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  1. NEW HEMPSTEAD - Brothers Yosef and David Silber are among the younger crop of volunteers ensuring Spring Hill Ambulance continues its mission for another 50 years. Link to the Journal News article; http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/05/20/spring-hill-ambulance-50-years/322759001/ Congrats Spring Hill EMS and here's to another 50 years! Side note; I was involved in an accident on the Palisades Parkway many years ago. Thankfully I had minor injuries, but was transported as a precaution. Spring Hill EMS was dispatched and couldn't be more professional and courteous. Ironically, I'm 95% sure that the current president, Brandon Smith (from the article), was the EMT who treated me.
  2. BUMP Less than a month away. Anyone intersted, contact Sal Gigante (845) 590-3139 or feel free to PM me.
  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Ironically, I recently had a similar discussion with one of my Lieutenants. I suggested writing up an explanation of the RIT/FAST and posting it on our FB page. This way, members of the public would have an idea of why we "just stand around."
  4. Seth, my FD rotates drills and truck checks every Sunday (morning) and Monday (evening). Like many VFD's, we have many members who work shift work. We try to accommodate this by adding weekday drills and truck checks (usually Tuesday or Thursday). It works well for us. Gives everyone a fair chance at keeping fresh on their training and our equipment.
  5. Date: 05/01/17 Time: 2120hrs Location: Route 218 at the "high point" District: Cornwall Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: Cornwall FD Car-1, R403, Cornwall EMS, V/Cornwall PD, T/Cornwall PD, Mobile Life EMS, West Point, City of Newburgh, 36-13, 36-1, OC Rope Rescue Team Writer: BFD1054 Description: Motorcycle down an embankment 2120hrs-OC911 alerting Cornwall for the MVA; reported motorcycle over the embankment and no longer visible. 2121hrs-Cornwall Car-1 en-route. 2123hrs-OC911 advising Air-2 checking on weather. - OC911 advising further information stating (2) riders down the embankment. 2124hrs-R403 responding. 2125hrs-CFD Car-1 on scene. 2126hrs-OC911 advising that all medevacs have declined due to weather. 2128hrs-CFD Car-1 on scene with (2) patients approximately 100 feet down the embankment. Cornwall starting a rope rescue from the high point. Command requesting West Point FD and the remainder of the OC Tech Rescue Team to set up at the low point. 2129hrs-CFD R403 on scene. - City of Newburgh Car-4 and the NFD Tech Rescue equipment en-route. 2130hrs-West Point acknowledging the run, Car-1 and the Tech Rescue Trailer en-route. 2136hrs-OC911 confirming with Command that he has Newburgh standing by at the Village line and West Point setting up at the low point. Port Jervis and Sparrowbush also were paged out as part of the OC Rope Rescue Team. Command advising they can stand down due to the response time. Port Jervis and Sparrowbush units in service. 2138hrs-Newburgh FD Car-4 and West Point Car-1 on scene. 2150hrs-OC911 conducting a status check. Command advising they are set-up and approximately 03 minutes from sending rescuers over. 2152hrs-36-13 on scene. 2202hrs-Command advising that rescuers are at the base, beginning to package the patients. 2203hrs-36-13 requesting Cornwall-on-Hudson FD on automatic response to all calls in Cornwall's district. 2225hrs-OC911 conducting a status check. Command advising that the 1st patient is being lifted. Link to Times Herald Record: http://www.recordonline.com/news/20170502/cornwall-firefighters-rescue-couple-on-storm-king-mountain-after-motorcycle-crash
  6. Date: 04/24/17 Time: 1618hrs Location: IAO 559 Rock Cut Rd. c/s Kings Hill Rd. District: Orange Lake/Town of Newburgh Battalion: Channel: Weather: Units: OLFD Car-1, R329, 36-13, Plattekill (Rescue), TofNEMS, TofNPD Writer: BFD1054 Description: Head-on MVA w/Entrapment in both vehicles 1618hrs-OC911 alerting Orange Lake for the reported head-on MVA w/entrapment. 1621hrs-OC911 advising OLFD Car-1 that a Medevac has been placed on stand-by as per protocol. 1622hrs-OC911 advising PD on scene confirming entrapment in both vehicles. 1623hrs-OLFD R329 responding. 1626hrs-OLFD Car-1 requesting a 2nd Rescue to the scene. (Special requesting Plattekill) 1628hrs-36-13 en-route. R329 on scene. 1632hrs-36-13 on scene. 1636hrs-Plattekill units responding. - Winona Lake to cover all calls in Orange Lakes district. 1639hrs-36-13 advising OC911 that they can stand down the Medevac per EMS. 1648hrs-As per 36-13, extrication complete on vehicle 1, extrication still in progress on vehicle 2. 1656hrs-Extrication complete on the second vehicle, all victims extricated.
  7. Saw one the other day around the corner from my house in Cornwall. Confused the hell outt me lol...
  8. Date: 04/01/17 Time: 0530hrs (approx) Location: 9 Taylor Court District: Kiryas Joel Battalion: 5 Channel: FG-1 Weather: Cool/light rain Units: KJFD, Monroe (1&1), Woodbury (Eng), Chester (Trk), Washingtonville (FAST), South Blooming Grove (Eng), Salisbury Mills (Eng), Vails Gate (2nd FAST), Tuxedo (Eng), Highland Falls (Eng), OC 36-1, 36-15, OCFI's, KJ Public Saftey, KJEMS, MLSS, O&R Utilities. Standing by at KJFD: Cornwall (Eng) & Goshen (Trk) Writer: BFD1054 Description: Heavy fire in a 150X75 OMD Link to News12: http://westchester.news12.com/news/fire-destroys-2-family-home-in-kiryas-joel-1.13347942
  9. Sad for some involved. However it seems like the smart, fiscal thing to do. The article stated that there was a concern that there wouldn't be enough volunteers in the future. Why spend all that money if there aren't enough members to sufficiently operate? Consolidate with surrounding depts and let the Roosevelt membership join. Again, I'm sure this hurts for the members. But if it's what is right for the community, then so be it.
  10. GOSHEN – Jauntae Brown, the 20-year-old Spring Valley man who has been charged with stabbing Justin Speights to death during a New Year’s party on the morning of January 1, 2016, pled guilty in Orange County Court today (Wednesday) to a charge of manslaughter. Link to the Mid Hudson News; http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2017/March/08/Brown_J_guilty-08Mar17.htm This sentence is not nearly enough for this cowardly POS. But at least it brings some closure to Justins family and brother firemen.
  11. Date: 03/17/17 Time: approx 1530hrs-ongoing (as of 2000hrs) Location: River Rd. District: City of Newburgh/New Windsor line Battalion: 4 Channel: OC911/Base-5 (NW)/NFD FG Weather: Light rain/cool Units: C/NFD C4, E1, E3, T1, others, NWFD (numerous), West Point (HM), Castle Point VAFD (HM), Orange County Haz-Mat Team, 36-1, Vails Gate, C/Newburgh PD, NWPD, NWEMS, CSXPD, many others... Writer: BFD1054 Description: CSX Train rerailment w/injuries and Haz-Mat
  12. Awesome news, a wonderful asset to Orange County. Best of luck to Walter and his handler, Inv. Worden. Link to News12; http://westchester.news12.com/news/shelter-dog-becomes-arson-k-9-in-goshen-1.13217428
  13. Date: 01/31/17 Time: 0620hrs (approx) Location: 3199 Albany Post Rd - Westchester Industrial Complex District: Buchanan Battalion: 10 Channel: Weather: Clear/cold Units: Buchanan, Montrose (TL8), Verplanck (E128), Montrose VAFD (FAST), Croton, Batt-17, others Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a large industrial complex 0645hrs-Car 2552 advising they've located the seat of the fire, working on extinguishment, holding all units. Requesting the rehab unit from Peekskill EMS. 0655hrs-Car 2552 advising fire knocked down, extensive overhaul, holding all units. 0704hrs-C&O Zone-4 paged out for the response. 0714hrs-Battalion-17 advising situation under control, Command releasing Montrose VA FAST. 0743hrs-Command releasing the Verplanck Engine and Montrose Truck. 0746hrs-Peekskill EMS 7513 and 7506 (Rehab) in service. *I literally drove past this coming into work, so I have limited info.
  14. Firstdue...while I understand where you're coming from, you must think rationally. Why call Fairview (or any other career dept)? Because you know exactly what you're getting. No matter what you request (Eng, truck, rescue), you'll get it with a full compliment of QUALIFIED FF's. Call a volunteer Dept (especially on a weekday), you may get "uncle Joe" the 70 year old chauffeur with an 18 year old "officer" and god knows who else on the back step. There may be 1 or 2 vol FDs "closer," but a career dept may get there much faster even if they are "farther" away. Look, I'm a volly and know where your thought process is. But you have to think logically and choose M/A wisely. We have Newburgh on our run cards because we know exactly what we're getting when we call them. That is a very reassuring feeling. Stay safe