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  1. Looked like a good time was had by all
  2. Kearny NJ took delivery of a Pierce XT Mid Mount Tower (Ladder Tower 2 ) & An XT Top Mount Pumper (Engine 3 ) This past Friday Cliffside Park Engine 5 should be delivered in 2 weeks
  3. Unsure of the year but here’s Paramedic Unit 94 A Ford F 350 4wd extended cab With Space Cap Pod This color scheme is a throw back to the late 80’s
  4. Check out this site I looked up might be of some helphttps://www.kbronze.com/fire-station-dedication-plaques or this one located in Bergenfield http://aristatrophies.clickforward.com/bronze-plaquesmemorials/2615341?adid-2E343B92-B097-442c-BFA5-BE371E0325A2=4520372&kw-2E343B92-B097-442c-BFA5-BE371E0325A2=personalized+plaques&cam=ppc-g-m100301-c234693-g1007090-personalized+plaques
  5. Keep us posted on who gets this Beautiful Piece
  6. After a long wait finally got Fort Lee Ambulance FLA 1 2018 Ford F550 4wd remount of the Horton box Rechassised by PL Custom box came off an international chassis that was nothing but trouble since they bought it
  7. There’s been a time change 2 pm to 6 pm
  8. Saddle Brook Nj Replacing a Lance Pumper with this Impel Quint for Engine 3 Taken Off flicker
  9. looks good so far like the chrome 3 on the grill Something new for Englewood
  10. Englewood NJ ‘s new Engine 3 is almost ready to be delivered to Nj dealer Nice Simple Piece
  11. Cliffside Park Truck committee goes out To Appleton next month for final inspection of their New XT Pumper Going To Engine 5 Still no pictures but got info from a member of committee ( he wants to keep us in suspense lol)
  12. Bergenfield NJ has a Pierce Ascendant Ladder & A Pumper On order On Enforcer chassis
  13. Beautiful Firehouse Up there Seen the walk through on Rockland Fires Facebook page during moving day That Quint Nice Too!!