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  1. Date: 09/02/17 Time: 0230hrs (approx) Location: Route 94 & Benedict District: Vails Gate/Town of Cornwall Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD, Cornwall EMS, NWALS, Town of Cornwall PD Writer: BFD1054 Description: Car vs. tree with pin and medevac Driver extricated by VGFD members and transported to the LZ at Cornwall High School.
  2. Well played Sir Lol
  3. Just going to leave this here...
  4. City of Newburgh - Full Time Fire Dispatcher *Applications accepted thru July 25, 2017* http://www.cityofnewburgh-ny.gov/sites/newburghny/files/news/dispatcher.pdf
  5. Date: 06/20/17 Time: 1630hrs Location: Temple Hill Rd & George Green Dr District: Vails Gate/Town of New Windsor Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Clear/warm Units: NWEMS/ALS, NWPD, VGFD, Air-2 Writer: BFD1054 Description: MVA/Pedestrian Struck 1630hrs-Units dispatched for the reported pedestrian struck, victim reportedly under the vehicle. Patient removed by EMS and PD VGFD re-directed to set up the LZ. Link to Mid Hudson News article; http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2017/June/21/NW_car_bike_acci-21Jun17.htm
  6. It's funny, some VFDs are better "staffed" and more adequately covered when they are OUT of town...
  7. Date: 06/18/17 Time: 0635hrs Location: 16 Bivona Ln District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD Car-1 (IC), C2, C3, E479, E481, E478, City of Newburgh (FAST), NWEMS, NWPD, NWFI Stand-by: Salisbury Mills (Engine) @ VGFD Station-1 Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a mobile home Link to VGFD FB page with pictures https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560475897673540&id=240851959635937
  8. Date: 06/14/17 Time: 2255hrs Location: 904 Little Britain Rd - Two Brothers Deli and Pizza District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Units: VGFD Cars 1 (IC), 2, 3, E481, T484, E479, T482, E478, R480, City of Newburgh (FAST), 36-13, NWEMS, NWPD, NWFI's Writer: BFD1054 Description: Working Fire in a Deli/Pizzeria Link to VGFD's FB page with description and picture. https://m.facebook.com/VailsGateFD/photos/a.257174668003666.1073741832.240851959635937/558091034578693/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=E
  9. Date: 06/13/17 Time: 0715hrs (approx) Location: Mount Airy Rd & Moores Hill Rd District: Vails Gate Battalion: 4 Channel: Weather: Hot/Humid Units: VGFD Car-3 (IC), R480, E479, NWEMS/ALS Writer: BFD1054 Description: Single car MVA/Car into a tree with entrapment Crews worked to remove both front doors. The drivers legs were pinned under the dash, so the Holmatro spreaders and chains were used for a dash roll. *Side note; VGFD responded to this incident with minimum manpower. R480 had a chauffeur, officer and 2 firefighters, while E479 responded with a chauffeur, officer and 1 firefighter. Car-3 was on scene in command. Members had the victim extricated within 16 minutes. I was not at this incident, but I am proud of my VGFD brothers on a job well done.
  10. Prayers for a speedy recovery to the injured WP brothers.... Sounds like they made an aggressive interior attack and conditions got s**tty. Unfortunately, from what I've heard, they are far understaffed. Knowing that, these men still went all in and gave it their all. This is what they're trained to do and they do so for the residents and visitors of WP. Hopefully, the powers that be will see this as a wake up call. Now is the time to properly staff your FD! Again, hope for the best for the injured members.
  11. NEW HEMPSTEAD - Brothers Yosef and David Silber are among the younger crop of volunteers ensuring Spring Hill Ambulance continues its mission for another 50 years. Link to the Journal News article; http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/rockland/2017/05/20/spring-hill-ambulance-50-years/322759001/ Congrats Spring Hill EMS and here's to another 50 years! Side note; I was involved in an accident on the Palisades Parkway many years ago. Thankfully I had minor injuries, but was transported as a precaution. Spring Hill EMS was dispatched and couldn't be more professional and courteous. Ironically, I'm 95% sure that the current president, Brandon Smith (from the article), was the EMT who treated me.
  12. BUMP Less than a month away. Anyone intersted, contact Sal Gigante (845) 590-3139 or feel free to PM me.
  13. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Ironically, I recently had a similar discussion with one of my Lieutenants. I suggested writing up an explanation of the RIT/FAST and posting it on our FB page. This way, members of the public would have an idea of why we "just stand around."