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  1. St. Lukes Roosevelt uses Frazer ambulances I believe. Haven't seen too many of them in the area, and not really sure why... http://www.frazerbilt.com/
  2. Yes, it is the EMStar in PA that bought out Care1. Some of the local staff (and the Care1 name, for now) will remain the same, but all departments (marketing, HR, QA/QI, etc) will be supplemented with management staff from EMStar. On Monday there were 5 EMStar managers at Care1's Fishkill location, and Mr. Zupnik himself has spent a considerable amount of time there this week as well. Google his name and the company. When he and his partner acquired what is now EMStar in PA, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, yet now has grown to do over 100,000 calls a year and is making a profit. This is what these guys do.
  3. That is correct. Care1 now shares with EMStar a management team that staffs 150 trucks daily and runs well over 100,000 calls a year.
  4. So for the past 24+ hours that Care1 has been ALS this thread has been silent! All of these people seemed to "know" so much when this issue started, why is everyone so quiet now?!
  5. So all of you saying "EMS shouldn't be there if the scene is not safe", does that mean that in all these recent incidents of death of FD/EMS responders, that the responders knew the scene wasn't safe prior to entering? NO. We never know for sure when the scene is safe. We can THINK it is safe, but ultimately, people can and will do crazy/stupid things at any time. A police officer standing in a room is not going to stop a nut from pulling a gun on us if that is what said person is determined to do. Look at the triple homicide in the city of Newburgh not even two days ago. EMS was on scene after PD declared it "secure" for them to come in and assess the patients. However, the shooter STILL isn't in custody. Nobody knows where he/she is, and nobody knew where he/she was when EMS was on that scene. Not sure how that scene was "secure". Nothing against any agency involved, this is just one example of how a "secure" scene is not in fact "secure". If this dept has one life saved because of their purchase of vests, it is more than worth the cost. But if they didn't buy it and someone gets shot, we'd all be sitting here saying "Well they should've had vests!". Seems like people always need something to complain about in this business....
  6. Correct. What would you suggest they do differently? They're trying. I would expect my full time job to be loyal to me in a situation like this, just as they are doing to their full time employees. They can't possibly keep payroll the same as it was before this when the company is bringing in significantly less money. Financially this seems like a logical and fair decision.
  7. Ok, and what have they done wrong? For the last 13 days they've ensured their employees still had jobs and paychecks. I fail to see how this is wrong.
  8. While I agree with the majority of your post, without doing what's right for business we can't treat patients. At the end of the day, if an agency has to choose between buying an epi pen or paying the insurance on their ambulance, we all know what the choice is going to be. It is sad that it comes down to this, but due to the current economy and crap insurance reimbursement rates, EMS (and more specifically our patients) are having to pay the price. Some agencies have more money than others, but I highly doubt many EMS bosses would say that they're 100% comfortable with the current financial state of their company. I also need to say that there always seems to be gossip in the EMS community about Care1. I'm not going to pretend I know all the details of the current situation. I have yet to see any memo from the company, region, or state regarding the circumstances, so anything said about it on here is purely speculation. What we do know though, is the suspension of ALS services took place almost two weeks ago, and the company is still running and doing calls. That in itself is something to be said for them. I also saw several posts on here about how the company is allegedly only paying paramedics at the EMT rate. If anyone has a memo or a pay stub from the company proving this, please feel free to post it. I have spoken to several employees regarding this and found out it is in fact not true at all. The company has cut a few trucks day to day, however they ONLY cut shifts from part timers. All the full time employees are still bringing home their regular pay check and benefits, which I'm sure they are very grateful of. I fail to see how the company has done wrong by their employees in this current situation.
  9. Date: 11/16/11 Time: 0720 Location: Stone Ledge Apartments - 21 Farm Ln Frequency: Dc911 Dispatch, Response, Command, FG 5/6 Units Operating: Hyde Park 46-1, 2, 11, 12, 45, 61, Fairview 41-9, 11, Staatsburg 64-1, 11, NDP Medic 80, Medic 76, Roosevelt relocate to HP fire station Weather Conditions: Overcast Description Of Incident: Units dispatched for AFA, upgraded to structure fire. Upon arrival found fire in third floor apt. Fire contained to single apartment. Possibly started by cigarette Link to PoJo Article
  10. On Monday night the Newburgh City Council unanimously (by a 5-0 vote) approved a multiple-year deal continuing Mobile Life as the designated EMS provider.
  11. Why don't you just bring your gear inside at night anyway? This way you know the electronics will work. And warm gear (O2, saline, etc) will be more comfortable and better for the patient, and after all isn't the patient why we're here?????? Instead of worrying about if "cold oxygen is bad", lets go back to basics and make the patient comfortable!
  12. Mobile Life Support Services 71,000 NDP EMS 27,000
  13. Date: 5/13/09 Time: 0945 Location: 805 West Saugerties-Woodstock Rd Frequency: Units Operating: Weather Conditions: Sunny, cool Description Of Incident: Woodstock initially dispatched for chimney fire, upgraded to 2nd alarm with 2 tankers & ladder from Saugerties & manpower Reporters: Writer:
  14. lol the Polaris got stuck cause the crew decided they didn't like where they crossed the first time, so they tried somewhere new, except they pretty much drove into the side of the stream and buried the front end. i do give them credit though, they ended up pulling it up/out by hand with about 8 people