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Somers Generator Fire 10-75

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Date: October 30, 2017 
Time: 13:00 
Location: 303 Heritage Hills Dr - Heritage Hills Security HQ Building 
District: Somers- #224 

Battalion: 13 (All Units Are operating on Fire 13 in the county trunked system) 

Channel: Somers District Wide (154.22), Fire 13 (Trunked) (151.1225), 60 control dispatch (46.26) (453.5625), Lewisboro EMS (151.535), County Fireground 1 (453.0375)

Weather: 53 Degrees F, Partly Cloudy, Humidity: 53%, Wind: 12-15 MPH, Storm Just Passed, Power Outages town wide
Units On Scene: C2442 (Command) ,C2445 ,E183, E185, TL18, A80B1, A80B2 (Somers) & 45M3 & TL57, U6 (Bedford Hills F.A.S.T) & C2531, E272 (F.A.S.T) (Yorktown) & C2261 (Mohegan) & Bat 17 & Cause and Origin Zone 4 

Units In Standby in Somers HQ: C2075, E148 (Croton Falls) & C2211, L39 (Katonah) & E140 (Goldens Bridge) & A40B5 (WEMS)
Writer:  TheNickyp0


10-75 Transmitted @ 13:00. Working structure fire @ 303 Heritage Hills- Heritage Hills Security Building (HQ). Car 2442 had command at  the scene.  Fire was approx. 100x100 and has reached to the roof within several minutes of dispatch. The fire was extinguished within 20 mins. 

The Call was initially reported as a generator fire by fire personnel on scene and then was upgraded to a 10-75 (Working Structure Fire) by C2445 later on. Within Several mins the fire reached the roof and the ceiling collapsed. Multiple other agency's responded to the 10-75 scene and also stoodby in Somers Fire HQ. Multiple Ambulances transported civilians to Northern Wes. Hospital and one firefighter injured when the roof collapsed (Minor Injuries) . Heritage Command had reported that the Fire was knocked down @ 14:35 . An additional Wires down with a small brush fire had been reported at the scene @ 14:42. The brush fire was cleared @ 15:00. After the small brush fire was knocked down the remaining units were in the process of raping up and clearing the scene. 

Somers IC (Incident Command) had begun releasing units from the scene and from Somers HQ. C2442 reported himself and all other Somers units in service with command terminated @ 16:12 and the scene was turned over to Heritage Hills Personnel. 


Units In Service: C2442 (Command) ,C2445 ,E183,E185, TL18, A80B1, A80B2, A80B3 (Somers) & 45M2, 45M3 & TL57, U6 (Bedford Hills F.A.S.T) & C2531, 272 (F.A.S.T) (Yorktown) & C2261 (Mohegan) & Bat 17 & Cause and Origin Zone 4 & C2075, E148 (Croton Falls) & C2211, L39 (Katonah) & E140 (Goldens Bridge) & A40B5 (WEMS)





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