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  1. The Dept as a whole has no standards!
  2. How many Career PC guys are on around the clock and covering how many pieces of apparatus?
  3. FF1/FF2: National Certification etc etc doesn't mean a dam thing! I know a shitload of Career guys who have Certificates up the yingyang and are dumber then a box of rocks actually putting their lives along with their fellow Career FFs lives and the Public who they swore an Oath to protect in further danger. This can be directly attributed to, Nepotism, lowering the Standards, turning a blind eye etc..etc... Just because you sat in a class and passed a test doesn't mean your automatically a Professional FF! If the Public only knew how many knuckleheads were out there so called protecting them! The Fire Service in many places is no longer a "Calling" its just a paycheck now unfortunately! Gimme gimme gimme!!!! Another handout Profession!
  4. I just hope the fellow Career Brothers in neighboring Depts don't respond in to cover them!!!!!!! After all we are a Brotherhood right? Yeah OK!!!!
  5. Ladder Tower. No you have the best of both worlds!
  6. As seen all those Appointed Positions are nothing more then a Kiss Ass Job! Your nothing but a Puppet to the Administration and a Yes Man so who in their right mind would ever want it! You need absolutely no qualifications for the most part. Gotta give Kelly a lot of credit he said Im outta here "F" this place!
  7. Yeah I'm sure the Brothers in the Vern want to take on that Service! With what Manpower they're lucky they have enough guys to stretch a hose line ! It'll never work there!
  8. What's the time frame for additional help to arrive!
  9. How about guys lay off the Cigars/Cigarettes too? Now there's a start! I believe there's some Depts out there that have a "No Smoking Policy" in order to become and stay a FF, like Boston and some other New England Depts.. There's also plenty of guys that wont even mask up for a car fire so can we please stop blaming our Dirty Turnout Equipment for every ailment we get!
  10. Then I guess The Vern is the 7th lol!
  11. Must have been a slow News Day! LOL!
  12. They should have all gone to the Hospital! Where's the Union on this one?
  13. Should never have been purchased what a waste! Friggin thing is useless!
  14. Im surprised they don't have a Ladder down there? Would one fit and did they ever have one? Wheres the first due Truck come from anyway seems like it would be a haul no? Ive seen a few multiple dwellings down in that area, hate to see someone hanging from an upper floor window at 3am and only an Engine pull up with 2 guys Jesus!