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Ardsley - Working Fire 4-22-17

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Date: 4-22-17
Time: 13:40hrs
Location: 10 Springwood Ave C/S Riverview Ave
District: Ardsley

Battalion: 14

Channel: Fire 14, Fireground 1

Weather:  60F, overcast

Ardsley FD          Ladder 50, Engine 165, Engine 164, Utility 163, Car 2011 (IC), Car 2012, Car 2013

Dobbs Ferry FD   Engine 48, Car 2091, Car 2093 (Relocate Ardsley FD HQ)

Ardsley PD          Car 94

WCDES   Battalion 14, Cause and Origin Team
Writer:  x635

Description: Reported fire on the side of the house


13:41 Car 2011 on scene with flames from the side of the structure, requesting Ardsley be retoned


13:50 Car 2011 reporting all  visible fire knocked down, checking for extension.....gas fireplace with fire outside the flue into the walls


13;55 Battalion 14 reporting 50x40 Type 5 3 story wood frame single family dwelling Relaying IC call for Con Ed gas and electric, and C&O


14:08 Battalion 14 reporting situation under control, units checking for extension and ventilating


14:22 Car 2011 requesting Suez Water for a broken hydrant, unable to turn off



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