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  1. While I/we don't know the full particulars, it is hard to believe that the HFD Chief okay'd it. What the H--- was he thinking?
  2. He will probably cite his work as mayor as fulfilling his community service "sentencing".
  3. Great decision Hap, enjoy many years ahead. It was interesting back in the 80's when presenting a pump operator course in the old classroom with you "talking" on the other side of the glass LOL. Good luck to a swell guy/dispatcher. Jack
  4. When I was promoted to Lieutenant, January 1975, my "officer training" consisted of one sentance via the Chief of Department (who shall remain nameless) To Quote: "A good fire officer is not well liked by his men." I did not follow that advise. That was the mentallity back then.
  5. RetiredDC When (or will) the Commissioner and the Chief of Operations stand up and be counted in regard to the unbelievably substandard manning issue affecting FDMV?
  6. A great friend, fire fighter and Mayflower buddy. We miss ya Bob
  7. Why would anyone taking a promotional exam give another competitor a correct answer? In all of the tests that I took, there was no way in Hell that I would help another during the test. Studying with others prior to the test? Yes, but when the chips are down you're on your own.
  8. The fire was arson, started by the ex-boy friend of the first floor tenant. Bernice Kennedy owned the building and lived on the second floor. Bernice and his daughter escaped by jumping out of a second story, rear window. The individual that perished ran into the building and up the stairs to warn Bernice, he was overcome on the landing and died there. We recovered his remains late in the evening of the following day.