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  1. Englewood Cliffs Engine 1 has been delivered
  2. Date:12/12/17 Time:23:47 Location:400 Broad Ave C/o Woodland & Hillside District: Leonia Fire Dept Battalion: Channel:154.355 153.445 Weather: cloudy Units:Leonia Volunteer Fire Dept Fort Lee Co#3 Ladder 1 (Fast). Englewood Engine 1 Englewood Hospital Als 211 BLS 233 Tour Commander 295 Writer: vodoly Description: At approximately 23:47 hours Bergen County Communications Dispatched The Leonia Fire Dept (Dept 29) for a Reported structural fire at The Cvs 400 Board Ave 29-8 (Deputy Chief) arrived on scene & Comfirmed a Garbage Can fire extending to the overhang of the building 29 Engine 1 called in responding & was ordered to hit hydrant & lay in Command then requested an All Hands (retone & Fast Team Plus Extra Engine )Fort Lee Com Center then dispatched Ladder 1 Out Of Fort Lee & Engine 1 From Englewood Fire Dept 29-Ladder 1 was Then Ordered To The Roof & to open. Up area over fire 29-9 (Dept Chief ) assumed Command at this point unit’s Used 2 Lines To Totally extinguish the Fire & Check For extension unit’s on scene approximately 2 hours
  3. Point if information I got this week Ridgefield Engine 4 suffered water tank collapse it’s out of service They are getting quotes to replace the tank Believe they want an emergency meeting with Boro also
  4. Andy was thinking the same thing I would believe the Spartan Luverne is the Piece Headed To reservesville E32 makes a lot of trips to Irvington too!!!
  5. Believe Alpha Bravo Charlie & Echo Are in use in Nj used by EMS & Paramedics MICOM & Englewood Hospital unit’s also use this as post locations (example) delta post is Englewood Cliffs Fire Headquarters Possibly being moved to Boro Hall
  6. There’s a bunch of them all over NJ Example Ridgefield Palisades Park Both These unit’s are aquired by OEM Probably more
  7. Englewood Hospital & Medical Center EMS Director & Ambulance Committee member made a trip out to do final inspection on the Hospital’s new Braun Ambulance it’s due to be delivered to First Priority In a week & shoud be on the road by Christmas
  8. Finally caught Demerest’s New Freightliner M2 King cab Braun unit 427 at The ER this am This is Their new color scheme also A member of the crew commented back LED lights bright no need for Chevrons !!!
  9. That’s cool did not know that Thanks
  10. Thanks again for sharing Looks great
  11. Yes PL Custom did the remount my bad Lodi has beautiful buses !!!!
  12. Fort Lee Ambulance Took Delivery Of 2017 Ford F550 4WD Remount Horton will try to get a picture
  13. North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue has 2 Pierce Tillers on order an XT & Enforcer
  14. This is a private outfit out of Mahwah Nj
  15. Slated to be delivered to Englewood Cliffs Either later next week beginning December was told this week