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  1. dmc2007 hit the nail on the head. The targeted audience I believe would industrial settings where conventional ambulances aren't sutiable to conditions. Numerous Industrial EMS companies use them in remote parts of Canada wether it be mining, forestry operations but most commonly Oil production site builds. These fiberglass housings are very light weight allowing the truck it's placed in to still have capabilities of a truck I.E. 4x4 at modest cost. Here are a few more pictures by way of a link of a unit manufactured in Canada by Demers Ambulances: http://www.demers-ambulances.com/index.php...p;sectionId=107
  2. While the rear lightbars provide great output, I've got to question either the truck committee/specs or the builder as one of the rear lightbars looks to have been put on wrong ? Take your pic, their both put on with the larger light head in the bar towards the right when I'd hazard a guess to say that they're both suppose to be opposite ? Slick looking truck otherwise> Hope it serves you well.
  3. Seth, These plows/blades are commonly referred to as Underbody/Underbelly blades. If you vision a normal plow on a Single/Tandem Axle dump truck wether it be a straight/reversible/one-way blade; when you round a corner the blade will swing outwards not clearing the path of the most curbside wheels. For this reason we used the Underbelly blades to ensure a even/clean path cleared around corners @ for example yield lanes off four way intersections. These blades weren't to bad also for scrapping down to the pavement as other posters had suggested, but by no means/ways does it compare to the down pressure offered from a wheeled grader. But it was having the Underbelly blades it ensured that the company I worked for got 1st call out on the call-out list by the city due to the job they were capable of doing. Underbody Blades Tommy
  4. foreman1923, Anything further on this request ? Anyone with anything is a help. If the owners of the original pictures submitted could even email me thos it would be beneifical. Desperate, Tommy
  5. Does anyone on this forum have access to more photos and information on this Chiefs car ? We are currently in the process of specing 6 of these for QRV for my Dept. I'm looking for as many pictures of this vehicle as possible and a break down of the vehicle itself when it comes to equipment added ? I.E. Console, Lights, Siren, etc. ? Also I'm curious to know if it is an in house job or external job. If so, who did it ? Thanks, Tommy Please email pics and info to ltwalsh@mts.net
  6. I'd hazard a guess at saying that the Mack/Sutphen (well refer to is a Half Breed) Red Demo is not the same unit/Truck as the Green unit. My reasoning would be based on Compartment handles in different locations, docking lights on one rear wheek well versus other, one unit having a tail board hand rail with spots versus the other. Thats just pointing out a few. There are also a few other ( I've counted atleast 12) things that are different on the exterior. Yes all of these things can be done post purchase, or through refurbishment but based on the years of these units ? Why ? I'm throwing the possibility out there that their are two of the Half Breed prototypes running around America.