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  1. LOVE THE THREAD NECROMANCY! I suppose that Tower Ladders, Ladder Towers, Snorkels & Brontos could all be classified as aerial platforms. I think Greenwich used to call Tower 1 Platform 1 when they first got it. Now the real confusion is that Bronto & Snorkel could also be called articulated booms (I seem to remember that from many years ago). Also Snorkel, Telesquirt & I think Squrt are all now brands of Smeal.
  2. Date: 02/06/2018 Time: 10:01 Location: Greenwich Ave & South State St District: SFD Battalion: Southend Channel: Tac 1 Weather: 28 & Mostly Cloudy Units: SPD: 11630 (X/D), 2A53, 1A20, 1C19, 1D26, 4A31, 8S1 (Patrol Sergeant), TE1 (Traffic Sergeant) SFD: E2, R1 SEMS: M1 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initially reported by SPD as a medical call with no details. This turned out to be a motor vehicle collision between a cement mixer and a bucket truck that had the boom in the air. Worker in bucket was ejected but was caught by his harness. Prolonged road closure due to investigation by OSHA.
  3. SFD has Truck 1 which is a Seagrave Tower Ladder and Truck 2 which is a Sutphen Tower. T45 in Belltown is a Mack Tower Ladder. Springdale used to run a Snorkel as T56 but that has been gone for years. For the real history buffs SFD used to have a Snorkel assigned as Truck 4 but that has not been a front line company for many years and the current reserve Truck 4 is not a Snorkel.
  4. Date: 01/14/2018 Time: 18:37 Location: 136 Woodside Green (Summer St side) District: Stamford Battalion: Woodside Channel: Ground 1 Weather: 17 & Clear Units: SFD: E5,E1,E9,E2 (RIT),T1,R1,U4 (Deputy Chief) U6 (Safety),U1 (Chief / IC),U11 (Assistant Chief),U122 (Mechanic/MSU),FM103 (C&O),FM101 (C&O) SEMS: M5,M901 (Supervisor) SPD: 2C42,2B24,2B35,1C291,1B14,3D16,4A58,8S2 (Sergeant) Writer: AFS1970 Description: Multiple calls for smoke coming from apartment, unknown if occupied, other residents self evacuating. Callers reported smoke on 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors. R1 declared working fire. U1 confirmed this as a basement fire. Police had to shut down Summer St near Ridgeway Shopping Center due to hose line across street.
  5. Date: 12/31/2017 (New Year's Eve) Time: 19:48 Location: 21 Hazel St (2 1/2 Wood) District: Stamford Battalion: Westside Channel:Ground 1 Weather: 13 & Clear Units: SFD: E3,E2,E5,E1 (RIT), T3,R1,U4 (IC), U1 (Chief), U11 (Asst Chief), E8 (2nd Alarm), U8 (Safety), FM108 (C&O), U7 (Safety), U6 (Safety Chief) SEMS: M3,M1,M901 (Supervisor) SPD: 1A20,1C45,1D26,1B19,8S1 (Sergeant), 8S3 (Sergeant) Writer: AFS1970 Description: 19:49 Initial report of basement fire, visible flames and smoke. 19:50 2nd report of house fire. U1 & U11 responded quickly. 19:51 E3 reports smoke showing on arrival, then transmits WORKING FIRE 19:52 U4 Requests Fire Marshal 19:53 EMS Dispatched (M3) 20:00 Additional Engine (E8) special called (Technical 2nd Alarm). 20:15 First PAR is All Hands Working. C1 ordered the callback of an additional deputy chief (C5) to back fill city wide tour commander. 20:24 Red Cross DART Requested for victim relocation. 20:38 Recall Transmitted, E8 & M1 released, MARC discontinued.
  6. Date: 12/21/2017 Time: 10:59 Location: 65 Victory St District: SFD Battalion: Westside Channel: Ground 1 Weather: 34 & Sunny Units: SFD: E3,E2,E1,E4 (RIT),T3,U4 (IC),U6 (Safety),FM108 (C&O),C1 (Chief),C11 (Asst Chief) SPD: 1C45,1B41,1A20,1D19,2A32,2C52 SEMS: M5 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Multiple calls for fire on 2nd floor of multi family house. PD unit on scene confirmed smoke from back door on 2nd floor. T3 arrived and reported smoke condition. U4 established command and transmitted working fire at 11:06. Recall transmitted at 11:20.
  7. NYPD has almost every kind of vehicle. They use scooters, they hade Cushman trikes for a long time. It is not unusual to see a 15 passenger van being used to transport foot patrol officers. They are very divers and innovative in vehicle deployment.
  8. For scanner listening there are a couple of other things that may help. SFD Chiefs are Car/Unit 1, Car/Unit 2, Car/Unit 11 SFD Duty Deputy Chief is Car/Unit 4 SFD Safety Officers are Car/Unit 6, Car/Unit 7, Car/Unit 8 SFD Fire Marshals are all three digit numbers from 101-112 Long Ridge has a Fire Marshal unit 710 SFD Mechanics are 121-123 VFD officers are three digits units the first number of which matches the apparatus. Glenbrook has cars for chief & assistant Chief. Belltown & Springdale have cars for their chiefs. Most of the time other officers responding are in personal vehicles, but some officers will use these number if they are in a utility. Glenbrook: 311 (Chief), 312 (Asst Chief), 313 (Captain), 314 (Captain), 315 (Lieut), 316 (Lieut), 317 (Lieut) Belltown: 411 (Chief), 412 (Asst Chief), 413 (Captain), 414 (Captain), 415 (Lieut), 416 (Lieut), 418 (Safety) Springdale: 511 (Chief), 512 (Asst Chief), 513 (Captain), 514 (Lieut), 515 (Lieut), 516 (Lieut) Turn of River: 611 (Chief), 612 (Asst Chief), 613 (Captain), 614 (Captain), 615 (Lieut), 616 (Lieut), 617 (Lieut), 618 (Safety), 620 (EMS Off.) Long Ridge: 711 (Chief), 712 (Asst Chief), 713 (Captain), 714 (Lieut), 715 (Lieut), 716 (Lieut) When a VFD station is alerted it is generally up to them what to take. Based on crew & driver availability. So you may hear some occasional odd responses like trucks going on medicals or utilities to car accidents. Also there is a wide disparity in what is called a rescue. R1 & R66 are heavy rescues. R44 is a medium rescue. R77 is a light rescue (with only 2 seats). R54 is really kind of halfway between a utility and a rescue but carries no extrication equipment.
  9. I will try, but I am not the best expert in some of these subjects. Organization largely depends on who you talk to and what source you use. However per the city charger there is one fire department. This despite the fact that there are still six fire departments. Stamford has 1 Chief, 2 Assistant Chiefs (one being selected at least partially by the VFD's and serving as Chief of Volunteers), Then various line and staff officers. There is 1 Deputy Chief on each shift & either a Captain or Lieutenant on every SFD apparatus all of which have 4 man crews. The five existing SFD stations all remain as is, although over the years some redeployments have been made. Station 1 (Central) houses Engine 1 & Truck 1 Station 2 (South End) houses Engine 2, Truck 2 & Haz Mat 1 & 2 Station 3 (West Side) houses Engine 3 & Truck 3, as well as SEMS Medic 1 Station 4 (East Side) houses Engine 4 Station 5 (Woodside) houses Engine 5 & Rescue 1 (formerly at Station 1) The five VFD stations are all still there although with various staffing solutions, currently Belltown is the only fully volunteer station. Long Ridge still has career firefighters who work for the company and are not part of SFD. Glenbrook houses SFD Engine 6 (formerly at Station 1), then Engine 32, Engine 34, Truck 31 & Utility 35 as well as SEMS Medic 2 (Day shift only) Belltown houses Engine 41, Engine 42, Truck 45, Rescue 44 & Utility 40 Springdale houses SFD Engine 7, Engine 52, Rescue 54 & Utility 55 Turn of River Station 1 houses SFD Engine 8, Engine 62, Engine 64, Truck 67, Rescue 66, Tanker 68, Utility 60, Utility 61 & Utility 69 Turn of River Station 2 houses SFD Engine 9, Engine 63 (temporarily relocated to Long Ridge #2) Long Ridge Station 1 houses Engine 71, Engine 73, Rescue 77, Tanker 78 & Utility 75 Long Ridge Station 2 houses Engine 74 (currently using E63) & Engine 72 (Reserve) SFD sends some type of response on the initial alarm in all districts, VFD's can cancel these units if they have staffed & equipped apparatus responding, although I have only heard this done on still alarms. On full boxes it is common to respond with any extra apparatus and wait for someone on scene to adjust incoming response. SFD recently adjusted several responses to better deploy and utilize their rigs, which applies citywide. There are some slight differences in the VFD stations but for the most part the VFD is dispatched along with the standard SFD response for the call type. There seem to be Utilities responding on a lot of calls, but most of those are medicals where the utility can do the same thing as an Engine or Truck. I know that one challenge to getting larger apparatus on the road is driver training. For quite a while in what were the combination houses there was no urgency for volunteers to become drivers because the career members would drive. Ultimately this has proven to be a problem as stations have transitioned to fully staffed SFD rigs as well as irregularly staffed volunteer rigs. There is what can be called a pilot program that so far is only running in Belltown, where volunteers can staff a rig with a full crew and they will be listed as staffed & equipped at the dispatch center and we will dispatch them citywide based on location. This has so far not been extended to any of the other VFD's, although it seems to have proven to be a success in Belltown. I hope this helped. Although it is hard to discuss the current state of any fire department without at least some elements of both the past and the future.
  10. Date: 12/16/2017 Time: 20:58 Location: 33 Grenhart Rd (Between I95 S/B off ramp and on ramps for Exit 6) District: Stamford Battalion: Westside Channel: Ground 1 Weather: Cloudy & 33 Units: SFD: E3,E5,E1,E2 (RIT),T3,R1,U4(IC),U8(Safety),E9(2nd Alarm/Water Supply),U121 (Mechanic), C1 (Chief), FM107 (C&O),FM110 (C&O) SEMS: M1, M901 (Supervisor) SPD: 8S1 (Sergeant),1A20,1B27,2A21,2A32,2B35,2C42,3B22 RELOCATIONS: E6 (From Glenbrook FD to Stamford 1Co), E8 (From Turn of River Station 1 to Stamford 5Co) Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initial calls for smoke coming from a house, multiple calls received while units were en route. E3 arrived on scene and confirmed heavy smoke condition and declared a working fire. U4 special called E9 above the 1st alarm for water supply. C1 arrived on scene and reported fire was in a welding shop with multiple acetylene cylinders involved in the fire. Stamford police blocking streets in area. State Police notified due to proximity to I95. A short time later an automatic alarm in a high rise hotel a few blocks away took more units. A second call giving a different address for the hotel briefly became a third incident and reported smoke on a higher floor. Even when these were confirmed as the same location units were still tied up investigating the odor of smoke which was determined to be from the original fire.
  11. Interesting color choice, was there much debate on the black paint?
  12. Remember that a Thermal Imaging Camera is equivalent to an Oxyacetylene torch in ISO. I seem to remember borrowing a nozzle that was a spare in a nearby department and taking a picture of it on our engines as part of an appeal. We then passed that nozzle around to a couple of other departments before returning it to the shelf it was kept on in a maintenance garage. ISO is the main reason the Navy Nozzle stayed in service (although I like it for other reasons).
  13. I remember a campaign shortly after September 11, to increase the number to 345, to include 2 fire wardens who were recently retied FDNY FF's but as building fire wardens report to the command post and work withing the ICS structure. That campaign did not succeed, and did not include Kieth Roma. I have seen patches that have the state court officer patch on them and others that do not. Sadly this attack was such a tragedy that many inadvertently fail to remember the full scope of it. I don't think there is a concerted effort to not remember anyone.
  14. Generally I agree but I have seen rigs with a list of donors on the doors, I suspect this is much along the same lines.
  15. Why is having specialized departments any better than a regional team? It seems to me that a regional team would be easier to assemble as a given department may only have a few members who take the training. The same factors about ongoing training and travel distance are present with either plan.