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  1. I don't know Rye specifically, but I have seen a few departments that either haven't kept up with the times with regards to standards, or have made standards to get a certain candidate that then are way passed what any other candidate has. This is why requirements for office should be real attainable goals, that are reasonable to meet. I have seen two departments that were very progressive for the time setting officer requirements. Then a few y7ears later have nobody who meets the requirements. For a while they had two Captains who were acting Chief & Assistant Chief because of the requirements. Another factor that comes up is when nearby departments enact requirements, they sort of work towards building unofficial standards. This may inadvertently end up applying to a department if they find themselves behind the rest of the region. I would be more worried about a member that has had such a long absence from the active department. My FF1 class was 20 years ago, I am sure much has changed in what is considered basic. There is a fair amount of refresher training that should be required before anyone should let me strap on a white hat.
  2. That sums all of this up in a nutshell!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have also done some online research and found that few if any departments regulate lights. I can only assume that much is left up to common sense. More and more people I know do not use lights any more. Not sure why. Since the lights are smaller, use less power and are much brighter than they were years ago, I am always surprised more people don't use them. As for on scene, I think that has to be situational. If your POV is actually performing a function of some sort then leave them on, if just parking then turn them off. Funny that without the usual debate only 5 replies compared to over 800 views.
  4. I generally do not like the idea of any markings on a former rig that would make one think it was still in service. That being said I once was part of a discussion about converting an old engine into a tailgating rig for a football team.
  5. Rest in Peace.
  6. Funny thing about that, one of the proposals I am dealing with is that lights be turned off once you arrive at the scene.
  7. But this one will hopefully be a productive one. I am looking for any departments that have internal rules separate from the relevant statutes about display / use of blue lights (or any color for that matter). Looking up the actual laws is a relatively easy matter to deal with, but I am trying to help with a project where some internal rules are being proposed in a department. Never having dealt with this, I am hoping I can find if other departments have thought this was important enough to make a rule about and make sure proposals are reasonable based on whatever consensus I can come up with. Not looking to have a debate on if lights should be allowed, just looking to see how others may have regulated their use.
  8. If I remember correctly the higher ranks in CSP are appointments that serve at the pleasure of the Governor and lack many of the contractual protections the troopers have. I am not sure where the cut offs are or if those Lieutenants can bump Sergeants who will bump Troopers.
  9. I have heard two interpretations of this. One revolves around ownership, i.e. once delivered the vehicle is exempt. The other was about registration type, (here in CT there are many types of plates) This came up once when we considered putting antique plates on a 1949 rig. One police officer said he thought that might mean it was no longer fire apparatus and would require a CDL. So I wonder if apparatus plates on the wrecker = exempt and wrecker plates on the same truck = CDL?
  10. He tried this once before. While I don't like seeing people's lives toyed with, I fear it is all smoke and mirrors. He announced this his first term to scare people. He laid off troopers without regard to seniority due to some junior troopers being hired under grants. Then he had to bring all the troopers back because he violated the contract. Then he was able to blame the unions that endorsed him for all the states woes. Funny from a guy who claimed that raising taxes would balance the budget.
  11. I worked the midnight shift for much of my time volunteering. I actually found it made taking some classes easier. Granted there was a big commitment involved, but I am not sure my working 11-7 then going to class at 8 is any better or worse than a guy who works 9-5 and goes to class at 6. I am also lucky enough to have a very good vacation policy at work where I could take a day at a time or even a half day, as opposed to taking two weeks at a time. This allowed me to attend a lot of good training classes. However it was rough doing a night drill then going into work at 11 tired from drill.
  12. Two things jumped out at me in this article. First it seems to be that these two departments have been functioning as one for some time so this may be a matter of formality to combine. I can see good and bad to this, as it seems to include stretching the career staff pretty thin. However if they are responding into that area already, it might reduce response time depending on their deployment. I think it is a good thing that these departments are starting the talks themselves instead of having them forced upon them by the municipalities and having to start from behind the 8 ball. Second was the idea that this would create 3 organizations. Two VFD's and 1 Career staff (article did not call it an FD) that would all essentially work for the same district. So I am not sure this is really all that much of a consolidation, at least not more of one than they already have. Other than management of the career staff (which might become more complicated) I don't see a big change here. Although much depends on who will be responsible for what, such as apparatus, equipment and stations.
  13. We never had much in the way of formal daytime drills, but in my old station if there were a bunch of members around during the day it was not unusual to hold a drill. We got a lot of pushback on that from members who worked during the day and felt that they were being denied the "right" to drill so those of us around in the day should not do drill reports or get any kind of credit for doing that drill. This was also briefly a problem when we were a combination department and there were occasional drills during the day for the career staff and any available volunteers. There was a certain volunteer element that felt these were somehow being used to avoid our weekly nighttime drills. I am a fan of drilling in any way possible and favor a combination of day and night drills, whenever possible. I applaud that department for figuring out a way around the problems their membership was having.
  14. Date: 05/02/2017 Time: 18:35 Location: 69 Ridgewood Ave District: Springdale / SFD7 Channel: Ground 1 Weather: 70, Partly sunny Units: SFD: E7, E6, E1, T1, R1, U4 (IC), FM110 (C&O) SFCo: C511 (Chief), E52 LRFCo: V713 (Captain) SPD: 4E54 Writer: AFS1970 Description: Initially reported as a structure fire in a house. Long Ridge Captain who was in the area arrived within 3 minutes and reported detached shed fire in rear of house, mostly extinguished and calling for first in engine to stretch a line. E7 arrived shortly thereafter and did so. U4 requested a Fire Marshal to the scene. Police responded and cleared quickly. *** Note SFD is Stamford Fire Department, SFCo is Springdale Fire Company SFD E7 is quartered in the SFCo Station.
  15. He forgot to add that all these towns, villages, cities, districts ect. would not need nearly as many elected officials. That might be a key reason that this will never see a vote.