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  1. There was a special operations team here in my area of bergen county that was combined Volunteer & a career dept few years back that responded for confined space & collapse calls They were well trained & had plenty of resources I believe the state USAR Task Force is now called in now no idea what happened to this team We also have The East Bergen Repel team witch is all volunteer that responds to Repel jobs as well as confined space jobs it's well run & trains constantly I believe Englewood fire (career dept ) has Repel trained members that can respond as well
  2. Latest on Englewood Cliffs Pierce Velocity Pumper it will become EC1 & Its due by the end of the year The Hahn EC 3 is being traded in to Pierce
  3. That's a 2008 stick they are selling eh?I believe Irvington NJ &East Orange have had problems with thiers Not used as much Thier older ALF's are seeing use
  4. North Bergen is a paid EMS outfit run out of 2 stations in the township The mayor & commissioner thing on the doors is a long time thing in northern Hudson County
  5. I agree with you there
  6. The unit # is what I ment
  7. don't have any idea Who built this Ambulance but here's Alert Ambulance service unit 7910 ( unsure what the partnership with Hackensack Meridian Health care is) Look like a 2017 Ford Transit though Parked out side Hospital ER this afternoon
  8. Here's EMS 8 of North Bergen EMS at Englewood Hospital ER today 2016 Chevy/Medix
  9. Jersey City has ordered a Pierce XT Heavy Rescue for Rescue 1 Finally going to replace that well used Lance
  10. Correction on the spec F350 4 wheel drive Extended cab Chassis got that from The director himself They're looking to replace most of the fleet within 3 years
  11. Video clip of FLA4 check out the lighting credit to the videographer
  12. That's for sure An excellent Purchase by Passaic Fire It Same thing happened when Cliffside Park Bought Ridgefield Parks "old " Seagrave tiller Great asset to them til they ordered their present Pierce XT tiller Excellent video Thanks for sharing !!!!!!
  13. FL-4 at Englewood Hospital ER this Am Same spec as FLA-3
  14. Beautiful truck Not sure on what the deal is on the air horns is
  15. Yes sir Falr Lawn's Rescue looking good as well