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  1. Thanks, JBJ. I hadn't seen the article in the Daily News. Seems to be much more informative.
  2. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning saying that the lawyers for the City of New York are going to ask a federal judge for approval to start hiring from the most recent FDNY Exam. It stated that of the ~41,000 people who took the exam, over 8,000 earned a score high enough to be considered for employment. It also gave some numbers as to how many they are planning to hire in the next 3 years. I think it was 2,000- 2,500- 3,800 respectively. I'm sure some of that includes FDNY EMS. To me, 8,000 out of over 40,000 seems like a pretty poor number of people that took to the exam to those who will actually be considered for employment. I guess that is good for those who did score high enough. Has anyone gotten their test results yet? How long after the test is approved do they start calling people to take the CPAT? Thanks for any help, Steve
  3. http://www.cityofstamford.org/controls/eventview.aspx?MODE=SINGLE&ID=436