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  1. It is an automatic failure.
  2. 60 for towns and villages 75 questions for NewRo
  3. NY10570 never got banned he Answered is Final Alarm Emtbravo Hall of fame Poster all these member had great post and build Emtbravo what it was. NY10570, helicopper,alsfirefighter, IzzyEng4, RescueKujo, Jack10562, Hfd23, firecapt32,robert benz, CPAGE, hudson144, gpdexplorer, PCFD ENG58, Remember585, markmets415,R1SmokeEater billfitz, firemoose827,JFLYNN, wraftery, batt2 Oswegowind and early in Emtbravo life 66Alpha1 had great posts
  4. Typical Emtbravo this post should have been closed already cause it's so far off topic. All of this career and volunteer needs to stop. What is Emtbravo motto "working together winning together". This post is so far off .does career Department's in Westchester have their problems yes do have some of the same issues as the volunteers Such as manpower. You got a lot of taxpayers that view career firefighters as greedy Workers because of high pensions is this a problem with the careers side yes. How about Bengal tiger fire You had North White Plains engine covering the city of White plains. I have heard a few times of West Harrison tower ladder standing by White Plains quarters headquarter. White Plains, Purchase and West Harrison working together on I-287 to get a job done. when Purchase had the Full Moon fire White Plains Ladder was their at purchases headquarters on standby. How was Fairview working with Elmsford or Valhalla all of these are Emtbravo motto "working together winning together" . Seems that a couple member all always "putting down volunteer firefighter" in Westchester there are many professional volunteer firefighters which take it serious as will as Department. To The administrators of Emtbravo close out this topic. Been a member on the site since 2006 I have seen a big downfall of the site or a few months now. Seems like every other post is career versus volunteer. It seem that the site lost member that you to post a lot on here. That the rule are not followed. Let's work together
  5. Here we go again... Volunteer versus career. Nothing to do with the topic. Why isn't this post closed yet.
  6. Is there a group of people trying to get a fire museum up and running in Yonkers? http://www.yonkersfiremuseum.org/
  7. Is 29CFR 1910.120 (q) (6): OSHA not State law? "why do we need FF Recruit II?" Standards Unit NYS DHSES Office of Fire Prevention and Control 99 Washington Ave, Suite 500 Albany, NY 12210-2833 (518) 474-6746 The Standards Unit should be able to answer that question Capt Bnechis. Why is the Career Academy in Westchester long then the one at Academy of Fire Science in Montour Falls which is 11 weeks so not all Career academy are the same in the New York State? So a Paid firefighter coming out of the fire Academy in Montour Falls do they have "Same Training " As a Paid firefighter in Westchester?
  8. Not sure what the recruits at the trained too. but it seem that national certification is not mandatory. Because the Minimum Standards for Firefighting Personnel NYCRR Part 426 & Minimum Standards for Firefighting Personnel NYCRR Part 427 does not say anything about national certification. http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ofpc/documents/standards/Part426LawBook.pdf http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ofpc/documents/standards/Part427LawBook.pdf http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ofpc/groups/documents/PART438TEXTREVISED.pdf
  9. New York State does offer national certification. NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS — through our accreditation by the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications. National Certifications are recognized in most States, by agencies of the Federal Government, and in some foreign countries, and provide a vehicle by which firefighter training can generally be transported across jurisdictional boundaries.NATIONAL CERTIFICATION EXAMINATIONS Firefighter I | Firefighter II Fire Service Instructor I | Fire Service Instructor II Fire Officer I | Fire Officer II | Fire Officer III Fire Investigator Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations Incident Safety Officer
  10. also NYS FIREFIGHTER IN-SERVICE | Top of the Page Designed For: All fire service personnel Required Fire Service Training: An approved 100-hour In-Service Training program.
  11. New York State does have a Standard. NEW YORK STATE CERTIFICATIONS — generated by the NYS Firefighting and Code Enforcement Personnel Standards and Education Commission. NYS Certifications recognize the attainment of prescribed levels of training in specific disciplines, through the completion of NYS Fire Training or Code Enforcement training. Certain NYS Certifications are required for career firefighters, Fire Protection Specialists, and Code Enforcement Officials in the State, while others are "voluntary". NYS FIREFIGHTER RECRUIT II | Top of the Page Designed For: All fire service personnel Required Fire Service Training: Basic Firefighter (01-05-0006) or Firefighting Essentials (01-05-0023) and Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness (01-01-0012),Intermediate Firefighter (01-05-0057) or Initial Fire Attack (01-05-0027), andLocal Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, and Right to Know information.NYS FIREFIGHTER RECRUIT I | Top of the Page Designed For: All fire service personnelPrerequisite: Firefighter Recruit II Required Fire Service Training: Truck Company Operations (01-05-0046) or Ladder Company Operations (01-05-0029),Apparatus Operator - Pump (01-05-0005) or Pump Operator (01-05-0037),Accident Victim Extrication Training (01-04-0001), andHazardous Materials First Responder Operations (01-09-0071). NYS FIREFIGHTER | Top of the Page Designed For: All fire service personnel Prerequisite: Firefighter Recruit I Required Fire Service Training: Recruit Firefighter Training ( Career Academy) (01-05-0038) orRescue Technician - Basic (01-04-0032) or Rescue Operations (01-04-0029),Incident Command System (01-11-0023),Basic Wildland Fire Suppression (01-05-0007),Inspection of Existing Structures (02-06-0008),Standard first aid or equivalent, andCardiopulmonary resuscitation, andCandidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ofpc/training/fire-academy/certifications.cfm#10
  12. Date: 1/4/13 Time: 11:32 District: CITY OF WHITE PLAINS Location: 135 S LEXINGTON AVE WHITE_PLAINS Units: CITY OF WHITE PLAINS Frequency: Weather Conditions: CLOUDY Reporters: Description:11:32 WHITE PLAINS TONE OUT FOR SMOKE FROM A WINDOW 4TH FLOOR 2512 REPORTING A WORKING FIRE 12:00 WHITE PLAINS REQUESTING 1 ENG &1 LAD to STATION 2 Here's a link to the LoHud article. http://www.lohud.com...-apartment-fire
  13. So what was everyone's run total for 2012
  14. Hi I need help trying to program my Pro-2096 to received The trunked system on my scanner. Can I receive the trunked system on my Pro-2096? Thanks for the Help