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  1. Mike- Good luck with the new shop! Call me if you need anything. Kevin
  2. Chief BPFD: here is a digital copy of checklist. Distribute freely and edit as needed. If you have any questions, give me a shout. Kevin Weekly FD rig checklist.doc
  3. scheming & dreaming of building a new work truck on the MC/MF Mack chassis

  4. Congratulations Barry- now get back to work!
  5. If your members are authorized to tilt cabs for maintenance/fluid checks, please be sure they do the following: Tilt cab all the wayVerify that the lift lock is in place.
  6. If you have a pinnable waterway and it is not pinned, the waterway can seperate from the aerial. It is way too early to guess about the cause of this tragic accident, but in the interest of increasing awareness to possibly avert another similar tragedy without over reacting, The best way to prevent ending up using equipment that is either damaged or not secured properly, is to do your regular maintenance checklist for the vehicle- check to make sure the waterway is pinned in the mode your department sop dictates-(we would pin it back to allow the aerial to be used for rescue without messing with pins.) Also, check to see if the waterway is dented or showing signs of metal galling on the slider tubes. Look at your stuff, and if you aren't sure how something should be , ask someone in your department who knows. And I will make a prediction- You will see a "waterway not pinned interlock" or warning light indicating the same condition in the not too distant future. I don't know much, but I do know that I am a guy with a shiny red truck who likes to listen to himself type.
  7. Ok, I can't resist..... yes, gas really does go bad. if you leasve it in more than a year without any treatment like stabil it will start to gum up your fuel system. if you have premix gas and oil, I would not keep it more than 6 months. ethanol blend gasoline used in premix will eat fuel line found in older 2 cycle engines if it sits for any period of time. it is best to run them out of gas mix and fog the engine with wd 40
  8. Rest in Peace Brother Lovrien. Heal quickly and completely Brother Guzman. You did your job and made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your selflessness
  9. Event is geared toward fleet management & maintenance. several lighting, equipment and service vendors should be in attendance http://www.westchestergov.com/WEST/FDD.htm
  10. My deepest sympathies to Officer Morelli's Family, Co-workers & Friends for the tragic loss of their loved one. KCE
  11. At the risk of supporting a concept that might very well put my company out of business, I have to go on record as being a supporter of consolidation at a minimum, and a countywide fire district at best. It would provide a standardized,timely response by fully manned units and save boatloads of cash for the taxpayers. Nobody loses. Senior management of existing departments could be eliminated over time through attrition, or through advancement or buyouts.
  12. http://www.foxnews.com/video2/player06.htm...;&new"]A different kind of "Rip off"
  13. Rest in Peace Brother... My thoughts and prayers to Lt. Martinson's family.
  14. Hmmm. Worky work busy bees! I bet with the increases in the number of runs you folks is doing, your trucks could use a nice oil change, pump packing adjustment, coolant analysis, grease job and a brake adjustment/inspection Call me and let not your heart be troubled... Think global, but buy local.
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to all. Now that Christmas week is upon us and your kids are bugging you for things to do, why not throw them into the mini-van along with your visitors from out of town and tour those brilliantly decorated homes and such. If you know where some are located, please post them on this topic. ( no specific addresses please, just give the nearest cross street). Drive carefully! KE