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  1. I know there's at least one of these "incident response" units in Westchester. It's a similar Silverado setup but it has the Westchester DES patch incorporated into the door patch. I've never seen them responding, but I pass it quite frequently. I've always been under the assumption that they were equipped with red lights and sirens. I recall being told they respond to larger scale emergencies and in situations where there are no available ConEd gas crews for response in the mandated timeframe.
  2. Complete list of vehicles up for auction and more info now available on their website. 4/20: Brooklyn auction 5/4: Mount Vernon auction 5/6: Poughkeepsie auction 5/11: Monroeville, PA auction 5/12: Baltimore, MD acution
  3. I've always wondered the same thing, but I think the main issue as previously mentioned is the area crews cover as well as their distance from the trucks (or if they're lucky enough to have a company vehicle at home). The other day I passed a ConEd truck (Chevy Colorado I believe) somewhere in the Northern Westchester area that definitely looked to be equipped with red lights and sirens. It had red "EMERGENCY" lettered on the front and sides as well. Anyone seen the same or know what these are used for?
  4. Bedford Hills (Westchester) Seagrave 2000 GPM Marauder II Pumper to replace current E198 (1997 Pierce) Delivery expected fall 2014
  5. Wow a lot of great responses here already. I'll try not to repeat anything that was already said. I read that article after thr Somers fire and the lack of water supply issue mentioned stood out to me as well. Though I cannot comment on the state of water supply prior to my arrival (I was on one of the mutual aid trucks dispatched after the fire was confirmed) I know there were other issues at play in this specific instance. For example, we had difficulty because the Somers first due engine would not draft from the portable ponds, which was later determined to be due to a frozen valve. This caused a break in water supply to the scene for probably 5-10 minutes while the issue was isolated and another engine backed in and drafting. Of course water supply is always more challenging in an area with no hydrants, but by the time the tanker shuttle was running smoothly, it seemed we were barely pushing a tanker evey 10-15 minutes. The extreme cold hasn't been much help either. From freezing dump chute vales to blowing air brake tanks to frozen tire chains, the weather has complicated water ops as well as other aspects of firefighting. Great job to everyone continuing to brave the weather to get the job done and improvising when necessary.
  6. Bedford Hills: E 198 - 1997 Pierce (Contract recently signed for replacement) MA 9 - 1988 International R 10 - 1995 International Bedford: E 110 - 1987 Seagrave MA 7 - 1984 GMC
  7. Not sure exactly what you're looking for here, but any good radio shop should be able to get you set up with a pretty good configuration if you're looking to monitor ops, fireground, local police, etc. Personally I've had good dealings with Metrocom Wireless (they have an office in Bedford Hills and in the City). My department uses Electronic Service Solutions and has been very satisfied with their work both at our station and on the rigs. I also believe ESS maintains the county's trunked system though I may be wrong. Both are Motorola Dealers and would probably be able to get your communications room designed and running .