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  1. Class II-98 09/98-11/98 14 Members FDMV Ret LT. Charles Kortlang Director
  2. At the Annual Fire Prevention and Life Safety Educators Conference they had a woman who lost her son in a campus fire, they also had Ed Comeau who is the publisher of Campus Firewatch. They have a lot of info on their site (www.campus-firewatch.com) and are trying to get more colleges involved in making their campuses safer for students. It might be an idea to get the colleges in the area to meet with them and join the fight to promote Fire Safety. A video that was shot at an upstate SUNY school by the OFPC asked College age kids what they knew about fire safety, nearly everyone interviewed said they knew STOP DROP and ROLL....Obviously the message of fire Prevention is not growing with the students past a certain age group!
  3. Article on the Associated press Website from October 2, 2006, which details the findings that the Columbus Children's Hospital in Ohio had while testing 24 children ages 6-12, using these devices.
  4. Hey Jeff Just remember Olivia's cousins are only a click away! She is beautiful...enjoy each moment now, before they start talking back to ya!!
  5. CONGRADS !!!!!!! But what branch of the Public Services will she be? after all Daddy is an EMT, Parking Enforcement officer, and a firefighter..boy what a guy!!!!!!!
  6. If I am not mistaken that rig actually was driven by Ex-PMFD Assistant Chief Warren Lyons in a parade side by side with the VIllage of Mamaronecks tiller when they first got it, hasn't moved since.
  7. So the patient has O2, and the EMT/Medic depending on the flycar personel have done all they can do , what do we tell the patients family when they ask why we are not going anywhere? Or what if no crew is available/or no bus is available and now you must wait for mutual aid Time is ticking!
  8. City Of New Rochelle Division of EMS I think is also scheduling a class for the summer as well.
  9. Congrats to my Cousin and Jeff! ONE WORD.... SLEEP!!!!! Enoy it now, cause your not going to get much for the next few years!!!