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  1. 1920.120 (q)(6)(v) Hazwoper Standard Requires additional training for any "on Scene Incident commander" beyond hazmat ops. That is why you have the HazMat Incident Commander class.
  2. Chief, I am not sure that is correct per NYS Town Law unless you are talking about an Independent Fire Company that contracts with the District. 11-c. (Such Board of Commissioners) May adopt a resolution to employ paid firefighters and paid fire officers including but not limited to a paid chief of the fire district department, provide for their powers and duties, determine the chain of command in the fire department as between volunteer and paid firefighters, determine that paid chief and/or any other paid officers shall have charge of apparatus and other equipment, and determine that the volunteer firefighters and volunteer officers of the fire department shall act under the orders and control of such paid fire officers.   - See more at: http://codes.findlaw.com/ny/town-law/twn-sect-176.html#sthash.8zh2YIQO.dpuf
  3. FYI, I able to get scan60 going this morning istening to it now. Glad to have it back.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Trying out ScanCt today. Hopefully, Scan60 will come back.
  5. Does anyone still listen to scan60 on their computer? I use it at work but have not been able to connect for over a week. Is there another site that covers the Southern Zone for Westchester?
  6. I was wondering about Mt Vernon after the citizens "re-hired" Ernie! Seemed like the FD was the red headed step child during his tenure.
  7. Barry is better at the ISO info but I am pretty sure ISO does not require 36 volunteers at the scene. They require 36 on the roster assuming 1/3 will be available to respond getting you the 12 on scene.
  8. The old TS1 from Fairview can be found at the Poland Fire Department in upstate NY.
  9. As Far as FDNY FLIps, the attendess come out with the following NYS certifications: A first line officer completing this program receives certification in Educational Methodology, Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness, Fire Cause and Origin Determination, Haz Mat First Responder Operations, Fire Instructor Level 1, and Fire Officer Level 1. At minimum, My opinion is that a volunteer officer should have the Fire behavior, Haz Mat Ops and Fire Officer I out of the FLIP classes to be eligible to be "elected" as an officer. I would leave the instructor level classes to the MTO. This is in addition to the Firefighter level courses of FF1, FF2, AVET, Truck Co Ops, Pump Ops, SAfety & Survival. You need those classes to fight fires and any potential officer should already have them. I also think HazMat ops should be Firefighter level and HazMat Incident Command should be the officer level class. If people want to be officers, they should set the example and have the classes. If people are resistant to taking classes and making themselves better firefighters, maybe they shouldn't be leading the department. The above list is not meant to be all inclusive as I didn;t even get to the NIMS classes. Just going off of FLIPs list per the FDNY site.
  10. The ladder looks like a Telesquirt design. Although I have never seen one with a bucket.
  11. Going by the location isn't that the same house that had a fire last year? Was someone trying to finish the job or just squaters?
  12. Thanks Bob for a useful and constructive post. Seth asked what this site needs (should be) and this is the type of stuff that we need. Useful info from the guys that have been around a while and are willing to share it. On a side note, there is at least a couple of jokes about putting a "dog leash on your partner"!!
  13. This is something to watch with the consolidation study. The participating municipalities will be able to see if the taxpayers of White Plains see any savings on their insurance premiums with the decrease to a class 1. Getting to class 1 was the whole premise of the $47 million in savings.
  14. Izzy, You are correct about Patriarch Partners being the owner. They are a Private Equity firm that specializes in buying distressed companies and turning them around. They did blame the computer system that managed their manufacturing for the mess they got into when they tried to unwind their relationship with Daimler. They also had to move production from the Freightliner Plan in SC into a new plant. Here is an article from last year that talked about it. http://www.firerescue1.com/apparatus/articles/348681
  15. If I am reading town law correctly the petition merely is to force the Town Board (or both Towns in this case) to hold a meeting on the issue. Then according to Article 11 section 185 of Town law: "After the hearing upon notice as provided hereinbefore and upon the evidence given thereat, the town board or boards shall determine whether it is in the public interest to dissolve the district." It would seem to me that lacking any other plan to provide Fire Protection, it is clearly not in the best public interest to dissolve the district. That would be the angle I would play behind the scenes with the Town Boards. Has the District tried to "join forces" with this coalition to petition the State Legislators together over the tax inequities and get the State Law passed (on taxing the non profits)? Or as another poster suggested, pursuing PILOTS with the Non Profits?? It might help to work together on those issues and that would take you out of the role as their adversary. It may be possible to negotiate a PILOT if the Non Profits think the revised State Legislation has any chance of passing.