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  1. My department does that already. A fire in our first due area the rescue truck's outside team (outside vent, and roof) are now the designated FAST until the mutual aid FAST arrives on the scene. What I am talking about though is setting up my department's mutual aid FAST. Because we get called mutual aid for a FAST all of the time. The way my department does it now is outdated, right now just any interior member can be on the team, which I believe is a horrible idea. If I am the guy trapped I want to know that FAST knows what they are doing, and it's senior members who have a few fires under their belt. Not a FAST full of kids who have a year or 2 in and just completed Firefighter 1
  2. Hey I'm trying to start a real organized department FAST. Anyone have any good ideas? Or would like to share how their department does it? Like riding requirements, good FAST drills, and just overall how they operate as a FAST.
  3. In my department we do not cut the battery cable unless there is significant damage to the vehicle, such as the car being totaled. If there is minor damage, we will just disconnect the battery with a ratchet. No big deal, your helping out the guy who's car it is by not cutting it. We also don't cut the cable in the car until the people who are trapped (if any) are removed. You never know when you'll need to move the power seat, and how much it can assist in your extrication
  4. Being a volunteer firefighter with only 4 years I have been the victim of a lot of ball busting. It is alright to kid around with people. But I feel there is a very fine and thin line between kidding around and just offending people. For example I feel it is alright to joke around with the way a guy might look, dress or act. But it is just wrong once you start offending the person's personal life, and certain things that are out of control. Also busting chops doesn't work on everyone. In firehouses there are unwritten rules that you know who you can mess around with and who you can't. If your a younger guy you really can't bust a senior man's chops, that's for the other senior men to do. Some people can take all the chop busting in the world, and some people can't take any of it. It all depends on what person you come across, or what kind of mood they are in that day