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Pine Bush (Orange) - 2nd Alarm - 12/19/16

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Date: 12/19/16
Time: 1752hrs
Location: 130 North St. c/s Red Mills Rd.
District: Pine Bush



Units: 1st Alarm; Pine Bush, Walden (Truck), Bullville (Engine), 36-11

2nd Alarm; Walker Valley FAST & Tanker, Wallkill Tanker and Fire Investigators 
Writer: BFD1054

Description: Structure Fire

1752hrs-OC911 alerting Pine Bush; reported structure fire.

 - OC911 alerting Walden, Bullville and 36-11, automatic 1st Alarm assignment. Walden (Truck) & Bullville (Engine) to the scene.


1754hrs-Pine Bush Car-1 responding.

  - OC911 advising caller stating her house is on fire:


1755hrs-Pine Bush E226 responding.

 - Pine Bush Car-1 on the scene with heavy fire showing from the rear, "make it a 2nd Alarm, Kelly pond will be the fill site."


1759hrs-Command advising 20x40 wood frame heavy fire in the rear, 1st and 2nd floors. Homeowner advising all occupants out and accounted for.


1800hrs-Command inquiring his incoming units.  OC911 advising he's getting Walden with a Truck, Bullville with an Engine, Walker Valley (FAST) and Tanker and Wallkill Tanker.

 - Walden Truck responding.


1801hrs-OC911 alerting Montgomery and Maybrook; Montgomery Truck and Maybrook Rescue to stand by in Pine Bush.


1802hrs-Bullville Engine responding.


1808hrs-OC911 advising Command that all 1st and 2nd Alarm companies are en-route to their respective assignments.


 - Command awknowledges and advising he has (2) lines stretched and operating, Trucks are opening up, fire remains doubtful. Command has Montgomery Safety-2 as Operations and Bullville Car-? as water Operations.


1811hrs-Command advising fire still doubtful, EMS set up at the Command post.


* accidentally deleted info


1812hrs(approx)-Command issuing an Urgent; lost water in the attack lines, ordering an evacuation.


1819hrs-Command advising water issue resolved, interior operations resuming with (3) lines in operation.


**At the 40 minute status check, Command advised the fire was still doubtful, 911 can discontinue the status checks.


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