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  1. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Was this building sprinklered ? I can't believe a building this large filled with clothing and cardboard would not be. Some of the pics from the PJ show the companies drafting, No hydrants either?
  3. Lets all look at the facts that are stated about this fire, Time of day 4am, location of the fire Kitchen?,location of victim bedroom. Theory Food on the stove, resident wake to heavy smoke condition, over come by co I am in no way a supporter of the volunteer fire service, but this was a tragic event that could have happened in any municipality Im sure the responding agencies did all they could for the fire victim Thanks
  4. This is why the volunteer system does not work in todays times. Structure fire at 11am on a monday morning. I am not saying paid depts put out every fire in a timely manner but I I can promise you we are on scene operating at the 15 min mark. this was reposted from Facebook all names were removed to protect the innocent **Structure Fire** (OOC) Carmel NY, 86 Duke Rd & Dale Rd. Fire in the rear of the residence. LikeShow more reactions Comment 1919 Comments Lake Carmel 1 engine requested Like · Reply · 1 · 32 mins Fire investigation team requested Like · Reply · 1 · 30 mins Carmel, Lake Carmel & Patterson all requesting additional manpower. Putnam Lake M/A Like · Reply · 22 mins · Edited Carmel additional tones, driver needed Like · Reply · 23 mins · Edited FIT requesting additional tones for members Like · Reply · 20 mins Putnam 911 advising all stations there are little to no apparatus on the road ATT, incident is 15+ mins in. Like · Reply · 17 mins · Edited 12-2-1 now responding Like · Reply · 17 mins PCEMS1 now responding Like · Reply · 17 mins 18-2-1 on standby at Carmel firehouse Like · Reply · 10 mins Apparatus are now o/s, status of the fire unknown ATT Like · Reply · 9 mins · Edited
  5. I feel for the volunteers but the company had 61 runs last year. Im sure a dept. like Pittsburgh can pick that up no problem. This will sting for a while but I'm sure its in the towns best interest , they could use the extra cash for law enforcement
  6. Rescue 1 is in service riding out of station 7 on CPA, they respond to all structure fires, smoke in the building ect. On a confirmed working fire 10-29 that is upgraded to a 10-30 Squad 11 is dispatched
  7. Transcare was running in Mahopac tonight at 6 pm
  8. http://www.grainger.com/product/10D950?gclid=CJ6c_tCV68oCFcFZhgodtRECxg&cm_mmc=PPC:GOOGLEPLAA-_-Safety-_-Respiratory-_-10D950&AL!2966!3!50916691197!!!g!82166707557!&ef_id=VfquSgAAAAX@ZHAj:20160209170727:s $5710 scott SCBA at grainger not a discount retailer as we all know Was this the town that I live in that would explain it all
  9. I live in Mahopac and did attend the town hall meeting, I found it informative . The meeting was attended by elected officials and Fire dept member and residents of Mahopac. The residents made up about 10% of the crowd. No change is coming to Mahopac in my opinion. This was the good old boys club at its best. I as a mahopac tax payer am annoyed that the dept as a whole has not offered a apology or explanation how this has happened. Its under investigation, cant talk about it. I feel 1 of the chiefs should write a letter to the local paper (Mahopac News) and explain. If I cashed my paycheck and dropped $5 on the way home from the bank I may not notice ,but if I dropped $500 I'm sure I would notice and the rest of my family also wonder where our money went this week. Before everyone forms their opinion of me let me say I am a paid fire officer and I do not believe the volunteer fire system works so my view is 1 sided, I do know several families that have volunteer firefighters in them and I can say they are stand up men and women who want to serve, but lets look into the latest UL fire studies on how todays fires burn hotter and give off more BTU's early in development and reach flashover quicker. I work in a large dept and we are in the firehouse waiting for a structure fire to come in and we still lose buildings and people. What are you really saving in a rural community with the reflex time it takes to get a piece of apparatuson scene with the needed manpower to start a fire attack. I know whats needed thank god most residents don't
  10. The best and largest fire department in the world just put out a GARBAGE TRUCK FIRE without even having SCBA's on their back, just yesterday! Yes they did they did, but what they did not do is run around it with a couple of hooks and a can, and then have the camera man tell them to use a can. If you want to blow smoke up there ass and call it a good aggressive job go right ahead. they looked like s*** to me from what I seen. Im sure there is more to the video and the fire did go out, but I would like to suggest to all limited manpower or Volley departments the 1st or at least the 2nd rig to man and get out should be a engine. the public expects us to put the fire out no matter what we show up in. I do hear (not see) a 2nd rig pull up in the video, but when the guys come into view on camera more NY hooks lol
  11. http://nycfire.net/forums/index.php
  12. The IC should have called a full alarm response from the city of White Plains. they are the closest fully staffed dept. Put your egos aside and think about the people on the train. This is not a dig at any of the 1st responders that were on scene, but if I was the IC I would want more then less on scene
  13. I was in FLIP school april of 2012, our class was 30 guys 15 upstate and 15 FDNY. Avg age of the upstate guys was 40 FDNY was 30. I did notice that many of the FDNY LTs worked in 1 company for their 10-15 years on the job and have experienced only 1 neighborhood. I cannot say enough about the school, the instructors and the value of everything learned
  14. That kids depth has a good dental and eye glass plan
  15. On the subject Just a little reading material for all intrested http://firefightertoolbox.com/firefighter-ppe-whats-our-weakest-link/