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  1. Huh? Please explain..
  2. What is the story on this chief who got ran out of north white plains? What happened in north white plains? Fill us in
  3. So the rye brook has their own paid guys during the day and pay someone else to work the night shift??? or are they vollies and they only respond during the day? And the vollies get nights off???
  4. The more and more I read the more confused I am.. then I read the rye brook FD website and I get more confused- "Fire services are provided by the Rye Brook Fire Department which operates 365 days a year from 7 am to 7 pm. These services are supported and supplemented by the Port Chester Fire Department. The Rye Brook Fire Department is under the control and command of the Port Chester Fire Chief." can somone explain exactly how rye brook operates? What FD says they are open 12 hours a day? What FD has no chief? Who is in charge at rye brook FD? Can someone lay out in simple terms and numbers the paid staffing for each dept for both day and night shifts? And any other basic info about staffing and SOPs? like I said the more I read the more confused I get. And the whole $1 million contract and the $800k savings is an entirely different conversation...
  5. any update or pics of the quint in her new home?
  6. stumbled upon this post from a few weeks back on the ahrens fox board- "Hi Gang, The one of a kind Ahrens Fox quint, piston pump and aerial ladder all rolled into one, is for sale. It is stored inside but was stored under a tarp for a while. Interested parties call Bob Sullivan at 845-429-8756. The rig is partially disassembled but is basically complete. People coming east for Lutherville could take a detour and take a look if seriously interested. Contact Bob for more information. Respectfully, Jim Murray" http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ahrensfoxpreservation/message/2197 poked around a little more on the 'fox forum and found this info- someone called the seller and the seller offered an estimate.."His realistic assesmnent, to buy the Fairview quint and restore it yourself would be about $100,000, including repair engine cracks. Get a professional restoration, though, and expect that price to double." http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ahrensfoxpreservation/message/2182