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  1. I've been reading the various posts for years about communities and how much they should spend to provide full protection and all the various members piping in with the money doesn't matter when lives are at stake but in reality that is how everything is based. To me, emergency services is basically an insurance policy against the bad things that happen in life. The more you pay, the better the response you will get for something that may never occur and this includes Fire, EMS, and police. Each community has to decide how much insurance they want. Unfortunately most don't want to pay for it until that day when something goes terrible wrong. Just as you are all doing in your personal lives and the decisions you make everyday. Based on your arguments above you all have the maximum insurance. You have a 10 million dollar life insurance policy so your family is covered if you die. When you talk to your insurance agent on your house coverage you tell him to add flood, earthquake, terrorism, and Hurricane insurance because hey you never know. There is that minor chance Westchester may get a 7.0 earthquake so I need it. Your auto insurance has a 5 million dollar liability limit in case you get sued. You take the highest level health insurance plan offered by your employer and if the plan isn't so great, you go out and buy supplemental insurance. But I bet none of you do. It would cost a fortune. You are just like me who says wow that is to much money. I don't have an extra $10K a year for all that. I want to spend it on other things. No one is going to get sick in my family this year so I will roll the dice. And this year it worked for me but it may not have. Just like in Rye. How much do you want to spend for those 12 structure fires a year where, I am not 100% sure of this, but I don't think anyone died or was seriously injured. Don't agree that life should be this way but it is. All you can do is keep up the fight for those few precious resources and as soon as you get them, another faction will scream and yell that you are taking their money for that item we can't live without.
  2. What is really sad is that we will pay $1000 to tow that ambulance back to the shop. However you can provide passionate care and medical services to a human and then "tow" (transport) that person to the hospital and it will take 6 months to get paid because you have to invoice 2 to 3 different insurance companies and if your lucky, you might collect $150.