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STAMFORD - MVC w/ wires on truck & pole down

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Date: 07/27/2017
Time: 09:51
Location: 76 PROGRESS DR
District: SFD 3 / SPD 1

Battalion: Westside

Channel: Tac 1

Weather: 73 & Sunny
Units: SPD: 2A32,2C24,1C50,2A30,1E32,1A55,8S1 (Sgt)

          SFD: E1
Writer:  AFS1970

Description: Truck driver reported hitting pole and having wires down on his truck. Additional callers reported pole was down also. Eversource (Power Company) notified for Priority 1 response. E1 arrived and confirmed primary wires down on occupied vehicle but no injuries and driver staying inside. SPD shut down traffic and requested several units for crown control. Eversource arrived and shut power off to wires. 

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