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  1. Tentative date September 8th 4 pm to 10 Pm at the firehouse located at Palisades Ave & Gorge Road For Their New Arrow XT Pumper Engine 5 DJ Food Beer Soda Shirts and of course lots of water
  2. This truck brings back memories for me Ridgefield NJ had a 1978 GMC General/Saulsbury Extended bumper with winch in it Was a Beast Hopefully this fine looking Rescue finds a good home
  3. Here’s MCRU Unit #9 Hospital ID #263 Assigned to Englewood Hospital & Medical Center It’s a Freightliner Rescue 1 walk around Body each unit features a light tower inflatable heating cooling shelter our unit also features a refrigerator as well as other mass casualty equipment & Trailer Hatch To tow Task Force trailers containing ASAP’s & Mobile Cots blankets assorted supplies They also do limited Decon at Haz Mat incidents with the Deon trailer This unit can be deployed Anywhere in the state of NJ As part of the EMS Task Force It’s Also Used At large outdoor events
  4. Quite a beast up there A Green Monster :0)
  5. Perfect for Highway use wonder if NYPD’s Going with these as well
  6. Englewood Hospital has a 2nd Braun Ambulance Same spec as the first Ambulance on order due to be delivered by summer
  7. Ridgefield Engine 4 has been sent out for a new water tank replacement after the other tank collapsed Hopefully adding Alittle more time to its long career It’s Probably Going to be Replaced with in the next 3 years I am being told
  8. From what I got Tuesday Night GWB’s Getting a Spartan ERV Pumper Tanker With front bumper mounted foam/water turret (pump & Roll capable) They Are Keeping the Pierce Rescue Pumper Tanker As well Believe it will have a snozzle boom as well One of their emergency techs (That’s what they call them) was up at the Fort lee firehouse for a repel team meeting he’s also on their Truck committee
  9. Saturday July 8th For Company 2 ‘s New Rescue & 3 New Ambulances for the Ambulance Corps Off Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/124477627581629/permalink/2020113684684671/ Will get more details as they come along for us
  10. Englewood Cliffs Fire Dept was dispatched for odor of burning electrical in a home on my block this morning EC 9 & EC2 took in the Call I was on the way out but snapped a quick picture The New Engine (EC 1 ) is almost ready to go in service Issue with a dishwasher was the outcome texting with one of the members is good thing : )
  11. Here’s a few more pictures of Ambulance 2006 riding as 232 At the ER this afternoon This is the First ever Transport Unit Featuring Chevrons on the rear of the box Also features reflective striping along top & bottom of the box Quite the departure from the old look !!!
  12. story on the Rescue Of a deer at Overpeck Creek yesterday afternoon http://fortlee.dailyvoice.com/police-fire/ridgefield-leonia-firefighters-rescue-deer-who-fell-through-overpeck-ice/731363/
  13. Not the best picture but caught it riding around the bridge area What a Beast
  14. Thank you for the clearifcation Guy that told me this was not sure I sould Of consulted my people better Thank You would you know if the lance is staying at the bridge too?
  15. Have heard though the Grapevine PANYNJ George Washington Bridge Has Ordered a Replacement for the Pierce Pumper Tanker assigned to to Bridge Possibly a Rosenbauer This Unit Featuring a snozzle Anyone Hear anything?? Else