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  1. Looking to cover westchester area, what's a good handheld scanner with trunking capability? Not looking to spend a mortgage payment on one either.
  2. I just saw on another site about the loss of FF Thomas Orlando - Engine Company 65 on 12/4/08. any details?
  3. Date:10-30-08 Time:0853 Location: 80 Old Post Rd x Main st Frequency: 460.4625 Units Operating: Description Of Incident: Fire in a common garage below a set of Townhouses Writer:Iceemt21 0853hrs ENG 21, 22, TL11, L12, 2302 dispatched for commerical alarm 0856hrs TL11 on location with smoke showing from garage 0858hrs 2302 transmitting 10-75. ENG 24, 23, 30A1, 2301 to scene 0859hrs 2302 requesting PD to respond to shut down main st 0909hrs 2302 reports building material on fire in garage. Making progress. All co. working 0915hrs 2302 places fire under control.
  4. sorry it had to come to that. RIP
  5. Just saw on the 0800hrs news, unconfirmed death of NYPD officer at ESU building in Brooklyn. Anyone have anymore?
  6. Date:8-4-08 Time:0050hrs Location: I-95 North Frequency: 460.4625 Units Operating: ENG 21, 24, Res 4, 2302, 2301, 30A1 Description Of Incident: Car into back of tractor trailer Writer: ICEEMT21 Units dispatched for Car into bak of tractor trailer with possible injuries. 2302 on scene confirming pin. dispatch L13. 30A1 requesting 2nd ambulance. Have 2 patients unknown status at this time 2302 canceling L13 and 30A2. confirmed 2 doa's. All units finally cleared approx 0500hrs
  7. Date:7-25-08 Time:1600hrs Location: I-95 Southbound MM 14.6 Frequency: EMS 15, FIRE 15 Units Operating: Multiple EMS, PCFD Description Of Incident: 1 school bus rear ended another. Multiple paitents with minor injuries. MVA involving bus multiple injuries 2391 reqeusting Utility 66 [department bus] with spare backboards to location. Writer: ICEEMT21, PCFD JR58 EMS Units: Port Chester 3, Harrison 2, Larchmont 1, Mamaroneck 1, White Plains 1, Scarsdale 1, Greenburgh 2, Eastchester 1, New Rochelle 1, Empress BLS 1, Greenwich EMS, WC EMS 12, Greenburgh PD Tech Rescue with MCI trailer 1610hrs Multiple patients with minor injuries. unknown count at this time 1611hrs Approx 23 patients all minor in age 1625hrs Scarsdale VAC on scene. Larchmont transporting 4 to SSMC 1627hrs Eastchester VAC requested 1630hrs Harrison EMS with 2 pts to White Plains. 2nd Harrison EMS enroute to I-95 1632hrs Mamaroneck EMS transporting to Sound Shore. IC requesting additional 2 ambulances 1723hrs EMS 12 reports no further EMS needed at this time 1724hrs Empress transporting 2 to mt mount vernon. Eastchester transporting 2 to Lawrence 1725hrs EMS 12 advising EVAC 57-12 and PCFD U66(bus) transporting 20pts walking to WMC 1729hrs Harrison (2nd trip) transporting 3 to White Plains 1739hrs EMS 12 reports all units will be picking up shortly. All patients have be transported. 61 patients total
  8. Date:6-10-08 Time:1309hrs Location: Rt. 172 ifo Fox Lane High Frequency: Fire 16 Units Operating: BFD R44, MTKFD ENG 106, BATT 16, Bedford PD, Westchester EMS Description Of Incident: MVA with pin Writer: iceemt21 1309hrs Bedford Fire and EMS dispatched to MVA ifo High school 1310hrs 60 Control advising pin. R44 responding. Requesting engine and ambulance from mount kisco (bedford eng 109 o.o.s and eng 110 responding on commerical alarm) ENG 106
  9. Date:6-1-08 Time: 0630hrs Location: Unverisal Studios, backlot First Due: LACoFD FS 51 Departments: LACoFD, LACityFD, W. Covina, Burbank and more Description: Fire in multiple sound stages and warehouses. Writer:ICEEMT21 http://www.latimes.com/news/la-me-studiofi...0,6029230.story CNN news is reporting a mult-alarm fire that broke out this morning during a film shoot. No injuries are reported. Over 200 firefighters working As of 0700pct, they are reporting about 350 ff's at scene. Fire is doubtful
  10. Date: 5-30-08 Time:0805hrs Location: 91st and 1st Frequency: 154.250 Units Operating: Description Of Incident: Box 1191. Major incident Crane collaspe Writer: iceemt21 News 11 reporting crane collaspe with 1 dead. Trying to get further 0840hrs Air Recn has 10min eta 0845hrs Divison 3 reports major damage to structure 0856hrs Div 3 requesting a 95ft tower ladder to 1st and 91st (TL 12 acting 22) Duration is 50mins 0904hrs Div 3 reports primary searches in the damage highrise is complete. Continuing to search construction site. 1victim just removed. 10-37 code 1. (crane operator) Requesting 2 additional trucks (L35 and L2) Duration is 58mins Original collaspe assignment ENG 22, 44, 53 TL13, L43 L25 with Collaspe 1 TL14 is SOC support Batt 10 Res Batt Safety Batt Res 1, 3 w/ collaspe 3 Sq41 TAC 1 Transmittion of 10-60 ENg 39, 91,74,76,58,9 w/Sat 1, 93 w/ Moblie command 2 L16, 26 TL22 as FAST TL7 as SOC support Batt 9, 12,8,11 Divisons 3, 6 Hazmat 1 Sq 1 Field Comm
  11. Its reported to be a Scarsdale motorcycle officer on his way to memorial parade in NR. Bike collided with a SUV. Video of vechile showed a starred windshield.
  12. Date: 5-4-08 Time:1705hrs Location: 5th ave and 60 st Frequency: 154.250 Units Operating: Description Of Incident: southbound "N" train derailed below ground between stations Command post 5 ave and 60st Writer: iceemt21 1735hrs Manhattan is advising Div 3 that transit removed 445 pass. from the N to R train and removed them to 59st station. Uncofirmed at this time. 1738hrs Div 3 rpts that last message is confirmed. no injuries at this time. Transit advising only 1 persons with anxiety. 1741hrs Div 3 wants all train traffic stopped at station where passangers where removed so they can account for all.
  13. Yet another large fire goin in the park. Started around 1700hrs(4/25). going back in with boat and feet
  14. Date:4-25-08 Time:1700hrs Location: Silver Lake Park ( 1 Casarella Way) Frequency: Fire Trunk 19 Units Operating: WHFD, WPFD, HFD, TMFD, RFD, HPD, HEMS Description Of Incident: Large area of brush. Once again trouble getting to. Writer: Iceemt21 1700hrs West Harrison and White Plains FDs dispatched in area for possible brush fire. Harrison PD in area stating have fire again. 1701hrs Car 2501 on scene. Appears another major fire. 1704hrs Car 2501 requesting Harrison and Town of Mam'k boats. 1715hrs County Car 2 responding. 1716hrs 60 Control advising 40mins eta on WCPD helicopter. HPD clearing out park for safety reasons 1719hrs Batt 15 requesting Rye FD with Floating Pump. TMFD reponding. Harrison EMS being requested to stand by 1721hrs Harrison FD enroute 1722hrs Rye FD U49 is responding 1723hrs County Car 2 on scene. HPD sts park is almost clear 1732hrs Harrison FD boat on location 1735hrs TMFD boat, Batt 15 and HEMS on location. 1746hrs Rye U49 on location 1809hrs WCPD Air 3 is lifting off. Will be on scene shortly. 1900hrs Sounds like things are wrapping up. Unknown any further
  15. They had a tough time getting to the fire. was driving around looking for best access by ground, but then went in by boat. At first chief said had about an acre burning. WP Chief just reported 6-10 acres.