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  2. 1958 Oshkosh W-Series All-Wheel Drive. Probably had a Hercules motor. The trucks were some of the most popular, toughest beasts ever built, workhorses in the mid-1900's, and often worked for decades in multiple different heavy duty type uses, building and maintaining this country. They were worked until they were dead, picked for parts, or rotted away. Very few remain. I think this may have been a project by former DPW Commissioner Bud Nicoletti. I know he drove it in a few parades. I'd love to see photos of the Yonkers trucks or any of these model and era of trucks that served the municipalities of Westchester.
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  4. @x152 thanks for the scoop and photos! Much appreciated. All very cool rigs! It's going to be interesting to see how the Ascendant line is developed more. I really like that Jersey City Enforcer, and that Ascendant seems to be set up nicely. Miami looks very traditional and classy, and that blacked out ladder truck is very unique and sharp.
  5. North Hudson Tower 6 75 footer FDJC Ex Tower Ladder 6 95 footer(unsure who did body on it)
  6. Its a 75' Scope on a Simon-Duplex Chassis and with Saulsbury body. 2/3 companies no longer exist.
  7. Date: 04/24/17 Time: 1618hrs Location: IAO 559 Rock Cut Rd. c/s Kings Hill Rd. District: Orange Lake/Town of Newburgh Battalion: Channel: Weather: Units: OLFD Car-1, R329, 36-13, Plattekill (Rescue), TofNEMS, TofNPD Writer: BFD1054 Description: Head-on MVA w/Entrapment 1618hrs-OC911 alerting Orange Lake for the reported head-on MVA w/entrapment. 1621hrs-OC911 advising OLFD Car-1 that a Medevac has been placed on stand-by as per protocol. 1622hrs-OC911 advising PD on scene confirming entrapment in both vehicles. 1623hrs-OLFD R329 responding. 1626hrs-OLFD Car-1 requesting a 2nd Rescue to the scene. (Special requesting Plattekill) 1628hrs-36-13 en-route. R329 on scene. 1632hrs-36-13 on scene. 1636hrs-Plattekill units responding. - Winona Lake to cover all calls in Orange Lakes district. 1639hrs-36-13 advising OC911 that they can stand down the Medevac per EMS. 1648hrs-As per 36-13, extrication complete on vehicle 1, extrication still in progress on vehicle 2.
  8. North Hudson Tower 6 is Seacaucus Ex Tower 2 Jersey City had a 1994 simon duplex 95 foot scope that was pretty much a lemon
  9. Seth - Is this an OSHKOSH Chassis? If so, yes, this is indeed a CLASSIC that the City of White Plains should keep as part of their DPW History (Gee, I remember those 1960's Yonkers DPW Grey OSHKOSH Plow and Sanitation Trucks) God willing, this truck will not end up in a scrapyard getting chopped up.
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  11. What a crime that White Plains (NY) DPW is selling this! It's in great condition, and doesn't require much attention aside from being garaged and routine maintenance from what I understand. A great public relations tool that should have been held on to! The opportunity to own this piece of history is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I hope it's not because no one took pride or care if it. Now, this very well may end up at Brookfield being torn apart for scrap. http://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/10621/item/1958-oshkosh-severe-duty-dump-truck-wplow-frame-and-rear-hitch-64724
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  13. I didn't know North Hudson had a Scope. Did they pick up a used one from somewhere recently? Would not surprise me to see Glen Rock do it. The current one is unique in itself.....not too many out there on a Simon-Duplex chassis. Getting back to Harrison for a moment, it may also be that they want to become an all-Seagrave house, and at the moment, I believe the tower is the only "big" rig in there that isn't one, currently.
  14. Speaking of witch a few candidates for re chassis Glen Rock in bergen county & North Hudson In Hudson County both fixing for Pierce rechassis In my opinion
  15. I don't know if this is a fact, or just one of those things that people accept as such after hearing it repeated so many times, but it's my understanding that Seagrave will not build an Aerialscope on another manufacturer's chassis. So, if you want a 'Scope, you need to buy a Seagrave. If you want a 'Scope on a different chassis, you need to find an existing one and have it refurbed and remounted. But, of course, you are then talking about having non-authentic parts and equipment on it, as well as the lack of factory trained technicians who may or may not be familiar with that type of boom working on it. But, a good number of departments around the Northeast have gone that route and seem to be happy with the results.
  16. RT @CauseWereGuys: They think it's a baby cow

  17. 1 amazing follower in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

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  19. A few others that were getting ready on the blue floor or in production (not sure if they will be at the show). Jersey City Enforcer: Miami City FD (Assigned to Dive Team, has additional storage in cab for dive equipment): West Metro Fire District in Minnesota (interesting paint and line-x coverings):
  20. Seth, I was out at Pierce this past week and several new version of the Ascendant were getting ready for the trip to Indy. The only one that I saw up close was a tandem version of the 107' that has become so popular. The truck is very similar to the single, but with a more traditional body found on the present 105' ladders. Essentially, you are increasing body and ground ladder storage and also improving weight distribution and braking. I was told that there is also supposed to be tractor-drawn version somewhere in production or perhaps will make an appearance at the show (I did not see it anywhere on the line). Outside of the Ascendant configurations, they should have their usual run of equipment on display inside the Lucas dome and also a separate Contender section. I'll try and attach a picture of the tandem Ascendant.
  21. Here's a sneak peak of appartus being moved in.... http://www.fireapparatusmagazine.com/articles/fdic/2017/04/fdic-2017-move-in-part-2.html I'm jealous of those attending! I want the Miami-Dade wrecker!
  22. Sign the petition to Congress: Demand #WallStreet banks pay their fair share of taxes. https://t.co/xjP1zzkzK5.?source=twitter& #TaxDay

  23. If i'm correct WCPD has a marine unit in the sound shore area. If they don't they really should
  24. I Was Wrong Croton Wetdown Its The 10 Th Not The 6 Th Sorry My Bad
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  26. Played and won two rugby games today... more importantly I pet like 10 dogs

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