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  1. North Hudson Tower 6 75 footer FDJC Ex Tower Ladder 6 95 footer(unsure who did body on it)
  2. North Hudson Tower 6 is Seacaucus Ex Tower 2 Jersey City had a 1994 simon duplex 95 foot scope that was pretty much a lemon
  3. Speaking of witch a few candidates for re chassis Glen Rock in bergen county & North Hudson In Hudson County both fixing for Pierce rechassis In my opinion
  4. Sunk in the slop it happens Happened to Englewood Cliffs old ALF mid mount aerial at a mutual aid fire in Fort Lee in late 80's They had backed in on a lawn to set up to the roof to assist in venting Fort lee called in a loader to help pull it out( comes in handy them having memebers that work DPW )
  5. Strictly a Fire truck made to put wet stuff on the Orange stuff Nice recessed in bumper Q & Intake
  6. Nice clip I like what Passaic picked up as a spare Tiller Believe they are the first career dept in NJ To have roto ray mars 8'a on an apparatus lol
  7. 7th alarm alarm for the cover assignment
  8. Excellent clip as I am typing this Passaic as well as extensive mutual aid companies are operating at a 4th alarm fire at 112 Gregory Ave 5 story H wing type OMD
  9. No problem I'll try to get more pics of them down at work
  10. There were Numerous mechanical issues with the last 2 international / horton's Infact there's talk of rechassising one on to the Ford F 450 chassis I also believe the can fit all four rigs in their building The Freightliner's had their issues early on but held up quite well
  11. Fort Lee Nj Ambulance took delivery of 2 2016 PL Custom Ford F450 4 WD Ambulances assigned to FLA 4 & 3 Replacing Thier last 2 2000 Freightliner Medic Masters thttp://www.plcustom.com/recent-deliveries/2017-vehicle-deliveries/nggallery/2017-deliveries/fort-lee-nj-3651
  12. Well They are getting s long Tandem axcle Rescue just short of a tiller lol
  13. There was a Stryker Strecher that was abused too during the segment too
  14. Will it beep as it kneels just like the buses do?
  15. Rescue 1 has begun building New Rescue 2's box I was told last night