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  1. As of January 1st it is 30. It was 27 for the last 15-20 years
  2. Reread the RFP. It requires the developer to provide it. Also the city can not de-map Cedar st. Only NYS can since it belongs to them.
  3. So if the chief drives, who runs the fire? Or does he park the truck and not have anyone doing laddering, FE, SAR, vent, salvage and overhaul? i am sorry but showing up with a one man squirt instead of a ladder COMPANY is not an excellent plan!, it's covering up a departments shortfalls so the public doesn't know you are faking it! save my baby! Save my baby! ...... I'm sorry ma'am but we brought the toy truck instead of the big expensive one that we told all the taxpayers we had to have to protect you.
  4. I'm sorry but if you can not staff a ladder with at least a driver and tillerman, then maybe you should not burden your community with the cost of a fully equipped ladder ($1- $1.5 M). Your ladder needs at least enough staffing to do truck work
  5. It maybe the reality, but that's the whole point of this thread. We have more apparatus in Westchester than FDNY, but more than half never goes out the door and the rigs that do are almost always understaffed. Maybe instead of maintaining 100's of unnecessary equipment, we need to worry about staffing. the point of the testing was to show that they did much worst. In fact the chances of survival for a victim was much better with a four man crew that arrived latter than two 2 man crews that arrived sooner.
  6. While 2 is better than 0. This is not an acceptable response. Read the NIST studies that show a four member or more crew that takes minutes longer to arrive still performed significantly better than a fast arriving two man crew.
  7. You have brought up two different issues. 1) is it cheaper to use ot? This one varies greatly. What is the union contract require? I have seen some that pay straight time for prescheduled "ot" others pay double time on Sundays and holidays. In NY some retirement tiers require pension payments for ot, not for other tiers. We have also found that seniority has a factor, if the job has mostly Sr members it is cheaper to hire, mostly Jr members and ot is cheaper, so it's fluctuating over time. 2) You must define "peak hours". We are busiest during the day, many of these calls are slip and falls, alarms from workers, cooking, showers, changing co batteries, and so on. At night our volume drops dramatically. But the calls are more likely cardiac, respiratory, (I'd call earlier, but didn't want to bother you, so I waited till 2 am), drugs, serious mva's, and most working fires and almost all fatal and serious injury fires. also in some cases the contract requires 10 - 24 hour shifts.
  8. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find it online and have been look for my hard copy for a number of years. I have no idea what I did with it.
  9. Let's look at these key points 1) we have actually gotten to the point that we are doing less with less. 2) it's not an extra person, it's the majority of companies are running with what the department standards say is sub standard 3) great question, but has anyone considered that the injury rates have exploded as manpower has dropped? What are the medical cost, the OT cost to cover the injured member and the increased pension and disability costs gotten us? 4) The University of Rhode Island School of Economics did a study on the Providence FD about 25 years ago and determined that 3 man companies cost more than 4 man companies after one calculated the above injury costs.
  10. 1) What good? In our case they are with 2 or 3 experienced EMTs. They get to start seeing what goes on and they get to help as a gopher. I find it makes a better EMS student when they can relate their EMT training to calls they are participating in. 2) The state reimburses a portion of the tuition for EMT, but only if the agency has an agency code. They do not cover the cost of the students, the supervisors or the OT that's being generated by them not being in company. Also each union contract is different as to how they are compensated, if at all. 3) if a department is not supporting on going CFR training, what makes you think that they will support EMT? 4) yes each department pays approximately $4,500 per Probie. A very unfair practice to the taxpayers in communities with career staff. We get to pay for our career training and for the volunteers "free" training.
  11. But it is not a requirement in NYS. It is a job requirement on many depts. We have often had an experienced EMT in the academy, we don't need to have him retaking the class for 160+ hours.
  12. Since almost every dept is requiring EMT. Doing CFR and then EMT a few months later is a waste of time
  13. This is specific to the planed development of the downtown and what will be needed to protect it
  14. Actually, the IC didn't call for all of it. Some was either offered from YFD or called for by YFD's BC