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  1. dumb question but why??
  2. ok thanx for the info. just odd seeing a huge cab on a small box.
  3. I thought i read somewhere KME won the bid for the rescue.
  4. also the new high pressure pumpers went to kme.
  5. If this is there first msu for the city, what was the 1985 ford field support van used for??
  6. No sorry only shot I got.
  7. Ex Walden,NY 1987 Chevrolet/Swab
  8. 2006 e-one demo. on the topic of rescue,do they still get browned out??
  9. what i heard it was called, didnt come from a newark member though.
  10. Engine 19
  11. looks like they found a chevy cab and attach a boat to it.
  12. No kidding my dad is from Kastoria,mom Corfu.
  13. What's the name of your mom's village??
  14. from some help i found out its actally a Rosenbauer Commander chassis with a Minnesota Division extruded body,and its just a wrap for the paint scheme.