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  1. chatterton is the capt whos the other bosses?
  2. FF Mike Chiapperini......FF Tomasz Kaczowka......R.I.P.
  3. verry touching sir (xchief2X) straight from the heart......im left speechless...but felt it necessary to say im sorry for ur loss and am glad there are people out there such as your self to help the younger generation out. stay safe everyone
  4. ny10570 sir, where are u getting ur information from concerning the placement and names of the ems batts? I would like to confirm this info so I can pass it along to others. thanks. Casson jr
  5. listen if the posts continue like this I'm goin back to school just to keep up....sds like college stuff man I'm only a FF/EMT help a brother out and slow it down a bit LOL
  6. I Garantee you will be glued to the edge of your seat for 20 min and goosebumps will be all over your body!!!! http://www.firecamera.com/index.cfm?Sectio...16&titles=0
  7. yea...that car u saw was probaly nypd they have gone to several vehicles w/o orange ez passes I know of 3 vehicles (obviously won't mention em here) so nypd is becoming smarter you will probaly see a red light thrown on the dash some w/o a siren and goin around traffic those are just the few in the s bronx I have seen w/ uc's in em
  8. I believe the race card is played way to often in all public service sectors. I have nothing else constructive to say
  9. nope I meant it!!! I work the south bronx ems and thats a chore....I have friends in the 44 42 and 40 pcts so I know what it's really like, so yea getting shot @ for 25 g's cool the city needs to pay us all, ems and cops what we are worth!!!THATS WHAT I MEANT.
  10. I'm so happy we have these extremely smart cops w various degrees on the streets of new york...getting shot @ for such low pay......soooooo how smart are they really? pay these people what they are worth
  11. Thanks for the proof I WILL PASS IT ON.........corrected again but we all learn from this forum informative link thanks
  12. what kind of patch are u refering to? because I was led to believe that ny state does have an emt and medic patch w/ the state seal?
  13. OK I don't mind being corrected thanks for the xtra info
  14. what is the thought of the police officers on this forum about civillians carying w/full carry permits....? (restricted of course to albany and the 5 bouroughs)
  15. I appreciate your comment very thoughtful. I for one never thought about it, but I do agree w/ what ur saying I do believe it is out of respect for tradition.