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  1. To keep it simple and to the point. Strike or no strike? Strike Now! Strike Hard! Strike Fast! There are assets in the area that can be used that would pose little if any danger to our armed forces. This is just my opinion.
  2. I found these photos on the site firefighterclosecall.com. I did not take these pictures but feel its important to share with others for its educational value. Look at these pictures and LEARN from them. For your safety, for the safety of your crew and for the safety of those who call on us for help, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!
  3. I had a good look a Tower Ladder 43 yesterday. Great job Darien. Truck looks fantastic and given the wheel base will still be able to make it almost anywhere in town. Good luck with a fantastic truck.
  4. I was wondering, other than the many, many, many postings by FFPCogs in support of this questionable new Volunteer Fire Department, How many other postings are there that actually support this thing? I live in Stamford, pay taxes in Stamford, Vote in Stamford and live in a combination response district. I am also a Past Chief of one of the Volunteer Departments. For the record, I have concerns over this SVFD proposal.
  5. This is difficult, but I have to thank a** Chief Matthew Maounis for finally saying something that makes sense. In the last paragraph of his most recent rant, he states "The tax payers deserve a more fiscally responsible and efficient system". He is correct, Stamford does deserve a more fiscally responsible and efficient delivery of fire services. The SFRD plan put forward by Chief Brown will do just that.
  6. It has to be Hawaii 5-0 with the cool-as-ice Detective Steve McGarrett. BOOK 'EM, Danno - Murder One!
  7. New 2009 HME Silver Fox PumperGFD_New_Engine_34_004_water.bmp New_Engine_34_B_022.bmp New_Engine_34_B_021.bmp New_Engine_34_B_028.bmp New_Engine_34_B_039.bmp
  8. Date: February 24, 2009 Time: 11:30 Location: 21 Orange Street, Stamford, CT Frequency: Units Operating: E4, E1, E3, E6, R1, T1, T2, unit 4 Weather Conditions: Clear Description Of Incident: 2nd alarm structure fire Reporters: Writer:
  9. For a great job at cleaning and polishing aluminum diamond plate and wheels, I have used Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish. A little elbow power and it comes out great. One other product I came across at Raceway Park in New Jersey, is called Ultrashine. It is a two step proccess and the end result is the aluminum looks showroom new. I have never actually used it but it appears to work really well. They have a web site with a number of before and after pictures so one can judge for themselves. Thier web sit is Ultrashine For the record, I am not selling anything and am in no way asscoiated with this company. I also believe they are located in Port Chester, NY. I hope some will find this info helpful.