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  1. Shoot!!! Missed another one.....
  2. Like a big PUMPKIN.....better than a school bus.
  3. Hey Andrew: What's the estimated delivery date?
  4. I grew up around Jim Brophy as he worked with my father for many years at the NTPD. Rest In Peace, Chief. You'll be missed.
  5. Rest in Peace, Brothers. I am proud to have served with you.
  6. Nice job Andrew. Looks just a little bigger than what you guys have down by the train station...
  7. Anyone know how much Somers or Millwood's new Sutphen quints cost?
  8. A horrible day for our brothers.....may the heroes who laid down their lives rest in peace.
  9. This is typical, unfortunately, for a Bronx jury.....
  10. I had the honor of working with Ron last summer at an extrication on Arch Hill. He and I spent over an hour in the car trying to disentangle the victim. His energy and focus were amazing. When we finally got the victim out, Ron shook my hand, gave me a big bear hug and said that it was good to have worked with me that night. He was truly a class act and will be missed....
  11. As per a previous court ruling, preference will be given to White Plains residents.
  12. For what it's worth, I spoke with the SHAC Captain and he assured me that they did not release any confidential patient information to the press. Patient information was released, as per SHAC and NYSDOH policy, to the mother of the patient (minor). All of the pertinent HIPPA paperwork was signed by the mother prior to the release of the PCR. The family of the patient has been in contact with the media. I led this fine organization for many years (hence my screen name) prior to taking a command position with the FD and I must say that they are one of the most professional and dedicated volunteer organizations that I have ever had the privledge to work with.
  13. How is the new Wheeled Coach holding up?
  14. As a former VSP Trooper, I can tell you that we were required to do a vehicle inventory for any vehicle which was towed and stored. We were also able to do a search of the vehicle incident to the arrest (vehicle exception to the search warrant requirement). I am not sure what happened here, but I will tell you that the VSP is a well trained, hard-working agency. It is a tragedy no matter what........