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  1. I found out yesterday that Seagrave wants to feature Tanker 8 in their 2008 calendar. I feel honored that our tanker was selected. I would like to thank Excelsior Garage for an excellent job! and East/West Fire Consultants for all of their input and ideas. I also would like to thank Pound Ridge F.D. and Bedfordhills F.D. for all of their help and assistance. I felt that the truck committee did an outstanding job and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Take care and stay Safe!
  2. Tanker 8 will be delivered to New Canaan this week on Weds. Once I or Car 11 have some good shots, we will post some. Thanks for all the compliments, we appreciate it. Take care and stay safe!
  3. Tanker 8 is coming along quite well. The cab is almost striped and the equipment is being mounted. Excelsior is doing a great job and we can't wait till we get it into service. Once I figure out how to post photos, I will do so. Take Care and Stay Safe!