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  1. please let me know what you think!!!!!!!
  2. thanks after it was done and i stopped to take a good look at it. i was in tears. i think it turned out great
  3. Ingrown or Deformed Toe Nails or Fingernails Cause and Cure An ingrown or deformed toenail is caused by a fungi infection. Such as athletes feet. This can and will lead to pain also nail spurs that will break off and stay imbedded deep under the skin. Sometimes these spurs are mistaken for bone spurs and should be removed. But will come to surface after the pressure has been removed. How to Treat Feet 1 Container large enough to place both feet into comfortably 1 cup distilled white vinegar 1 cup antibacterial mouthwash - (Normal Colored, the other types can stain feet and you might have some smurffy blue feet for awhile.) 8 Cups warm water (as hot as you can stand it.) Combine all liquids in container place feet inside of liquid and soak for 10 minutes. Use left over liquid for cleaning floors in kitchen and bathrooms also showers and tubs. Flush what is not wanted? Can place in spray bottle and spray clothing, carpets, walls, furniture, and whole bodies. For fingernail infections use same recipe but cut back by half. Bowl or container large enough to soak fingernails in ½ cup white distilled vinegar ½ cup antibacterial mouthwash regular type. 4 cups warm water. Combine as above. For body fungi infection Add to Bath water 1 cup distilled white vinegar 1 cup regular mouthwash Take bath as normal but wash hair first. Soak as long as you would like. For tempering your bodies and to get rid of what sticks on you at fires. About 30 minutes before you bath or shower. Oil your whole body even hair with either one of the following oil types. The body will absorb the oil. You do not have to oil again but if desired than you can. This oiling of the body will also help wash off what sticks and will help temper your bodies to take more intense heat. Mineral oil (also used for constipation) Blended oils like herb and vegetable oil or olive oil (these can be made at home.) Regular vegetable oil or shortening types Baby oil if nothing else. Do not use lotion for this. Lotion has wax in it. Spray oils for cooking. Any oils that you eat or use for cooking is good for this. Or can use essential oils. By placing about 20 drops of essential oils in to vegetable oil or a plane based oil. Essential oils are the purest of the plant and are very strong to strong to use straight. They must be mixed with base oil before use.
  4. News’s Letter Blended oils for personal use, how to make them. Dry herbs are for the winter storage. They are stronger than fresh herbs are. So does not take as much as fresh does. Different parts of the plant is a different strength of the medication. Root’s are the strongest most potent, the steam stands next in strangeness, then the leaves are the weakest. The flowers are a different type of medication. It is the combination of all minerals, vitamins, type of plant, pollution, and everything from the environment that it took to grown that plant old enough to make the flower, the fruit and seeds it produces is the combination of the sex the plant had with another plant to make the children. So keep this in mind when blinding for medical oils. There are several ways to blend oils. I use many different ones. Vegetable oil can be used and for skin absorption I prefer this oil. Because of the blending of the different vegetables to make the oil. 1). Is placing of plant material inside glass jar fill with oil making sure the leave a 2 inch head space in jar for shaking. Use wax paper layer and cap with canning ring and lid or a lid that will fit. Shake daily and keep in cool dark place as oil ages the oil will get stronger. Make sure to shake, strain, and warm before use on skin. I just keep adding oil and herbs in and never stop using the same jar. But jar will leak and oil will create a glued seal. To unseal place in saucepan of water to warm up and it will unseal. But make sure not to cook plant material inside. 2). Place plant material and oil in jar as type 1 above states. Leave lid off and place in pot of water. Lowest heat on stove just warm, warm for awhile the let set to cool on off on off, stir with wooden chop stick or stick or wooden spoon, stir often slowly, seal to store but setting for awhile will make it stronger. Do not cook plant material, just warm it. This is a faster method. For immediate use. For small amounts need at moment. Use method 2 but use sauce pan instead of jar. Strain oil into glass container and use. 3). for this I use a coffee filter. You can use this method to fine filter blended oils to filter out the smaller things. Also use with powdered herbs. With coffee filter and a foot and leg piece cut from panty hose, a large gallon glass jar with lid. Place plant material in coffee filter like wrapping a gift, tie with string place into panty hose leg, can do several pouches of herbs at one time , tie top of sock place in gallon jar, this will keep oil strained for use. Make sure to shake jar at least weekly, but if forgotten just shake before use. Do not use plastic. Make sure all glass and lids are clean at least and sterilize with hot water before use. A list of herbs and the ways they are used and what they are used for can be found on the internet. All Natural Cleaning Solution 1 cup vinegar ¼ cup lemon juice ¼ cup cinnamon vinegar solution cinnamon vinegar solution - (made by cinnamon sticks placed in jar fill jar ½ full of vinegar and ½ full of tap water. Plus 1 tea spoon pickling salt, or sea salt, per quart sized jar) after capping jar let set in cool dark place, shake often, but before use shake and strain. 1/8 cup of a flower type vinegar solution (like lavender, moon flower, honey suckle, any flower type. Make same as cinnamon vinegar solution.) ½ cup pickling salt. 1 gallon water 1/8 cup cheap dish washing liquid or old shampoo, any soap product, but no more Place everything into large pan except dish washing soap, heat and stir until salt has dissolved and is boiling, and turn temperature down to a low simmer. Let simmer covered 30 minutes. But vent, stir often. Allow cooling and add soap mix well. Then use can store in a plastic bottle like the vinegar type. Keep in a cool dry place. Use daily. For counter tops, general kitchen cleaning and surface areas. Will kill mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi, also ants, will eventually get rid of roaches, flees, tic’s, spider’s, mice, rat’s, rodents and insects. Epson salts for plants Epsom salts - A mixture of Epsom salts and water is good for plants. You can also place salts right into the ground then water the plant or tree. When spread across ground the salts helps kill mildew, maggots, tree worms, slug or snails, burn the belly of snakes and is good for the plants to help with the photosynthesis (which is the way a plant digest its food and releases it waist into the air for us to use as oxygen.) also helps the plant to be able to absorbs nutrients into its system and kills some parasites the plant might have. Watering when hot – if having trouble with insects than watering the yard on a very hot day will help kill the insects, steam the area, help to moisten the ground if you water the grass, and get rid of unwanted plants, and help kill germs. Concreted areas like parking lots, roads, etc. you can water it and get rid of unwanted grass and weeds. You can water under a tree in any type of heat. This will not harm the grass or the tree. It will also help cool down the area. Watering in direct sun light in the hot part of the day will steam the plants and they will die from it if this happen to often. Watering compost will help to break it down and return it back to the soil. This will help with the weather changes too. Lime - A bag or lime will help break down waist and meat also plant life to return it back into the soil. Helps keep the smell down and will also enrich the soil. If you want hot peppers to grow good in your garden and to increase the hotness of the pepper than add lime to the garden area that you want to plant the pepper plants at. But do it the year before and water and till in well. Till and water 3 times before you plant. Then you will have fair winning peppers. Lime used around home to get rid of snakes. It burns the belly, but if used leave a spot that does not have lime on the ground so the snake can leave, so after a few days close it up. If a snake like the wild animal it is. Feels trapped it will attack you. Lemon juice - is acidic and is good to help eat up things like food of any type. Helps the body as a neutralizer by neutralizing some of the acid in stomach; It will help cut back the acid in the stomach. Vinegar – also acts like a neutralizer to acid. Help to cut back the amount of acid build up in digestive track and will help the digestive track out by cleaning out the old things left behind., like bacteria, different types of germs, plus more. It also will help keep it stay on track. Vinegar will also turn bone into rubber and also things like eggs to. But it also eats away at the arthritis you get in your body. Arthritis is designed to eat up your bones and cartilage in joints. Vinegar help stop this from happening. Salt – will purify and will help purify the blood to. It also will help dry out extra water held in different parts of the body. Same for the land. Baking soda – will eat away grease when activated by vinegar. Mixing vinegar and baking soda into a past will help dry out things like poison ivy, but will also do a good job cleaning your home, it will absorb odors and also help clean. Sprinkle baking soda on rugs, rub in with broom, spray carpet heavy with vinegar and water mix, to activate the baking soda and cause it to bubble. Use a broom and rub carpet as it bubbles. Let set to dry then with the use of a good vacuum. Vacuum up the baking soda but vacuum well. To remove it all and the odors will go with the baking soda. Maggots – fly larva will only eat dead or decaying flesh. It will not eat on live flesh. In mountain medicine they are use at time. Flies – when grown will eat at open sores and scratches to cause them to bleed. So the fly can drink from your blood supply and also eat at your flesh. When food is at the right stage and a fly has matured enough to be able to lay eggs, they will lay eggs in food to be eaten by the larva after hatching. When the fly is mature enough to do this than they are called blow flies. Leaches – are use to bleed out bad blood. That is when your body has produced too much. But this is from the fact of you being sick. And the blood is not getting a fresh oxygen supply. Because of lack of circulation to the system. Mint – is good for the body and help shrink swelling in the body, is also a good antibiotic but will burn on open wounds. Tooth paste – is good for acne pimples, swollen areas, burses, etc do not use in sensitive areas like around eyes, the mint in the tooth paste will burn your eyes. Washing an area of the skin with tooth paste will kill bacteria and will give a crisp clean feeling of spring to it. Pimple and cyst - are large puss pockets that are held under the skin. With oils and messages you can bring them to surface. If these are left in the skin they will dry out and harden and then the pimple become harder to get, or it will grow and fester under the skin. Then can become cancerous. Cancer – is a puss pocket that was left to fester and the bacteria have started to eat you from the inside out. Staff infection is basically the same thing but eat from the outer skin to the muscles. Also will eat through bone. Staff infection is one of the worst infections ever and the hardest to heal. In the Amazon there is a bacterial infection that if you get it the infection will become live and talk to you while eating up. I think that we have it here to. Beer Bellies and Over weight Causes and Cure. Believe it or not we are all HUMAN Animals and as such we also need to be parasite free. In the same aspect as a dog, cat, horse, etc.. So if you are over weight or have that beer belly you are having a hard time getting rid of than it is a good idea to be dewormed. Just like the animals worms will ball up in the intestines and cause weight increase. Talking to your healthcare physician about a good all around dewormer and a strong antibiotic is a good thing. We all need a good dose once a year. Artificial Breathing Apparatus, With a breathing apparatus moisture becomes trapped inside the breathing mask and air supply hose’s. By breath!! The moisture you exhale each and every time you breathe out. If the mask is not kept clean and the rubber seals are not treated properly. Than a repertory infection will develop and bacteria with grow inside the mask and infect the lung’s and sinuses. To stop this and to help keep personal breathing system in good health! You have to clean mask with a vinegar, mouthwash and water solution. After mask is cleaned in regular manor, with a lightly oiled wipe rag wipe down inside of mask using mineral oil. Allow to dry and use mineral oil to moisten any rubber seals that touch the skin. You can also use other oils for this like calming oils such as chamomile, lavender, cinnamon which is a natural antibiotic, clove which is a natural pain killer and will get help fight parasites in the body, basically any of the natural herb oils that you like the smell of. You can use essential oil’s for this in many different ways. One by placing a few drops in with vinegar mix for spray bottle and then spray down mask with solution and avoid wiping down of mask with a rag. After cleaning? Or you can place a few drops into a large amount of oil for a base for use. Like oiling your body with. They will help with different things. But essential oil’s are pure and they are the strongest concentration of extract from the plant. So you must remember that is like poison to the body if you apply those oil’s directly to the skin. Unless you dilute them first. A very small amount goes a long ways. With the breathing apparatus the air supply hoses must be cleaned and treated for bacterial infection. If you have a cold or even something as simple as allergies and you use the breathing apparatus and it is not properly cleaned and stored than the bacteria left in the mask or air system will give you the same cold or what ever it was back. These apparatus needs to have extra care used for them. Bacterial wash for this is 1 parts vinegar to 1 part regular mouthwash not colored type. To 8 parts water. But this is the cure for athletes feet soak. For nail fungus, foot fungi, mold, mildew cleaning, germ spray. Stuff like that. But soak feet or nails 10 minutes a day in foot soak solution and use left over solution in spray bottle and spray shower bathroom , bathroom floor, carpets. Spray everything even inside of shoes twice a week, bathroom floor and shower daily. Just spray and let dry. This will straighten deformed nails cause natural growth. Do for at least 6 months to 1 year. Can add to bath to help with body bacterial build up. Will help with hair growth; improve health, repertory system, general all around health. Most illness is based from bacteria, mold, and fungi. In homes, showers, public and privet . basically athletes foot!!!!!! Happy firefighters day!!!!!!!!!! We all love you guy’s The Burning Properties of Wood Below is a list of the most common woods for burning, there are more. It is worth remembering that ALL wood will burn better if split. There is an old saying, "before starting a fire - collect the right wood." It is worth learning which wood is best for your fires as it will make life a lot easier. A natural result of tree recognition is to learn the burning properties of their woods Alder: Poor in heat and does not last, Apple: Splendid/ It bums slowly and steadily when dry, with little flame, but good heat. The scent is pleasing. Ash: Best burning wood; has both flame and heat, and will bum when green, though naturally not as well as when dry. Beech: A rival to ash, though not a close one, and only fair when green. If it has a fault, it is apt to shoot embers a long way. Birch: The heat is good but it burns quickly. The smell is pleasant. Cedar: Good when dry. Full of crackle and snap. It gives little flame but much heat, and the scent is beautiful. Cherry: Burns slowly, with good heat. Another wood with the advantage of scent Chestnut. Mediocre. Apt to shoot embers. Small flame and heating power. Douglas Fir. Poor. Little flame and heat. Chestnut: Mediocre. Apt to shoot embers. Small flame and heating power. Douglas Fir: Poor. Little flame or heat. Elder: Mediocre. Very smoky. Quick burner, with not much heat. Elm: Commonly offered for sale. To bum well it needs to be kept for two years. Even then it will smoke. Vary variable fuel. Hazel: Good. Holly: Good, will burn when green, but best when kept a season. Hornbeam: Almost as good as beech. Laburnum: Totally poisonous tree, acrid smoke, taints food and best never used. Larch: Crackly, scented, and fairly good for heat. Laurel: Has brilliant flame. Lime: Poor. Burns with dull flame. Maple: Good. Oak: The novelist's 'blazing fire of oaken logs' is fanciful, Oak is sparse in flame and the smoke is acrid, but dry old oak is excellent for heat, burning slowly and steadily until whole log collapses into cigar-like ash. Pear: A good heat and a good scent. Pine: Bums with a splendid flame, but apt to spit. The resinous Weymouth pine has a lovely scent and a cheerful blue flame. Plane: Burns pleasantly, but is apt to throw sparks if very dry. Plum. Good heat and scent. Plum: Good heat and aromatic. Poplar: Truly awful. Rhododendron: The thick old stems, being very tough, burn well. Robinia (Acacia): Burns slowly, with good heat, but with acrid smoke. Spruce: Burns too quickly and with too many sparks. Sycamore: Burns with a good flame, with moderate heat. Useless green. Thorn: Quite one of the best woods. Burns slowly, with great heat and little smoke. Walnut. Good, so is the scent. Walnut: Good, and so is the scent. Aromatic wood. Willow: Poor. It must be dry to use, and then it burns slowly, with little flame. Apt to spark. Yew: Last but among the best. Burns slowly, with fierce heat, and the scent is pleasant. By Linda Kent/Wells
  5. This is the 100th thank you video i have made. They are all posted to youtube like this one is. the song is beast of burden by the rolling stones I hope you all enjoy this video as much as i have enjoyed making it.... Linda Kent/Wells
  6. Fallen_Angels_FD_Go_Rest_High_On_That_Mountain_By_Vince_Gill.mp4
  7. new thank you video for the firefighters of massachusetts and a requested video for boston massachusetts firefighters. 1Massachusetts_FD_If_Today_Was_Your_Last_By_Nickleback.mp4 Willy_D-Boston_Massachusetts_How_You_Remind_Me_By_Nickleback.mp4
  8. in memory of the duty to service. please pass on my heart felled regrets for the passing of the fallen., i hope this video helps with the memory of the loss. For the firefighters are like the song in this video. and i respect each and every one. thank you California_FD_Like_A_Rock_By_Bob_Seger.mp4
  9. i am up to 83 videos that can be found on youtube these are a thank you for your service in the line of duty. you can find them under the name linda wells on youtube. please leave a commit Thank you NYPD-Redneck_Crazy_By_Tyler_Farr.wmv georgia_unsung_hero_1_seasons_in_the_sun.wmv
  10. i have 83 video's one for each state and each video has a different song for each state. the videos are a thank you for being in service to the people of our country. also to thank everyone for the faithful service you have all performed in the course of your duties. i have the police done and now working on the firefighters. all videos can be found on youtube under the name linda wells. i hope you enjoy these and don't be scared to let me know what you think. Military_Fd_Danger_Zone_By_Kenny_Loggins.mp4 Colorado_FD_Against_The_Wind_by_Bob_Seger.mp4
  11. thanks willy. i just put on my 82 nd video and i am working on one for the military today. they are listed under the linda wells on you tube. so you can see them all. Colorado_FD_Against_The_Wind_by_Bob_Seger.mp4
  12. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.