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  1. http://nypost.com/2017/05/21/jetblue-honors-nypds-heroes-with-painted-plane/
  2. I don't know if this is a good thing....I hope the quality doesn't suffer like other restaurants ruined by expansion
  3. I just noticed, AMR doesn't have any Paramedics credentialed in Westchester, according to this list: http://remac.westchestergov.com/
  4. The Trooper, Craig Foglia, who was struck is a 14 year veteran who is in critical condition at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, the Level I Trauma Center for the area. His life-threating injuries are going to make for a very difficult recovery. He was sitting in his vehicle during a traffic stop, when a Ford F-150 slammed into him at high speed. The portion of I-86 is described as open with good sight lines, weather was clear. No skid marks from the pickup. The Charger, pictured below, did what it was supposed to do and protected the trooper as best as possible as it appears, and I guess would have been a different story had he been outside of his vehicle at the time. MORE INFORMATION: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2017/05/18/trooper-injured-southern-tier-hospitalized-strong/101831868/
  5. How do they determine who gets laid off?
  6. What a horrible occurrence. Thoughts and prayers are with the girl who was killed, and all those injured. They need to close Times Square area to vehicular traffic, and/or install a system of barriers (like bollards) to reduce the chance of this occurring again. Something like this can happen so easily., and could be even worse. Imagine if he didn't hit that pole and was able to keep going farther.
  7. Interesting story from the city I used to reside in. The city of Round Rock Texas is very progressive and proactive. FULL STORY: http://www.kvue.com/news/local/family-home-turned-into-fire-station/435744706
  8. Breaking now, not much information currently. Prayers. http://www.wkbw.com/news/report-trooper-hit-by-pickup-truck-during-traffic-stop-in-steuben-county
  9. I'm wondering if this foam is actually F-500? F-500 has properties which can help reduce exposure. http://www.hct-world.com/products/chemical-agents/f-500-encapsulator-agent/
  10. According to this article, seven State Troopers have been given layoff notices, and a second rounds of layoffs is imminent, and that will include 4 Lieutenants. They've cancelled the upcoming Trooper class, which was to start in June and have 79 cadets. Despite the fact over 200 Troopers are eligible to retire in the next year. My question is, how can they lay off 2 Sergeants and 5 officers, all with 12-18 years on the job? Do layoffs in CT go by seniority? http://www.wfsb.com/story/35440462/more-state-police-troopers-to-receive-layoff-notices-today
  11. $7 million for a new, modern firehouse? The size or larger of the current station...$7 million is nothing when building a new firehouse of that size. I'm sure that the committee reviewing this will hold out for more money for the firehouse when this is reviewed. This developer will more or less have a very valuable piece of property handed to them, one that will increase the demand and complexity of services provided by FD, and I'm sure they afford much more.
  12. UPDATE: http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/new-rochelle/2017/05/16/new-rochelle-fire-station-proposals/316554001/
  13. Millwood's new rescue is now in service
  14. Those were previously Rural/Metro operations before the merger, now they have been rebranded AMR.
  15. To say the least. They are currently owned by Envision Healthcare, a publicly traded company that recently merged Rural/Metro and AMR. It's been rumored that Envision is contemplating selling AMR. AMR destroyed a lot of the smaller ambulance companies in New England buy buying them up in the late 90's, and became a large operation. However, a few years ago AMR wasn't making a profit in that region, so they pulled out, abandoning many communities they served completely. They've been in the NYC market twice before, one in the late 90's when they tried to buy Empress, Metrocare, Park, CMTI, etc but they all refused. They had NY*Pres transport contract briefly if I remember correctly? Both times they pulled out of the market.. I think that they may have to have an ambulance and do a few calls a month in order to maintain the CON they acquired from Transcare? So maybe this is just a "placeholder". And Mobile Life acquired the other CON, and has talked about expanding into Putnam and Westchester. The new AMR ambulance pictured above reportedly posts at Westchester Medical Center all day, sitting in one of the ER bays. AMR has some good operations in various parts of the county, but this has the potential of being Transcare all over again. Empress EMS = Family owned, very good to their employees, a lot of different choices and opportunities for employees not found with their competition. They reinvest heavily into the business. They don't have to worry about what shareholders think. I hope people help to keep EMS jobs local.