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  1. That Ladder 1 rig actually served its life in Massachusetts (town name in gold leaf on the cab) and was rented from some dealer after a year of PVFD not having its own aerial. That was the time period between its current KME truck and the saga of the 94 Spartan/Aerialscope demo/ lemon it had to take out service and decide what to do with. That POS truck was eventually rebuilt by Seagrave and sold as stated in another posting here. It should also be noted that Thornwood handled the vast majority of all aerial calls in the village until this rental was placed into service. TVFD will always be appreciated for that!
  2. I can tell you that Ladder 39's fate came when it blew a rod or piston pulling out of HQ responding to a call. I was across the street when that loud bang occurred. It was a sad day to see it being hauled off on a flatbed once it pulled back to HQ and sometime later it was realized its day had come.
  3. Very neat looking rigs but black top in Texas? Huh?
  4. Welcome to the forums Firehawk11 :)