor (1) Engine AMA to the scene in Vails Gate. 1448hrs-Car-1 advising small fire on the #2 floor of a 2-story OMD, searching for the source. 1453hrs-Command advising OC911 main body of fire is k/d, checking for extension, New Windsor Engine to re-locate VG Station-1. Link to 1stResponder News; http://www.1strespondernews.com/webpages/news/displaynews.aspx?ID=ff513a8f-eb3a-4b37-94b2-b571802fb7c1
  22. i use to do ems out of state and had red lights in my car because that’s what was allowed, now i don’t wanna have them all taken out nor do i want to get in trouble for having them so i’m looking to get back into ems in the state so just looking to see if any agencies allow it around the island @somebuffyguy
  23. Can anyone explain to me what this fascination is with red lights? Why would someone join any agency, exclusively for red lights?
  24. RT @jakoberlin: Uh oh, @realDonaldTrump thinks he’s playing golf again. https://t.co/wknUCvtUQ1

  25. 1 tweep followed (thank you!) and nobody unfollowed me in the past day. Thank you https://t.co/s4a8Vkumn2.

  26. RT @barstoolsports: "Eh, just lineup wherever. Refs are calling a pretty loose one today" https://t.co/n6yrYOY3iH

  27. Any ambulance corps can do it, you just have to find a corps that has officers that are willing to consider your vehicle an official agency fly car and tell the state so. On the flip side though, that means you are responsible for meeting all state requirements to, such as what equipment you carry, markings on your vehicle, having your vehicle inspected at any time by state EMS to make sure you are compliant with requirements, etc. I don't know of anyone besides Hatzolah who allows members, other than chief officers, to run red lights in their personal vehicles
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