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  1. Date: 04/10/2017 Time: 09:54 Location: 2350 Washington Blvd District: SFD 5 (Woodside) Channel: Ground 2 Weather: 57 & Sunny Units: SFD: E5,E1,E3,E9 (RIT), T1,R1,U4 (IC),U7 (Safety), U8 (Safety), U1 (Chief of Dept), U2 (Asst. Chief), U121 (Mechanic) SPD: 8S2 (Sergeant),2C24,1E34,2C26 SEMS: M1, M901 (Supervisor) Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initial report of a kitchen fire in an occupied condo. Police arrived and reported smoke from front door. Police Sergeant went into condo unit and reported flames from stove. SFD Deputy Chief arrived at on scene at 10:01 and declared a working fire. Fire declared under control at 10:08. Police blocking off Washington Blvd (divided road) S/B due to apparatus operating.
  2. I doubt they will, as the public at large will not see it as abuse. If they do it will likely be played for either comedy (to lighten up episodes) or sympathy (a very special episode).
  3. Will it stay down until raised? I am thinking this would lower the hose bed and the pump panel but having to kneel again every time you need something would probably defeat the purpose.
  4. One other factor with this will be the difference between what is requested and what is provided. Sometimes this is understandable and with good reason but there may still be a difference. Does the Secret Service require a FF to monitor the panel? Is NYC assigning 2 to that task on their own? Has any other first family had a dedicated ambulance staged at their door? If NYC decides to do this who should pay the bill? Then factor in any credible threats that may increase coverage. This is certainly a complicated issue.
  5. Yes but Newsday needs to find some way to be critical of Trump, and this is just as good a story as any.
  6. If I remember correctly SWAT (another show with a horrible remake) featured a couple of characters who were vets. That being said, I fail to understand why when remakes are made the original is seen as a problem that needs fixing. I also fail to see why so many shows are remade as comedies when they were not comedies to begin with. Then again, I don't understand remakes at all, I am not a writer but I don't get why nobody seems to be able to write their own story anymore.
  7. My old department had an activity requirement not a time requirement. It seems to have worked well for quite some time, although I am not sure if it is still in place. You got 1 point for each call, drill or meeting. You needed 50 points to stay an active member. The bulk of the department was between 75-100 every year. There were a few heavy hitters with over 200 and a few who struggled to make 50, but all in all it worked. As for recruiting, I have said it before and will say it again. Too many Chiefs give what I call the Psych Out speech. They bemoan the lack of members and then go on to list all the reasons people don't join. I strongly believe this has the effect of making anyone who is trying to decide if they want to volunteer and psyching them out to the point where they just don't bother. How about listing all the reasons people do volunteer, instead. One of the department's in Stamford did a nice piece several years ago, a small card with profiles of 3 members. They picked a local business owner, an electrician working for a construction contractor & a corporate VP of a local company. I don't know how successful it was but it showed a diverse group of volunteers. Then all we have to work out is how to stop chasing new members away, which seems to be the biggest problem.
  8. Nepotism rules like this were put in to prevent conflicts of interest. However too many people run frightened from the potential for lawsuits and often end up making choices based on misconceptions. I don't know the legal structure in Peekskil, but it would seem to me that the issue would be what input the chief has in hiring decisions and then what role he has in supervision and possible discipline with the career staff. Stamford put a fairly restrictive policy in, largely due to one family, but it was mostly political. The odd thing was nobody seemed to care until a supervisor who was about to hire someone realized that his bosses son was next up on a list he had already hired people from. He asked for an opinion from our ethics board on how to make sure he did his interview and hiring correctly. Sadly he never should have asked, as that brought lots of politicians into the mix and we now have a policy.
  9. I had a similar situation once, although I was in the jump seat and not an officer. We were coming back from a run in another district. Just as we were about to cross back into ours someone saw a column of smoke in the distance. It looked like it was in the district we were in and their first due engine was still committed. From the back we pointed it out to our Captain, who said we were not going to respond. When we got back to the station he told us that the fire we saw was in the next town, he was aware of it and they had sufficiant units on scene. While we were all a bit bummed out that we missed a job, I understand the captain and his restraint. We could have called in that we were checking for the location of a fire and as it was not that far over the line we could have made it there and then possibly been put to work. Now one difference with the Scarsdale incident is that we were not even on that town's run cards. Point well taken.
  10. I get that the run cards are a mess. I have seen better and worse. Mutual aid is far too dependant on local rule and especially in this case there should ahve been a provision due to the clsoed station. However when I read this: I have to wonder why there are not more people concerned with the freelancing. We can call it self dispatching or responding of ones own volition but none the less it is freelancing. In many other threads there would be calls for this Captain's head on a stick. In this case it seems that he did the wrong thing for the right reason and it worked out. However self dispatching goes against everything we have worked for with accountability over the years.
  11. Date: 02/17/2017 Time: 17:12 Location: 78 Halloween Blvd District: SFD 4Co Channel: Ground 1 Weather: 38 & Sunny Units: SFD: E4,E2,E1,T1,R1,E3 (RIT), U4 (IC), U8 (Safety), U1 (Chief), FM111 (C&O) SEMS: M3 SPD: 3D47, 3D48, 3A55, 3C43, K9-1 (Sergeant), 8S4 (Sergeant), TE4 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Multiple calls for fire on front of house. E4 arrived and reported smoke condition. U4 arrived and confirmed working fire. Eversource (Power Company) requested to scene. Some police units cleared up quickly once traffic control needs were met.
  12. I think we will see those days again. For a variety of reasons society is much more dependent on EMS than other healthcare options. This has been going on for many years, I remember hearing an insurance agent speak at a union meeting once about what he called questionable E/R visits. This has extended to EMS calls. Which leads to a thinning of resources and thus response delays. Just thinking about how often we and neighboring towns call on each other for EMS resources compared to the relative rarity of exchanging police or fire resources from those same towns paints a picture of what is going on. Although I don't think who manages the department has much effect on it in the long term, I am not in favor of mergers that cross different services. I think EMS would work far better as a separate service but it will still face the same battle that police and fire face when competing for tax dollars.
  13. Peak hours is always going to be a disputed factor. Most of us used some kind of reporting software that can run a report for this. Way back when I was in a VFD one of the career guys did this, figured out what our busiest days were and posted it. He was trying to encourage more volunteers to be in the station on days they were more likely to get calls. Not sure why but we stopped posting the list after a while. At work in Dispatch we used to have a potential drop in manpower at 3AM but that was until they lowered it all the time. This would be the biggest fear of any right thinking union, that management would put more guys on during peaks but at the cost of less guys on during lulls. Then there is the fact of minimum pay. Most city employees in my city get a 4 hour minimum call back. Would the city want to pay this if the peak was less than 4 hours? I think it is an interesting concept to look at staffing this way, but I would be afraid that the same data could be used to cut positions. I have seen two factions in a debate use the same data to make conflicting suggestions before and it never works out well for the rank and file.
  14. This brings up a good question though. At what point does medicine as an intervention trump a chronic condition? Also what happens when doctor's don't agree? From what I read the candidate's doctor says he is OK but the city doctor says he is not. I myself would want a 3rd neutral opinion before risking my life in an inherently dangerous job like firefighting.
  15. Date: 02/13/2017 Time: 14:28 Location: 51 Toms Rd District: BFD Channel: Ground 2 Weather: 35 & partly cloudy Units: BFD: E41,E42,C411 (IC), SFD: E6,E7,E1,T1,R1,U4 (DC) SPD: 8S4 (Sgt.), 8S2 (Sgt.) 1D30, 3D48, 3B33 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initially reported as a tree and wires down in the driveway of middle school just about to release students for the day. E41 arrived to smoke showing from roof, and primaries down in the driveway. Box filled out for smoke condition in school. SPD shutting street down and staging parents in nearby shopping center to wait until clear to pick up students. Eversource (power company) responding priority 2.