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  1. I found out That Ex Fairview NJ's Ex Engine 3 a 1950's vintage Mack B pumper now privately owned & Resstored was part of the activities last Sunday This piece actually oparated at the fire scene that faithful morning Ridgefield Engine 2 was a 60's vintage Seagrave Sedan style pumper I remember this piece as a kid when I lived in ridgefield They actually kept the blue gumball light & placed it on their new Ward la France when it was delivered I also had the pleasure of knowing one of the members that was at the fire scene that morning & have heard his recounting the story a few times very sobbeing He went on to serve as chief of department for 2 terms
  2. Very nice pieces Best of luck on your new deliveries
  3. Well speced Engine I love the Pierce walk around tours
  4. Here's links to stories about ceremonies that took place Yesterday The Ridgefield 5 that gave Their lives that morning in Cliffside Park NJ May they continue resting in peace http://englewood.dailyvoice.com/police-fire/videos-5-firemen-killed-in-cliffside-park-bowling-alley-blaze-honored/724310/
  5. Caught this at the ER today Aero Ambulance Service out of Hackensack NJ A private Ambulance service I believe this is a new unit 2017 Ford Transit (unknown manufacturer)
  6. The old Rescue will stay in fort lee til sometime in November New Rescue goes. To Rescue 1 for its 30 day check up & then is slated to be put up for sale Have also heard it might be headed to Louisiana There's an Ex member of dept that lives down there interested in it Hope it finds a good home
  7. It's a Rockland county thing calling them Tankers : o) beautiful fleet up there in New City went to 9 Towers & 9 Tanker 's Wetdowns
  8. It's lit up quite well on the rear Chevrons Warning lights & That Arrow Stick
  9. When Fort Lee was having their Spartan /Rescue 1 built their custom grill RES2CUE Top part was to large No problem They cut them a new one What to do with the old one No problem they turned it into a fireplace cover I was told by the member that had this idea the firebox has cracks in it & is not used After its replaced a ember chainling will be added bottom piece features LED party lights
  10. Dam and I actually liked 9 Tanker Wow Rosenbauer does build a good Apparatus Heard they ride excellent Fott Lee actually had a Quint demo up at co 2 so rep can show them the ride but never got back to them
  11. New City in rockland county went against the grain ordered a Rosenbauer pumper to replace 1750
  12. Elmwood Park NJ Truck Co 4 Has a truck committee formed Specing a replacement for their present 1995? Simon Duplex LTI rear mounted Tower Ladder with pump A real beauty from what I heard last night from 2 of the truck committee members
  13. Oops my bad The new Rescue's an 8 Person cab Sorry guy's. : (
  14. New Rescue placed in service at 20:00 tonight
  15. Date:9/30/17 Time:8:30 approx. Location:200 Bergen Blvd C/o 9th street & Kamena street District:Company 3 Truck 2 Battalion: Channel:154.355 Weather: partly cloudy windy Units:Fairview All 3 companies Cliffside park Ladder 1 FAST Ridgefield Engine 3 Fairview Emergency Response Unit (EMS) Cliffside Park EMS CP A3 Englewood Hospital ALS 211 Writer: vodoly Description: Dispatched as a confirmed working fire By Fort Lee com center first units on scene found heavy smoke condition from the building They used 3 lines plus set up FV trucks Ladder pipe Believe it was used to knock down heavy fire Cliffside Park Ladder 1 went to roof for trench cuts fire placed under control about 90 mins into the fire