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  1. Interesting color choice, was there much debate on the black paint?
  2. Remember that a Thermal Imaging Camera is equivalent to an Oxyacetylene torch in ISO. I seem to remember borrowing a nozzle that was a spare in a nearby department and taking a picture of it on our engines as part of an appeal. We then passed that nozzle around to a couple of other departments before returning it to the shelf it was kept on in a maintenance garage. ISO is the main reason the Navy Nozzle stayed in service (although I like it for other reasons).
  3. I remember a campaign shortly after September 11, to increase the number to 345, to include 2 fire wardens who were recently retied FDNY FF's but as building fire wardens report to the command post and work withing the ICS structure. That campaign did not succeed, and did not include Kieth Roma. I have seen patches that have the state court officer patch on them and others that do not. Sadly this attack was such a tragedy that many inadvertently fail to remember the full scope of it. I don't think there is a concerted effort to not remember anyone.
  4. Generally I agree but I have seen rigs with a list of donors on the doors, I suspect this is much along the same lines.
  5. Why is having specialized departments any better than a regional team? It seems to me that a regional team would be easier to assemble as a given department may only have a few members who take the training. The same factors about ongoing training and travel distance are present with either plan.
  6. Date: 07/27/2017 Time: 09:51 Location: 76 PROGRESS DR District: SFD 3 / SPD 1 Battalion: Westside Channel: Tac 1 Weather: 73 & Sunny Units: SPD: 2A32,2C24,1C50,2A30,1E32,1A55,8S1 (Sgt) SFD: E1 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Truck driver reported hitting pole and having wires down on his truck. Additional callers reported pole was down also. Eversource (Power Company) notified for Priority 1 response. E1 arrived and confirmed primary wires down on occupied vehicle but no injuries and driver staying inside. SPD shut down traffic and requested several units for crown control. Eversource arrived and shut power off to wires.
  7. Date: 07/26/2017 Time: 20:05 (Aproximate) Location: East Branch of Stamford Harbor off Saddle Rock Rd District: SFD 4 Battalion: Eastside Channel: Ground 2 Weather: 69 and Sunny Units: SFD: E4, R1 (Relocating for Fireboat), U4 (IC), E1 (With Zodiac), Marine 236 SEMS: M3, M5 Greenich PD: Marine 139 Darien: Unk Marine Unit Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initial report for boat taking on water, 4 occupants with only 2 life jackets. Units arrived at initial location of Shippan Point and could not see the vessel. Arriving at updated location U4 was able to see vessel was capsized and 4 victims were in the water. U4 called for E1 with the Zodiac. Darien Marine unit arrived as well as a civilian boat responding to the distress call. U4 Greenwich Marine 139 arrived at nearby Marina Shortly. U4 canceled E1 due to multiple boats on scene to assist. ** As I was hearing this on a scanner I was not able to get information on police units responding unless they were mentioned over the fire radio.
  8. Date: 07/21/2017 Time: 19:02 Location: Aproximately 1 mile south-southwest of Shippan Point District: SFD 4 Battalion: Eastside Channel: Tac 1 Weather: 86, Partly cloudy Units: SFD: FB236, E4, E5 (Relocate for fireboat), R1 (Relocate for fireboat), U4 (DC) SPD: 3B28, TE2, 1C54, 8S3 (Sergeant) SEMS: M3 Greenwich PD: Marine 139 Noroton FD: Marine 34 Norwalk PD: Marine Unit (Unit # Unknown) crew called back to staff boat Norwalk FD: Fireboat 238 USCG: Unk Vessel from Eatons Neck Writer: AFS1970 Description: Multiple phone calls from people on a 12 person fishing boat, reporting male & child overboard, no qualified operators on board. Due to language barrier with callers no vessel location other than Connecticut and no vessel name were able to be obtained. GPS/ALI location for 1 caller showed well inland (likely tower) and one showed location in water. Due to this, the call was broadcast to neighboring towns for any available public safety boat to respond. Siren from Noroton Marine 34 was heard over phone, assisting in locating vessel. Stamford Fireboat 236 located boat and found nobody overboard and all subjects accounted for. Vessel was escorted into marina, EMS transported a child with a minor laceration. Coast Guard responded to pier to meet with vessel operator.
  9. The way some cities look at staffing this will not be a problem, because the guy who normally writes the tickets will be too busy pumping to do both.
  10. Date: 07/12/2017 Time: 14:07 Location: 46 Seaside Ave District: SFD 4 (Eastside) Channel: Tac 1 Weather: 87 Hot Humid Units: SFD: E6, E2, E3, T1, R1, E4, U4 (IC), C1 (CoD), C2 (ACoD), U6 (SAFETY), U7 (SAFETY), U8 (SAFETY), FM111 (C&O), E1 (SPECIAL CALLED), U121 (MECH), U122 (MECH), U123 (MECH), U9 (FIELD COMM) SEMS: M2, M5, U91 (REHAB), M901 (SUPERVISOR) SPD: 3B33, 2C291, 3D48, 8S3 (Sgt), K9-1 (K9 Sgt) Writer: AFS1970 Description: Multiple calls for house fire. E6 initially sent as RIT but arrived first and declared working fire. U4 arrived and assumed command, special calling additional engine. M901 called for 2nd ambulance and rehab unit. Eversource (power company) notified also. ** Tac channel being used in place of fire ground channel due to radio reprograming project.
  11. Date: 07/09/2017 Time: 18:39 Location: 58 Stephen St District: SFD 3 (Westside) Channel: Ground 2 Weather: Sunny & Clear Units: SFD: E3, E5, E1, T3, R1, E4 (RIT), U4 (IC), U8 (Safety), E2 (Special Call), C1 (Chief of Department). FM110 (C&O) C2 (Asst. Chief of Department), U123 (Mechanic) SEMS: M3, M901 (Supervisor) SPD: 1C21, 1B14, 1A45, 8S1 (Sergeant) Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initial reports of smoke inside the house. E3 arrived and confirmed the smoke condition. U4 arrived, assumed command and declared working fire. U4 requested Eversource (power company) to respond. U4 special called an additional engine company. Also called was the Red Cross and a Fire Marshal.
  12. I don't know Rye specifically, but I have seen a few departments that either haven't kept up with the times with regards to standards, or have made standards to get a certain candidate that then are way passed what any other candidate has. This is why requirements for office should be real attainable goals, that are reasonable to meet. I have seen two departments that were very progressive for the time setting officer requirements. Then a few y7ears later have nobody who meets the requirements. For a while they had two Captains who were acting Chief & Assistant Chief because of the requirements. Another factor that comes up is when nearby departments enact requirements, they sort of work towards building unofficial standards. This may inadvertently end up applying to a department if they find themselves behind the rest of the region. I would be more worried about a member that has had such a long absence from the active department. My FF1 class was 20 years ago, I am sure much has changed in what is considered basic. There is a fair amount of refresher training that should be required before anyone should let me strap on a white hat.
  13. That sums all of this up in a nutshell!
  14. Thanks for the replies. I have also done some online research and found that few if any departments regulate lights. I can only assume that much is left up to common sense. More and more people I know do not use lights any more. Not sure why. Since the lights are smaller, use less power and are much brighter than they were years ago, I am always surprised more people don't use them. As for on scene, I think that has to be situational. If your POV is actually performing a function of some sort then leave them on, if just parking then turn them off. Funny that without the usual debate only 5 replies compared to over 800 views.
  15. I generally do not like the idea of any markings on a former rig that would make one think it was still in service. That being said I once was part of a discussion about converting an old engine into a tailgating rig for a football team.