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  1. Various news stations are reporting that the fire was possibly sparked by embers from disposed fireplace ashes.
  2. Why is this topic being discussed on EMT Bravo?
  3. What's with the "100% volunteer" lettering? What is the purpose? Should paid departments put "100% paid" on the side of their vehicles?
  4. Cogs, why don't you also volunteer for the sanitation department picking up garbage. You can also volunteer at city hall doing filing for the Mayor. In between that you can volunteer for the police department writing tickets. Then you will be really saving you community a lot of money. As you stated it is your right as per the "Declaration of Independence".
  5. Cogs, if there weren’t volunteers (especially in combodepartments) then there would be more paid Firefighter positions. That would mean that many of theseVolunteers would have a paid FF career that they may be seeking. At your full-time career do people comein and do your job for free? Volunteers are good at soup kitchens and other charitable organizations,but in my opinion volunteers do not help the fire service especially incommunities in this area where people pay high taxes. They should be entitled to a professional response when theycall 911.