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  2. If the Port Chester firefighters committed these offenses they are WRONG. Calling in a false alarm, spitting on an individual should not be tolerated. As frustrated as those Port Chester Firefighters might have been, this kind of activity just can't be done. If these charges are correct, "it is an embarrassment to all career firefighters, no matter where they are from". When a firefighter commits a wrong doing, it is a reflection on all other firefighters. Have the individual firefighters who committed such offense been named and singled out ? Are there witnesses willing to come forward with facts ? Are there photos or videos of such action ? On the contrary, I think there is an audio of Chief Quinn suggesting members break windows at the home of a career firefighter union official. Two Wrongs don't make a Right. The Fire Service is probably the only place were there has been more hatred among those who are expected to help each other than perhaps a victim towards a their criminal. Really very sad when you think about it. As a volunteer firefighter in one town serving with career firefighters, we got along great. Then as a career firefighter serving in another town with volunteer firefighters it has been decades of hating each other. Two totally different worlds only about 75 miles apart.
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  4. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/investigations/2017/05/24/port-chester-volunteers-claimed-harassment-after-paid-staff-laid-off/337248001/
  5. Deputy Thanks DC Firefighters for Saving His Life After Suffering Heart Attack During Hockey Game By: Fox DC Staff May 23, 2017 Nice job by the DCFD Hockey Team.
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  7. Photocopying of Military ID Cards and CAC Cards Prohibited https://t.co/Pv8oa1JCMY

  8. New day, new tweets, new stats. 1 follower, 0 unfollowers. Via good old https://t.co/s4a8VkcLvu

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  10. Because he never knew sacrifice and squeezing pennies. https://t.co/Nxn0ubfdtp

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  12. RT @funder: This anti-Trump bumper sticker/license plate combo is double winning-I can't handle all this winning #TrumpLeaks https://t.co/a…

  13. Date: 05-23-2017 Time: Around 0030 hrs Location: Dock Hill Rd x Strom King Ave District: Strom King Engine Co. 2 (Cornwall-on-Hudson FD) Battalion: OC 4th Batt. Channel: Weather: Clear Units: Cornwall-on-Hudson Police, Newburgh City Police, New Windsor Police, Cornwall Town Police, COVAC , New Windsor Medic, Strom King Engine Co. 2 (COHFD) Writer: ace84 Description: Police Pursuit that proceeded through the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. Vehicle Rolled over in the area on Dock Hill Road. Pursuit reported to be started in the City of Newburgh.
  14. "Aaron Judge is only good for his bat" Okkk https://t.co/vdVgR9BkAO

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  16. NEW HEMPSTEAD - Brothers Yosef and David Silber are among the younger crop of volunteers ensuring Spring Hill Ambulance continues its mission for another 50 years. Link to the Journal News article; http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/05/20/spring-hill-ambulance-50-years/322759001/ Congrats Spring Hill EMS and here's to another 50 years! Side note; I was involved in an accident on the Palisades Parkway many years ago. Thankfully I had minor injuries, but was transported as a precaution. Spring Hill EMS was dispatched and couldn't be more professional and courteous. Ironically, I'm 95% sure that the current president, Brandon Smith (from the article), was the EMT who treated me.
  17. First, it's nice to see someone return to their roots and help the people of his/her hometown. It's definitely a heartwarming story. More importantly, this is not just someone who lucked out and got the job. This is someone who cares not only for the city that employs him, but the firefighters that he commands. Commissioner Thiel seems like someone that we should pay attention to for guidance and ideas.
  18. The value saved falls back on the effectiveness of larger crew sizes. NIST published their findings in 2010 that 3 FF crews completed tasks 25% faster than 2 FF crews, and 4 FF crews were 30% faster. Adding moire firefighters to the assignment means tasks are being done faster, safer, and more efficiently; So it makes sense that there is going to be more savings from damage/loss.
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  20. RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: This is awesome https://t.co/vZZ5KHgz5J

  21. RT @peterdaou: Are Republicans seriously crowing about selling billions worth of arms to Saudi Arabia and cutting health care for sick Amer…

  22. Or using the same information you can deduce that one Truck company can add almost as much vale as two Engine companies, just saying.... [8]Department A has 36 employees; three 3 person engines and one 4 person truck while department B 18 employees; three 2 person engines.
  23. @IronmanMann WOW God Bless.

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  25. FULL STORY: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2017/05/19/an-outsider-wins-fans-in-his-first-year-as-philadelphia-fire-commissioner/
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  29. OK, this is NOT directly AMR related, but goes with SageVigiles post: I JUST came home from DC, having ridden a bicycle 320 miles there from Poughkeepsie with the Muddy Angels EMS memorial bike ride. My brother lives there and is a huge scanner buff. Here is what is driving me crazy: DC arrives and updates the job as minor/BLS/no life threat and has AMR sent. AMR then drives full-on lights and sirens to a call where it has been determined that there is nothing major going on. Why are EMT's of any service driving lights/sirens to rush to the scene of a confirmed NON-EMERGENCY? I can guess that DC doesn't want to hang around and wait, or that AMR wants to have good looking response times. But to endanger themselves and the public for that is BS. Of the 50 EMS folks that the Muddy Angels rode for this year, 12, or about 24% died in MVA's. This is NOT against AMR, but against the shot-callers who set this up. Probably NOT an AMR decision, but a dead EMT is a dead EMT. More lights and sirens driving= more dead EMT's.
  30. http://nypost.com/2017/05/21/jetblue-honors-nypds-heroes-with-painted-plane/
  31. So far AMR has been fairly successful down in DC. Right now, DCFD is responding to all medicals. After the initial assessment, if it is determined to be a low priority call, then AMR is dispatched to take the patient. Not exactly the most efficient system, but DC is just dipping its feet into the use of private EMS, so I think this is a measured approach until AMR gains the city leadership's trust. The general consensus from DCFD members I've talked to is that AMR is doing a pretty good job freeing DCFD up for actual emergencies.
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