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  1. these guys are playing fri night in mamaroneck at molly spillanes give em a try
  2. seth everything thats been added recently improves this site great job
  3. Date: 05-19-09 Time: 1025hrs Location: 96 Courter Ave Description: Electrical fire in the attic of a 2.5-story P/D. Reporter: Truck4 Writer: pvl8 1045hrs- Fire is K/D, (1) firefighter treated for an ankle injury. Date: 5/19/09 Time: 12:45 Location: 92 sterling ave X wakefield Frequency: Units Operating: E-313,E-307,E-311,E-304 L-73 L-74 E-306 Fast batt-2 rescue-1 safety Weather Conditions: sunny 60's Description Of Incident: kitchen fire Reporters: pvl8 Writer:pvl8 12:48 E-313 L-73 10-84 smoke showing 12:50 batt-2 10-84 reports kitchen fire 10-29 all companies working 12:51 batt-2 reports kitchen fire 2 lines stretched 12:58 batt-2 reports fire knocked down checking for extension batt-2 requests car-6 13:00 E-306 requests ambulance, civilian with smoke inhalation 13:02 batt-2 reports fire is out holding E-313 E-307 L-73 L74 all other companies can go 10-8
  4. if you use the red cups and are cool the nypd kind of turns a blind eye. just be cool
  5. one knee already scoped the other one has pain under the cap and will eventually need to be done. also one shoulder had the rotator cuff done the other one hurts worse than the first it sucks getting old!!