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  2. Oradell, NJ- ordering Pierce Enforcer to replace Engine 24. Low hose bed, side ladder rack, 10" raise roof, 500gwt.
  3. 17 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/6lG2Wt8vlp

  4. physical Letters are out.
  5. RT @KamalaHarris: People traveled by plane, train & car to block the repeal of the Affordable Care Act not once, not twice, but three times…

  6. RT @Manta: From @StateFarm- How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Help Protect Your Business & Employees? https://t.co/oC4iaE1GBZ #insu…

  7. Yesterday
  8. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-10-million-grant-support-emergency-services-dispatching-0
  9. A Veteran Owned Business https://t.co/sT1kpGSTQk

  10. Last week
  11. Pres. Obama would be hung out to dry if he even THOUGHT of some of the stuff Trump has gotten away with! https://t.co/KaGqDFCmGK

  12. RT @JohnWDean: Hillary notes why we have a narcissistic incompetent autocratic as president. The 2018 midterm is a chance to control what T…

  13. https://t.co/kxReqhwLfM

  14. Watch @CTNewsAlert's broadcast: barn fire East Windsor no media https://t.co/vkJsktkwMX

  15. RT @BoycottUtah: It is Friday, August 17, 2018. One citizen, I humbly call for the resignation of Donald J Trump as President of the United…

  16. New VA hospital cost almost $2 billion https://t.co/AMDBHPlbRl via @nbcnews

  17. RT @CTNewsAlert: EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: https://t.co/iVJ2B5m4FD

  18. RT @mcfw: Anybody? #roc https://t.co/b7WA1evYrQ

  19. Finalist upcoming business Westfair Communication https://t.co/kgjejeRsst

  20. State Police have gone with a new lightbar ditching the Liberty's. Don't know yet if they are using them on the Tahoes 3G24
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  22. Older Veterans, Do You Know About This Benefit? https://t.co/kLnjJqPP4u

  23. RT @JohnKerry: Disgraceful - but nothing will erase for an instant the legacy John McCain has written and is still writing every day. https…

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  25. @WBizCenter Top Ten Upcoming business Hudson Valley Conn. thanks WBC for supporting @JamesAJenkins1… https://t.co/KQNUrDiHbB

  26. @Matthew_NP Not original

  27. RT @rachbarnhart: “The Department takes appropriate & necessary measures to protect dignitaries, including the Mayor of the City of New Yor…

  28. it’s A Rockland County Thing Nice looking Piece & Fun Clip As well
  29. Stats for the day have arrived. 1 new unfollower. Stats via https://t.co/SfDCNNVHZd.

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