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  2. Chivvis Enterprises, Inc. 10 Grant St. Copiague, New York 11726 Phone: 631-842-7878, M-F, 7-3:30 EST Fax: 631-842-7624 mail to: CHIVVIS@VERIZON.NET http://www.chivvisent.com/ [attachmentid=2484] [attachmentid=2485] [attachmentid=2486] [attachmentid=2487]
  3. Check out Seagrave Fire Apparatus FDNY Video Tribute. http://www.seagrave.com
  4. I must agree with EJS1810, anything is possible but remember a few things. The THIEF needs to first be in your rig, that means getting into your firehouse, turn on the batteries and ignition, transmit the tones for that Sentralok and snag the key which is only unlocked for 15 seconds. That is one big effort, then to go do the burglary then get the key back in the unit after the burglary is done so they don't get caught?? If you think that could happen in your department maybe you should be looking at the way new members are screened .. Now as for recording the tones at this point in time they go out fairly slow because of the Motorola board being used at 60 Control. When the new consoles go into place the speed will be adjusted and the timing will be much faster. It was not cost effective to update the current consoles at the time the Town of Bedford Departments requested this service for 60 control. I believe the Sentralok is the most secure way of locking the master key. Someone must request it though the county and it is all logged and recorded. A real estate lock can be easily forced and opened much easier than a Sentralok can be defeated. The Knox program has been a great success in the Town of Bedford (Bedford Hills FD, Katonah FD, Bedford FD). The three departments share the same key code. This is very helpful when relocating to another station in town. There are 26 Sentralok units installed in fire department vehicles through out the Town of Bedford alone. Our ordinance is as follows: All commercial building must have a box. Any residence that has more that three false alarms in a calendar year must have a box. Any electric driveway gate must have a Knox Key Switch for fire department access. Also any swinging gate or fence impeding access to a property must have a Knox Padlock. We also have Knox FDC Caps for Fire Department Connections. The Town Board was VERY supportive when it came time to vote on the ordinance. You can check out our site for more information http://www.bedfordhillsfd.org/content/knox/ . Oh and by the way the Cops don't have a key either
  5. Yes it is. The current Ladder 13 was ordered for the City of Newburgh FD but they bail out of the order so NRFD picked it up from Pierce at good price since it was already on the production line.
  6. I thought some of you guys might find this interesting that follow apparatus. If your department is looking at a KME, you better take a closer look!! Res20cue had made mention earlier in November that Somers is looking at KME for an engine. I have also heard rumors that Somers Tanker has been out of service for long periods of time also. You ALWAYS get what you pay for in a rig. In my opinion Seagrave is the superior Fire Apparatus Manufacture in the country. No other manufacture can compare. (RI) City Sues Fire Truck Manufacturer East Providence Claims Defects Plague New Equipment 5:35 PM EST January 7, 2004 http://www.turnto10.com/news/2748279/detail.html EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The city of East Providence is suing the builder of its five new fire trucks. The city says the trucks, which cost $2.5 million, were out of service for 224 days between September 2002 and August 2003. Officials said the fire trucks had electrical problems, generator problems, pump problems and fuel leaks. The city is suing the manufacturer, KME, of Pennsylvania, for new equipment and monetary damages. Acting City Manager William Conley Jr. told News Channel 10 that more than once, more than one truck has been out of service, which puts a strain on the Fire Department's resources and puts public safety at risk. But Conley said there have been no specific incidents where safety was compromised. The firefighters' union, which opposed the purchase of the trucks last year, did not want to comment on the problems, but it supports what the city administration is doing. "They're very sensitive to the needs of the city residents and firefighters' safety in doing our job," union President Oscar Elmasian said. KME's attorney told News Channel 10 the company has been addressing the problems with the fire trucks, but he said he would not comment any further until he sees the lawsuit.
  7. Primary 33.96 Dispatch Mt. Kisco is only Simulcast on 46.26 to activate the horn . Pagers are on 33.96 Greenville - Station alert 33.96 / Vol. Pagers 46.26 Fairview - Station alert 33.96 / Vol. Pagers 46.26 Peekskill - Station alert 33.96 / Vol. Pagers 46.26 New Rochelle - Station alert 33.96 / Rigs 46.06 Pound Ridge - 33.96 pagers only Millwood 33.96 pagers / 46.26 Silmulcast so the chief not carring his pager can hear the run on the radio in his car.. LOL I can not agree more.33.96 and 46.26 should be TONE ONLY !!! Mt Kisco did a short test by using 46.42 for the rig to control frequ. and it failed. There were afew reasons for this. Coverage was very poor from the MT Lakes Tower. ALsoo Bridgeport Conn. is also on 46.42 which BOOMS in at 60 control. now the glitch is Brdgeport has a channel guard and Westchester does not. The easy fix would be to PL 46.42 along with 46.14. Now you ask why not then use 46.14 for the rig to control ?? Well Green County operates on 46.14 as there main and 46.26 as Chan. #2. The problem is that 60 Control hears all of this chatter and keeps 46.14 turned down. Now when Westchester uses 46.14 it steps on Green county .. This is a real mess!!! Chief Volk of WCDES has now installed a 46.26 transmitter on the roof of Norther Westchester Hospital. This is also a multi-channel transmitter. I hope that his may turn 46.42 back up for the Norther Districts.
  8. I think the issue with Fairview is not so much the county as it is Fairview. Tower Ladder 1 is assigned to Thornwood and I don't think that Fairview was willing to change. (now isn't that the story with most Westchester Depts.) How about Montrose who insist on calling their Tower Ladder "Ladder Tower 8 or LT-8" on the radio I remember when "LT" was abbr. for Light Truck ... Can't we all just play by the same rules???? Sometimes change is good! Get onboard.
  9. Yes, it is all in GOOD TRIANING!!! And a dept. with out a Truck Co. this training is hard to come by. If you don’t do it on a regular basis, you are not going to be good at it and that leads to bad training. It needs to be second nature on the fire ground just like stretching a line. It should not an afterthought. How many times have you seen after a fire is knocked down two guys go to the roof and cut a hole (a 2X2 at that). For what purpose I ask??? Oops! Maybe they didn’t need to cut that hole since the fire was on the first floor with no extension to the second. Bottom line, it was an afterthought. And bad training. If you have a Truck coming in on the initial assignment you will not fail. If you are going to be the Jack-of-All-Trades (Eng. Truck, Rescue) then you will be the Master of NONE!!