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  1. Are they repeating this next year??? Don't even remember seeing it in the Journal News, probably because they only report on the Tappan Zee bridge construction and Rockland County in general. Not LOL. Also, is the YPD transitioning into T Band frequencies?? Saw online that a $1.7 Million dollar radio system upgrade was approved by the Board of Purchasing in their online agenda from November 19th. Are the feds paying for that upgrade since they are mandating it??? Thanks Much
  2. Why is the Westchester County PD helicopter no longer assisting local police departments?? Have not heard them on any local PD frequencies for a long time. Thanks
  3. P.S.--The Jewish Community Center arson in the mid 1960's might also be one of the worst fires in Yonkers history. It was located next to the present YPD HQ on S. Broadway. Might have occured in 1965??
  4. A student from Roosevelt started a small "prank" fire in a closet somewhere in this bowling alley and it went out of control and the rest is history. He was arrested and charged with arson. I saw an article about this on library microfilm a few years ago and I think it happened in the summer of 1968... I do not remember the exact date and there is no Herald Statesman index. BUT check the hard copy index for the NY Times which hopefully ran a piece about this fire. And I believe two other retail tenants were destroyed. One was a lighting store and the other was a cafe/saloon. This all occured opposite Kohl's.
  5. I told the author of that article that the story was good, but I again question why the ACLU, and only the ACLU is asked for an opnion. I told the writer to also ask moderate and conservative groups their opinions next time so this way, the story is balanced. The media does this time and time again, only the ACLU gets asked for an opinion. Your license plate data is already stored in NYSPIN, so what is the big deal about this??? Are the opponents aware of smart phone tracking??? Are these the same people who post their life stories on Facebook???
  6. Check out the FOIL advisory opinions on the website of the NY State Committee on Open Government. There are many legal precedents established already such as the upstate newspaper that sued and won the right to examine police incident blotters. Also, if somebody is arrested in your neighborhood, go to court the next day and just look on the posted court calendar to determine his/ her identity. Of course, you would need to know the name of the arresting officer and would have to match up the penal code numerical sequence with the crime you are interested in. FYI: Many communities such as Orlando and Coral Springs, FL are posting detailed blotters online so the public is aware of what is occuring nearby. If police are serious about being proactive, they all should be doing this. The local press barely covers most felonies in Yonkers and elsewhere...so Facebook sites like "Yonkers Isn't Safe" end up being appreciated by the public for the valued crime information posted. There was also an incident in Eastchester. NY many months ago and it was revealed for the first time that police can in fact release the names of arrested juveniles.
  7. I read about car thieves stealing autos and then leaving them outdoors for several days before returning to take it in the event it's Lojack equipted. This can work well for the car's owner as the PD or owners may recover the car before the perps return. But it was reported that some car thieves park stolen autos in garages where there are Lojack dead spots. Also, in Yonkers and elsewhere, I believe very, very few radio cars have Lojack and because of it's four bunched antennas, it is not at all practical for unmarked/ undercover cars. But I still would recommend it if you can afford it despite some drawbacks like activating it if you are sleeping and your car is stolen 4AM in the morning and you report it hours later. By then, the car is in Hunts Point or on barge for overseas. Onstar: Have been told by some cops it's hard to pinpoint stolen cars hits on it. With all this Lojack, GPS stuff, it surprises me that more effort isn't placed into using it against organized car theft rings. I know there are bait vehicles out there in this county, but will not say more. The Feds and/or state PD should take the lead with funding from insurance companies. Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital Center
  8. Was that ladder seen in "The Other Guys" explosion aftermath scene from Greenville or Hartsdale?? Also, the SUV was from Greenburgh PD?? It was supposed to be NJ, so the full PD door name is cut off. Also curious to know if they filmed that storefront explosion scene on a weekday or a weekend please. For those of you that are unaware of the above, a storefront explosion scene was shot on Central Avenue in Hartsdale at a strip mall just below the old Barnes and Noble. The scene appears in the movie trailer. The sign for Pastina's restaurant is clearly seen. Must have been cool to watch live !!! Many Thanks.
  9. What is that rooftop apparatus on that Manchester, CT Peacekeeper seen on the news at the Budweiser shooting?? It folds down over the front windshield and I am guessing it is a foldable ramp to reach windows, low roof tops, etc???? Also, during the Columbine massacre their SWAT truck was similar to a bank armored car, but are these SWAT vehicles uncommon??? I never saw one like this anywhere else. Was it a converted bank armored car maybe??? Thanks, Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital Center
  10. The Journal News ran an anniversary piece last week about the Eastchester PD and their interviewed commissioner stated they had the very first two way radio system. Is this correct?? if so, the first in the county, state or entire country???? FYI: Correct me if wrong, I believe Bayonne, NJ had the very first walkie talkies. Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital Center
  11. How can I test a newly purchased Carbon Monoxide alarm?? This tiny battery version is made by First Alert, but it appears really cheap and flimsy. Thank You
  12. Chris, Thank you for the informative postings and pictures. If it isn't already being done, check out the wooded area of Sprain Ridge Park between the pool and the Ridge Hill project south, I was on a fitness walk there weeks back on the trails and stumbled on to a burned out car driven in likley from the southbound Sprain Pkwy below. It probably was dumped long ago, as jersey barriers were installed along the parkway to prevent ATV's from using the area. This isolated woods could also become a area for harvesting pot plants--but I saw none. I remember years back seeing on TV that a PD in the San Diego area had aquired a helicopter from a drug forfeiture case. What a nice catch !!! Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital E.R.
  13. Again the TV news runs a very scary piece about a gas explosion leveling a home in Clifton, NJ a few days back. And there have been several in Queens with homes fully destroyed upon exploding. Why are there so many of these explosions and can a homeowner take any preventive measures aside from leaving the premises after dialing 911 and opening all doors and windows??? It seems like there may be neglience on the part of the utility providers responding to these jobs too. Maybe I never should have converted from oil heat to gas years back!!! LOL But it really is tragic seeing these homes leveled like tornadoes hit them... Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital Center
  14. As always, I ran to my dining room window like a little kid last Friday night when I heard County Aviation flying overhead and was thrilled( again like a kid) when the spotlight shined into my backyard. This unit is providing wonderful assistance to Yonkers and all others, BUT...why did it take forever to establish this in Westchester County when seemingly every other large area had them in use many, many years ago??? Was it a matter of funding and/ or training enough certified pilots perhaps??? Can this unit pinpoint exact street addresses without needing RMP's below??? Thanks County Aviation, keep shining the light again in northeast Yonkers please. Dr. Zuki Lawrence Hospital Center
  15. Was wondering if anybody has planned anything as far as donations of food, gifts for the kids, etc for the widow of Yonkers Fire Fighter Patrick Joyce.