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  1. Here's one study about consolidation of 10 southern Westchester FD's: http://www.larchmontgazette.com/2009WP/2009graphics/firereport.pdf E-911 Center Consolidation Study: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/pdf/efop/efo33158.pdf From: http://www.pace.edu/dyson/research-and-resource-centers/academic-centers-and-institutes/michaelian-institute/michaelian-institute-and-westchester-fire-chi If I'm correct, there are several NYS laws that prevent consolidation. From: http://www.nyslocalgov.org/pdf/Fire_Protection_in_NYS.pdf
  2. All the Parades (and other Fire Dept Events) that I am aware of have already been posted to the Emtbravo.net calendar. A few upcoming Parades: Bedford Hills: Saturday May 18th Pleasantville: Friday May 31st Yorktown: Wednesday June 26th Mamaroneck Tuesday July 2nd Mahopac: Thursday July 11th South Salem: Wednesday August 7th WCVFA (To be held in Rye Brook/Port Chester this year) Sunday September 22nd
  3. The Open Houses are part of RecruitNY (run by FASNY). So far, there are 13 departments in Westchester, 9 departments in Putnam and 3 in Rockland participating Full list: http://www.recruitny.org/opendoors.php
  4. New Rochelle I-95 SB (IAO Exit 16) MVA with Fire and explosions. All Lanes were shut and have now been reopened.
  5. Earlier, Bedford Hills has a large brush fire. Mutual aid from Katonah (Mini Attack) and Mt. Kisco (Engine). Bedford Village Engine relocated to Bedford Hills HQ
  6. Date: 1/15/13 Time: 10:11 District: Katonah Fire District – Hydrant District Location: 23 South Road (X Cottage Pl) Units on Scene: [Katonah FD: 2211, 2213, E115, E116, E117, R17], [Bedford Hills FD: 2031, 2033, E199, TL57], [Mount Kisco FD: 2281, U13 (FAST)], [WCDES: Bat 16, 1405], Bedford Police, NYSEG, Bedford Building Dept. Units on Standby: [Goldens Bridge FD: 2141, E140] Frequency: 46.26, Fire 16, EMS 16 Weather Conditions: 33 Degrees, Mostly Cloudy Reporters: firedude Description: Working structure fire; 1.5 Story wood frame with heavy smoke from the roof, 2 L/S/O 10:11 Katonah dispathed to 23 South Rd for a reported structure fire 10:14 BPD Car 31 on scene with heavy smoke from the roof 10:15 Katonah re-dispatch 10:18 2211 requesting BHFD 1+1 to scene, Bedford hills toned out 10:18 Car 2031 on scene reporting 10-75 10:20 10-75 dispatch, Bedford Hills 1+1 (Already enroute), Mt. Kisco FAST, KBHVAC, Bat 16, 45M3 10:22 Car 2031 reports 40x30 1.5 story wood frame 10:23 Goldens Bridge requested to relocate one engine 10:27 Bat 16 reports 1 L/S/O, 1 backup being stretched, requesting C&O and Utilities 10:28 Goldens Bridge re-dispatch 10:31 Bat 16 reports primaries are negative, fire is darkening down 10:35 Car 2213 reports main body of fire is k/d, checking for extension 10:44 Car 2211 reports fire is under control 11:05 Car 2281 reports Mt Kisco units clear Lohud Article: http://www.lohud.com/article/20130115/NEWS02/301150079/Katonah-house-fire-extinguished?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Frontpage
  7. Thats the Bedford Village fire not the Bedford Hills fire talked about in this thread.
  8. Pound Ridge FD and Lewisboro VAC Map from Westchester GIS (http://giswww.westchestergov.com/gismap/)
  9. Rules and Registration: http://www.huntermtn.com/huntermtn/events-activities/firefighter-races.aspx
  10. Correct, this is FDNY Hazmat's new second piece
  11. Now that the deadline has passed, has there been any changes in dispatching agencies?
  12. Date: 01/04/2013 Time: 06:42 (6:42am) District: Continental Village FD Location: IAO Putnam Road and Strang Lane Units on scene: [Continental Village FD: 2131, E231, E232, R39, MA23], [Garrison FD: 15-1-1, 15-2-2, 15-4-1], [Putnam Valley FD: 24-1-2, 24-2-2, 24-4-1], [Mohegan Lake FD: 2262, E257], [Peekskill FD: R134 (FAST), 39M1], [Buchanan FD: 2551, U12 (Cascade)], [Peekskill EMS: 75B4], [WCDES: Bat 17, C & O Zone 4, 1404], Con Ed, NYSP Frequency: 46.26, Fire 17, EMS 17, Putnam 911, NYSP, FG Weather Conditions: 25 Degrees, Clear Reporters: firedude Description: 2 story wood frame, 1st story fully involved, 2 L/S/O, hydrant IFO house Continental Village FD Article and Photos: http://www.continentalvillagefd.org/apps/public/news/newsView.cfm?News_ID=79 LoHud Article:http://www.lohud.com/article/20130104/NEWS02/301040086/1-found-dead-after-house-fire-Continental-Village?odyssey=mod|breaking|text|Frontpage LoHud Photos: http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=BH&Dato=20130104&Kategori=NEWS&Lopenr=301040101&Ref=PH Peekskill Patch Article (with photos): http://peekskill.patch.com/articles/fatal-fire-in-cortlandt-manor#photo-12806542 Cortlandt Daily Voice: http://cortlandt.dailyvoice.com/news/man-found-dead-cortlandt-house-fire Newsday/News 12 Article (with video): http://newyork.newsday.com/westchester/cortlandt-manor-fire-kills-58-year-old-man-1.4405556?qr=1 Putnam County News and Recorder Article: http://www.pcnr.com/news/2013-01-02/Front_Page/Man_dies_in_Continental_Village_fire.html 06:42 Continental Village dispatched to area of Putnam Road and Strang Lane for a reported structure fire 06:44 Car 2131 responding, single caller who reported flames from the house, unknown house # 06:49 Car 2131 on location reporting working structure fire, requesting Peekskill FAST, 1 Engine from Garrison and 1 Engine from Putnam Valley to scene 06: 51 Peekskill FAST dispatched 06:54 Car 2131 reporting possibly 1 person still inside, requesting Mohegan engine to scene 06:55 Mohegan Lake FD dispatched for 1 engine and Bat 17 to scene 06:59 Peekskill FAST retone 07:01 Buchanan FD Cascade dispatched to scene 07:01 Car 2131 reports 2 story wood frame, 1st story fully involved, exterior operations, 2 L/S/O, requesting Con ed to scene 07:03 Peekskill FAST retone 07:05 E257 inquiring if they need to pick up water source, 2131 requesting pick up hydrant on Strang Lane 07:12 Car 2131 requesting, Buchanan Cascade and tanker from Putnam Valley FD to scene 07:13 Car 2131 requesting C and O to scene, Putnam 911 contacted for tanker, C and O Z4 dispatched 07:20 Car 2131 reports 1 fatal on scene, all mutual aid enroute or on scene 07:28 Cause and Origin Zone 5 dispatched to landline/respond 07:45 Bat 17 reports command Post set up at Putnam X Highland Dr, 60 reports 5 C&O members enroute
  13. Sunnyvale, CA has been doing this for a few years. He's an EMT, a Firefighter, and a Police Officer. Sunnyvale, CA Style. by Department of Photography, on Flickr NOT my photo, common shared through flickr
  14. Full Powers and required training for NYS Peace Officers are in Criminal Procedure Law Article 2 (sections 2.20 & 2.30) Rather than copy the whole law, here's a link: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/LAWSSEAF.cgi?QUERYTYPE=LAWS+&QUERYDATA=@SLCPL0P1TAA2+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=55561855+&TARGET=VIEW Roles and definition of Fire Police is Genral Municipal Law Article 10 (Section 209-c) http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/LAWSSEAF.cgi?QUERYTYPE=LAWS+&QUERYDATA=$$GMU209-C$$@TXGMU0209-C+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=55561855+&TARGET=VIEW