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  1. Here's a sneak peak of appartus being moved in.... http://www.fireapparatusmagazine.com/articles/fdic/2017/04/fdic-2017-move-in-part-2.html I'm jealous of those attending! I want the Miami-Dade wrecker!
  2. Date: 4-22-17 Time: 13:40hrs Location: 10 Springwood Ave C/S Riverview Ave District: Ardsley Battalion: 14 Channel: Fire 14, Fireground 1 Weather: 60F, overcast Units: Ardsley FD Ladder 50, Engine 165, Engine 164, Utility 163, Car 2011 (IC), Car 2012, Car 2013 Dobbs Ferry FD Engine 48, Car 2091, Car 2093 (Relocate Ardsley FD HQ) Ardsley PD Car 94 WCDES Battalion 14, Cause and Origin Team Writer: x635 Description: Reported fire on the side of the house 13:41 Car 2011 on scene with flames from the side of the structure, requesting Ardsley be retoned 13:50 Car 2011 reporting all visible fire knocked down, checking for extension.....gas fireplace with fire outside the flue into the walls 13;55 Battalion 14 reporting 50x40 Type 5 3 story wood frame single family dwelling Relaying IC call for Con Ed gas and electric, and C&O 14:08 Battalion 14 reporting situation under control, units checking for extension and ventilating 14:22 Car 2011 requesting Suez Water for a broken hydrant, unable to turn off
  3. I think the more important thing is....will it carry on Hartsdale's solid all lime green paint job (My preference), or will a solid red paint job win out? I'm told Hartsdale committee members were checking out this rig amongst others at the Long Island show. This truck is owned by Atlantic Hook And Ladder of Port Washington FD. It's a 2016 Spartan ERV 93', the model Hartsdale is going with.
  4. Apparently, there will be a Mexico-based fire truck manufacturer displaying this year. I've never heard of them until seeing the ad in Fire Engineering this evening. http://www.quirogatrucks.com/EN/index_en.html
  5. That's the rumor currently being kicked around. Nothing concrete from a valid source yet.
  6. Last night, a transformer substation caught fire on Oregon Rd in the Lake Mohegan Fire District, and F-500 encapsulator agent was used to quickly extinguish the fire. A little background. In July, 2009, FDNY responded to yet another transformer fire and failed to extinguish it with foam and powder. The HAZMAT team suggested they try F-500 Encapsulator Agent. F-500 EA extinguished the transformer fire in less than two minutes. This led to extensive testing by ConEdison to find a solution for transformer fires. F-500 EA’s unique ability to fight three-dimensional, Class B transformer fires by rapidly cooling the massive metal and encapsulating the burning oil made it the only agent ConEdison recommends for transformer fires. F500 is also used across many types of fire situations. For more on F-500, visit http://www.hct-world.com/products/chemical-agents/f-500-encapsulator-agent/ . AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc is the local distributor of F500. If you want more information, or you'd like to arrange a demo, contact your local AAA Emergency Supply Co Inc sales representative. Westchester County DES Haz Mat members arrived with Utility 177 and the F-500 encapsulating agent, and the fire was quickly extinguished, as shown in the video below. Thanks to Al Sulenski for the video.
  7. A MUST-have for FDNY fans! Anything and everything you need to know about the department!
  8. Date: 4-18-17 Time: 1202hrs Location: 34 Allison Rd C/S Garlen Rd District: Katonah FD Battalion: 16 Channel: Fire 16, Fireground 2 Weather: 60F, clear Units: Katonah FD Engine 115, Engine 116, Tanker 6, Ladder 39, Car 2211 Bedford Hills FD Tower Ladder 57, Utility 6, Tanker 5 Mount Kisco FD Engine 104, Utility 13 (FAST) Goldens Bridge FD Tanker 1, Engine 140 (Dispatched) South Salem FD Tanker 2, Engine 167 Croton Falls FD Tanker 8 Armonk FD Tanker 9 (Relocate Katonah) Somers FD Tanker 16, Engine 183, Rehab Unit Banksville FD Tanker 7 (on standby in their quarters for Armonk) Yorktown FD Engine 272 (Relocate Katonah), Tanker 14 KBHVAC 65-B-1 WEMS 45-M-3, 4514 Bedford PD Car 39 WCDES Battalion 16, Cause and Origin Zone Writer: x635 Description: 60x40 single story wood frame dwelling, heavy fire and smoke from the roof 12:04hrs PD advising working fire, all occupants out 12:05hrs Car 2211 requesting a 10-75 12:09hrs Fill site for tankers being established, South Salem Engine 167 will be the water supply engine 12:23hrs Battalion 16 reporting exterior operations, heavy fire through roof, 3 lines stretched and operating 12:30hrs Battalion 16 reporting partial collapse of structure 12:48hrs Car 2211 reporting main body of fire knocked down, checking numerous hot spots, all hands still working 14:10hrs Car 2211 reporting fire has started to rekindle during overhaul, holding the tankers and the fill site as a precaution