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  1. This is costing tax payers a fortune and leaving Upstate NY short on Troopers. Stations are struggling to meet staffing levels and are paying overtime consistently to cover the shifts or Troopers that are patrolling NYC.
  2. INIT915, maybe in your Troop or Zone thats the case, but where in mine we all get bounced around like ping pong balls due to manpower and other issues. I'd love a steady work schedule. Be safe!
  3. The schedule rotates from days to nights, the NYSP does not have a designated or permanent shift policy and all members are required to work days and nights.
  4. Actually Johnstown, NY is in Fulton County, not Montgomery County which is to the south. I thought that old Grumman in Margetville looked familiar.
  5. I would agree that less is more when you are stopped. In the NYSP we have a low power option on our LED light bars or we just use the wig wag option or the rear deck arrow stick. But I work a complaint station and being seen is key when responding to a call and I don't see that happening with an old gumball. But then again maybe Michigan SP does only highway patrol so it may suffice there. But I know that now it is hard to make people see me and that is which a modern light bar and siren combination.
  6. I am a trooper though I work in western nys and don't do much interstate work. But I will say this, more often than not it is the individuals trooper's ego or attitute that causes these sorts of problems. I for one have never argued with a fire service or IC about opening a road back up. I would gladly have the road remain closed until it is safe to re-open. Not to mention I am incredibly appreciative of the rigs and manpower provided by the FD to handle traffic control and scene safety. I have never had a problem with any FD and I have been to thousands of incidents. I guess all I am saying is don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch because we are not all like this hothead.