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  1. Is this really a question? when hartsdale goes to fairview for a fire, what do they do when something happens in hartsdale? As not just a member of Tarrytown FD, but a resident...I am pretty happy with the fact that we have more than 10 guys in our department willing to respond to alarms. So when we send 10 firefighters out of the district, we use the other 5 companies with all of their manpower to protect tarrytown. Also, if there is any thing we need more guys for, mutual aid is a helpful thing.
  2. The article meant "Glennville", not "Greenville"
  3. E-80 carries a holmatro combo tool with a pony motor for very small jobs. E-77 carries a full set of Hurst tools: large spreaders, combo tool, cutters, ram bars, chains etc. U-61 has our new paratech vehicle struts on it and all the cribbing you could possibly need E-79 has the air bags on it.
  4. i think the dumbest thing he did was use that email address. since obama was elected I have gotten 50 or so text messages with different jokes on them about obama. i think you all have gotten the same ones. call me whatever you want, but I dont think this is a huge deal.
  5. The Tarrytown training center is between the striped bass resturante and the baseball field. there used to be a big tower in it but now there is only a trailer that can be used for search and rescue and other small drills. outside of the trailer there is a big lot where we can burn cars, have extrication drills, hose and nozzle testing/drills. We still use the county fire training center just like everybody else but we like to get that little extra practice on our own home town.
  6. Who is going to the Brewster Parade on July 23rd? I heard it is supposed to be a big parade but I dont know of any departments that are going. Also, has anybody who is going recieved their rules and parade information yet?
  7. county control paged them out for a structure fire but no M/A has been called and i think they are still investigating right now
  8. the class was absolutly incredible. i was fortunate enough to get in on it and loved every second. in tarrytown, we cover a portion of the nys thruway and the tapanzee bridge so there is always a chance that something like this could happen. After taking this course i feel more confident about dealing with these situations. if you get an opportunity to take this class...DO IT! also wanted to say good job to my group (group 2). excellent teamwork over the 2 days.
  9. i actually got into the class coming up on november 4-5 and i am definatly looking forward to it. i saw pictures from when stilowski did the class with rescue 3 in the bronx and it looks amazing. ill let you guys know how it went
  10. all good points. good question on how much the kaldenburg property is worth. the last i had heard was that utility 61 would be housed there. (not definate, thats just something i heard around town). i happen to agree that selling the property and putting that money toward their house to save some village money. also when it comes to my company, we have a very large piece of land still on sheldon avenue that we own and we are looking to sell. I dont know where that money will go, or if the older guys in my company (the guys who make those decisions) are considering giving that money to the village to help with the cost of our house. lets be realistic firecapt, there would be some very unhappy people down there at 76 if the village up and decided to get rid of them all together. that has been a house for a long time down there. also i choose not to comment further on that for obvious reasons (dont need pissed off phoenix hose guys on my back). i cant disagree with you that we should sell some old equipment. the old washington engine is suposedly being donated to a department in the south. and consolidated's old truck is trying to be sold but no luck with buyers. Personally i am a consolidated engine guy and what washington chooses to do with thier old truck is their business. now, this department vote thing. its something my father has talked about for years and years and way before i was a member. i dont see why its a bad idea if: the people to be voted on stay in chiefs rotation, and there are measures taken that would ensure that the winner or loser would not divide the department. right now we have a good thing with robby scogna as chief. from what i see, everybody is happy and we are all getting along. i look forward to your response as always. stay safe
  11. here we are agian firecapt. we havent spoke in a while, i hope all is well. i was a little shocked at the bids also to be honest. it is a lot higher than what the village estimated and i am sure there will be the same people protesting the building of this fire house. but i have to say, wouldent you rather have this built with the higher cost and not spend the money on the paid department like people have suggested? 5 million dollars 1 time does not seem like a lot of money when you look at 8 million a year for paid guys. that would really break the tax payers backs. i for 1 am glad that this board of trustees was elected. if you look at the people who ran agianst them that proposed private sanitation, public works, and paid firemen then you have to be happy as well with this board. its a totally acceptable agrument what you are saying walter, but lets just build the damn things and get it over with. its been too long for these 2 companies to be without a firehouse and i really cannot stand another winter or another snow watch in that cold disgusting trailor.
  12. thats those tax dollars being put to good use. thanks to everybody for the interest in this
  13. which departments are going to the ardsley parade on saturday? so far all i know of is: Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, and Tarrytown
  14. i know consolidated engine's (tarrytown FD) new building will have an elevator in it for the handicapped. not sure of any other measures that are being taken to ensure that the building is handicap friendly
  15. a good amount of teen drivers do take drivers ed/defensive driving/training courses to drive larger aparatus (fire trucks and ambulances) and those teens typically are good drivers. ime not opposed to harsher punishments for teen drivers but dont target them as a whole and generally say they are not good drivers. offenses such as excessive speeding or frequent/improper lane change should be dealt with in a more serious manor because of the possible outcome of these actions. i dissagree with SFD302 because everybody needs harsher punishment for traffic violations. its not just teens that drive like this! drive on 95 for 10 minutes and look at the people speeding by you at 90mph and try to look at their faces...they arent all kids. bottom line: make drivers ed manditory for teens to make them better drivers, but also enforce a harsher penalty for traffic violations for everybody...not just teens