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NJtoAZ Photography

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  1. Englewood Engine 3 - Seagrave Marauder II
  2. Any pics of this rig yet?
  3. Jersey City ‪We are building a new Fire House in Ward “F” this year as part of our 2018 budget. The new house will be located on Halladay Street and will be a state of the art facility to serve the community. This will be Jersey City’s 1st new Fire House since 2002 and it is important to note that we provided dates below of construction of the other fire houses with many of the facilities being over 100 years old. We are putting the city’s current fire houses on a steady rotation to be rebuild because while our administration has grown the FD with people, we want to make sure we have the best equipment and continue to the JCFD’s reputation as the best in New Jersey When were other Jersey City fire houses built? 160 Grand st 1850 355 Newark Ave 1965 465 Marin Blvd 1982 283 Halladay st 1880 16 Orient Ave 1998 152 Linden Ave 1889 2 Bergen Ave 1910 486 Ocean Ave 1894 152 Lincoln st 1905 715 summit 1997 599 Palisades Ave 2002 697 Bergen Ave 1873 200 sip Ave 1905 582 Communipaw Ave 1900
  4. Englewood Seagrave engine on the line.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/AbsoluteFireProtectionCoInc/photos/a.355070554595131.1073741825.325830570852463/1332001200235390/?type=3&source=57 Hackensack new Rescue
  6. Exploring options, but nothing locked in
  7. More like Elizabeth Engine 5, Pierce
  8. Maplewood Engine 32, from Maplewood FFs fb