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  1. I guess You've never heard of Auxiliary police officers? Most departments have them including Port Chester, they are pretty much volunteer cops.
  2. I'm taking my second polygraph in two weeks for a federal agency. According to my examiner who was a Special Agent, I didn't fail but my results were "inconclusive". It was more or less an interrogation honestly and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The guy was nice for the most part but did threaten me with "your whole federal career is on the line" crap. I know that if you fail a polygraph and admit to certain things they could black list you from federal employment for life. I had to sign a form that stated something along the lines of "anything you say during the polygraph can and will be used against you." I know that's vague but I assume that answers your question? Oh and by the way it was the worst 7+ hours of my life. I'm not looking forward to round 2.
  3. Any clue what departments sent people for the cpat this last round? or better yet plans on hiring for this next class?
  4. I'm wondering the same thing. =\ I understand the residency thing but damn it sucks!
  5. Yea the residency preference thing sucks. They should have some type of physical fitness portion also which is weighed.
  6. Anyone know if any other cities in CT plan on hiring/giving exams during the 2015 year?
  7. This is nuts it seems like the cops were showing far to much restraint.
  8. Am I reading this announcement correctly? No cut off age?
  9. What is the endgame for PCFD? Full volunteer department or just a 1 paid rig department?
  10. I know neither use the county list but they have people in the current academy which is the same academy used by the county.