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  1. Glad you guys got the shot! Nice seeing ya today.
  2. I've seen the same exact signage on benzene barges in the Hudson.
  3. Thanks for the pictures! I heard YFD request to notify FDNY around 1000 this morning. Reports were 1250 of 7500 gallons of number 4 fuel oil spilled into the Bronx River and flowing south. FDNY notified OEM, DEP, and Coast Guard.
  4. 38 Caryl, but darn close. These pictures are such a great glimpse into Yonkers' history. Keep them coming! Thanks!
  5. Bronx Box 3000 is a Mutual Aid box to Westchester, staging at E081.
  6. Taz was chillin' by Whole Foods this morning. CHOMP!
  7. Also, Angelo, the old PC DPW Ford bucket truck is another example of a well-maintained relic.
  8. I've seen and admired the Siccard Taz around Po Cho for a few years. Awesome machine, and can Yonkers borrow it sometime??
  9. That agency changed names a couple of years ago to OPWDD.
  10. PSAC 2 is planned to host Bronx and Queens FDNY Dispatch, last I've heard. FDNY M, B, and R, along with EMS and PD dispatch have been moved to PSAC 1, Metrotech, in Brooklyn a few years ago. Not sure about the PD or EMS side moving up to PSAC 2. Just in time for Intergraph CAD! Oh wait...
  11. I'm sure Lt. H was there.
  12. The Baofengs are quickly becoming popular among hams due to their $39 price tag. It is indeed a dual band portable capable of receiving and transmitting on not only ham bands, but also public safety bands. As was stated before, one does not need to be a licensed ham to purchase one, or any other radio - Motorola, Vertex Standard, etc. for that matter. Transmitting on a frequency that you are not authorized to so is a big no-no, but the responsibility lies with the radio operator to comply with FCC rules. - Adam, KD2AYV.
  13. Midland and Slater?
  14. Agreed - now that I have the bearing on the the pics, unless it was from the roof of 50 S. Main street - when was that built? I've worked in the office building at One Gateway Plaza for the last 12 years, so the history of the area is fascinating to me. Keep the pics coming!
  15. I walked around Main street in Port Chester for an hour at lunch today trying to figure out which buildings were involved in the first set of pictures. Looks like most of them are gone.