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  1. Yes, let us celebrate the fence-sitting wind socks.......it is better to sway with he wind then pick a side.
  2. Support Yonkers and all IAFF Locals in their fight to save jobs!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Question to the Board......a serious question. Enough union/vollie fighting. Is it wrong for a mayor, who is also the public safety director, to be one of those in charge of a brand new fire department, funded by a special tax district, that does not go through the Board of Reps or Finance, that will presumably be negotiating the terms of employment for the new members...............that will presumably be employing many people that were politically active in his campaign......quite possibly even the master of ceremonies at his inagural ball?????? Does this seem VERY WRONG TO ANYONE!!!!!!!! Political patronage is not unusual, but doesn't this seem to any rational human being to be morally and ethically wrong?? Again, think about this in terms of right or wrong, not from a vollie or paid perspective, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Stamford is simply gonna get rid of union jobs to replace them with a private corporation that is contracted to provide fire services. What if this gave municipalities in other areas an idea on how to save money? Can you say Rural Metro. I am behind the Yonkers brothers 100%, but I wish more people would pay attantion to the Stamford situation. The truth is that the CITY OF STAMFORD IS LOOKING TO REPLACE UNIONIZED FIREFIGHTER JOBS WITH CONTRACTED SERVICES FOR FIRE PROTECTION. ALL UNION MEMBERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS SITUATION TO AVOID A SIMILAR FATE. FOR MORE INFORMATION REFER TO http://www.stamfordfiretruths.org/
  5. Sorry, Alpine, but I have to agree with most of what Jason762 had to say. I guess you do not remember the Belltown and Glenbrook paid members that WERE laid off back when this started??!!! Also, I guess you do not remember that to get hired for the Glenbrook, Belltown and TOR departments you had to take the CITY OPEN COMPETITIVE EXAM and opt to get put on the list for those jobs??!!!! And I guess you do not remember another fire department that hired whoever they wanted....it was Rural-Metro in Rye Brook. So, maybe you can remember this..........The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. You really seem to care about being a firefighter, righteous man. Do not be fooled into believing that everyone you listen to really cares about you. Also remember, there is no "I" in team, but there is a "ME." Just ask Glenbrook!!!!!
  6. At this point it appears the 2 department option WILL pass and all will have to deal with it. I would like to pose several questions that I feel have not been addresed yet: 1. Who will be the IC at calls in North Stamford? Will there be a "chief" responding on all calls to take command or will it be the paid driver/FF? 2. Will the paid FF be compensated for performing supervisory duties on calls? 3. Is the Long Ridge Fire District being expanded because it is the only fire district that can hire WITHOUT going off the city list? Meaning they can hire whoever they want? The last question is the one that is most interesting. The reason why the former paid drivers of TOR, Glenbrook and Belltown were able to be "merged" easily is because they were already employees of the city of Stamford (if my facts are straight)and voted to come to SFRD by a slim majority. COGS, I know you have input so please clarify, if you know the answers. Thanks!
  7. Lets get real, Cogs. With the exception of Belltown, there is NO volunteer response. Having TOR respond with a 2 man engine 15 minutes into a call and having Long Ridge respond with 1 paid driver is USELESS. STOP BEING REDICULOUS!!!!!! Everyone should get on board like Glenbrook. Do any of you realize that $163,000 is better than $20,000 per firehouse. OPEN YOUR EYES. The money is not coming back unless they play ball!!!!!!
  8. I was just kidding about Glewnbrook. That is actually what they got for 2010. I think an argument can be made about TOR because there is no need to have Roxbury vacant. Just let SFRD in and keep Station 1. THEY ARE SELLING RIGS TO KEEP AFLOAT!!!!!!!!! Belltown.......well, they make almost every run, so I can't argue against them. But TOR HAS missed calls and they should review their current strategy. Lets look at this logically..........if you were in a sinking boat, would you get on the lifeboat, or tell it to piss off and ride the ship to the bottom. I know that proper nautical etiquete says to sink, but lets get real here!!!!!! SFRD and vollie units are getting alone on calls. Why let the Mayor sour the relationship for years after he is gone?
  9. Just a hair over $163,000.......Ha
  10. I think Turn of River should get $20,000. They have publicly stated tht they ahve vacated Roxbury Road. Why are they receiving $40,000??? And why is Springdale complaining. They get over $100,000. Right??
  11. Thanks x152. I would hate to see brothers put in another trailer, but maybe it is a solution to the obviously hostile environment in Springdale.
  12. I just heard a rumor about the happenings in Springdale...... apparently the mayor plans to pull E7 out of SFCO firehouse and place them in a trailer in the SFCO fire district, just like Vine Road. Also, the SFCO budget will be reduced to $20,000 and the remainder of the money will be used to pay for the trailer. Can anyone in Stamford confirm this rumor about another hideous trailer appearing in the City that Works? Can this legally happen??? Inquiring minds want to know
  13. How long did it take Eastchester to get the victim out of their recent trench collapse. 1-2hours?? I would venture a bet that this "team" would probably take that long to ASSEMBLE!!!! In a county where we pay so much to live do we put our faith if services that MIGHT come. What do you think people would say is the DPW could not guarantee snow removal 100% of the time of if their garbage was not picked up 100% of the time? No one seems to care that if you are having that once in a lifetime really aweful thing happen to you that help is not 100% guaranteed.
  14. Interesting. I thought that 9 of the 17 "employees" voted to become members of SFRD??? How were they taken away??? Also, since they have vacated the house on Roxbury road, why not sell that too?? Seems like the ship has sunk, they are on the lifeboat and they are bailing out water with a bucket with no bottom. also, there is no rescue coming. Taking a hard line with the Mayor that controls your finances was not a good idea after all, huh guys?? Also, how is the fill the boot going. Are you telling people they are giving money to an organization that has already been receiving their tax payer dollars for years already???
  15. I wish this was Brazil. Then I would speak Spanish and would not to able to read some of these rediculous responses. Please tell me why Turn of River CONSISTENTLY does not have ANY respone to MINOR call like the ever increasing EMS response. Having an assistant chief who does NOTHING to assist on the scene is not a response. I want to have the same response criteria as these HIGHLY TRAINED AND ABLE VOLUNTEERS!! I hate EMS calls at 0200 AM, but, guess what.................these are the calls where you can make a real difference today. Why don't you guys come out and help you community then???????????????????????????????????????? The city is right. The taxpayers need to stop funding the social organizations that respond to an occassional call. STOP TRYING TO MAKE SFRD LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS SITUATION, WE WERE GIVEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you hate the Mayor, Chief, or Union president, then crap on them. But stop rying to make the average line firefighter, who actually likes going to calls, out to be the bad guy. AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SERVICES YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE.... GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND RESPOND!!!!!!